Taurus June Forecast

As June begins, much movement occurs in your 3rd House of siblings, relatives and your immediate environment, Taurus. Home is where your heart will be throughout June and with Venus (Your ruling planet) and Mercury (Planet of intellect, travel and self-expression) in the domestic sign of Cancer, you can expect a surge of activity in all domestic affairs and especially where siblings, neighbors and your community are involved. Cancer is a highly intuitive sign and with both Venus and Mercury in your 3rd House, you can expect to develop an even stronger appreciation and deepening ties when it comes to your neighborhood, community and family members. Love and positive feelings will be more than abundant. You gain an overall greater appreciation of these special relationships this month.

As June progresses, Mercury will retrograde in Cancer on 6/26 - 7/20. When Mercury retrogrades, all areas which had been smooth sailing prior will be subject to abrupt confusion and delays, even and including appliance, auto and computer breakdowns. The surest way to navigate this retrograde is to begin solidifying your most important relationships at the beginning of June, Taurus. This Mercury retrograde will occur in your 3rd House, Taurus, and does not take place until month's end.  Make sure you back up computer files, check your appliances and be sure everything is in working order before this retrograde occurs.

Mars (Physical Energy) occupies the sign of Gemini this month. Gemini is your 2nd House of finance. You could be feeling rushed or stressed out where money and possessions are concerned, Taurus. You could conclude that your ideas about money are changing and so is the way you balance the budget. If anything, you can figure out a way to bring in more income (if that is what you desire) under this transit. Mercury will help you mitigate this transit via your powers of persuasion.

A New Moon occurs in Gemini on 6/8. Pay serious attention to the New Moon and Full Moons this month as both Moons (this month) will have a strong impact on you, Taurus. The New Moon brings new offers where money and business are involved. This could happen rather suddenly as Jupiter and Mars will also be in Gemini. Realize that offers you receive will be unexpected seem to come out of nowhere and yet have a serious nature to them on this date. 

A Full Moon occurs in Capricorn on 6/23. This could be a tense day for you, Taurus. This Full Moon will involve Saturn and you might find that your past efforts, for better or for worse, could come back to you in some way. Saturn is all about discipline and structure, so these foundations that you have (or haven't) laid will play an important part. You will reap what you have sown under the Capricorn Moon. This is a day to pay strict attention to serious matters that come up because burying your head in the sand will backfire! Think about self-sufficiency and being independent in every aspect, especially where money is involved.  

The big news this month is the planet Jupiter (which has been in your 2nd House since last summer) will change signs from Gemini into Cancer. On 6/25, Jupiter will enter your 3rd House for a year-long stay. During this time, you can expect expansion and movement where siblings, short distance trips, travel and your communication skills are involved. This transit promises to bring about growth and prosperity in these specific areas of your life. You can make money through communications during this prosperous transit. Writing, public speaking or any other form of self-expression will be where you can bring in money. Expansion and luck will be apparent in your relationships with family members and siblings.      

Lucky colors - Pink and yellow

The signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces play serious roles in your life this month, Taurus. A Gemini will be involved and promises to hold a special place in your heart.