Venus in Cancer - Mars in Gemini


Venus will be in Cancer and your 4th House of home, the past and relatives. You have a fondness for chilling out at home this month, single or coupled. You will be focused on creative and artistic ideas and could help put your love interest into a new venture. Whatever you enjoy doing for fun takes on a life of its own. With Mars in Gemini and your 3rd House, you can charm your way into the hearts and minds of just about everyone.  However, avoid a tendency to be aggressive with others. Single Aries could meet someone through a family member while couples will prefer to spend their nights together at home and away from crowds. The New Moon on June 8th will be a time where Aries, single and coupled, gain a greater understanding of where they stand in love.


Venus in Cancer turns your thoughts to siblings, short trips, and your community. You could meet someone in your community or a sibling or relative may introduce you to someone special. Singles can also meet a potential partner while taking short trips. A weekend getaway could open the doors to a new romance. Love can be found while traveling to a local destination. Couples will enjoy travel and stimulating conversations throughout June with Mars in the social sign of Gemini. Mars in Gemini with Venus in Cancer can bring a strong desire for privacy and meaningful discussions where a serious relationship is involved. Single or coupled, this month finds Taurus needing some time away, especially on the 12th.  

Mars in Gemini will impact your 1st House of appearance, Gemini. This transit ups the ante in your love life as you find that partners, (more than one), capture your interest and provide stimulating conversations either in small or large gatherings. You will definitely enjoy having Mars in your sign throughout June as lovers who capture your interest will be both sexually and mentally stimulating. Venus (Planet of Love) will be in Cancer indicating a fondness for people and places that have uniqueness about them. Someone in a position of authority or who has public status will capture your heart, Gemini. Singles can meet more than one romantic interest while couples can expect some memorable romantic encounters. Try not to let money interfere with your love life, single or coupled.

Venus in your 1st House is your time to shine, Cancer. Singles will notice that love, more money and an element of relaxation will figure into the month's activities. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will be excellent choices for single Cancer. Mars in Gemini brings wit into the picture and combines with your sense of humor to create a social, comfortable and "let the good times roll" atmosphere into Cancer's love life this month. Cancer possessiveness will evaporate under the influence of free and breezy Gemini. Cancer is looking attractive to the same and opposite sex this month. This is only the beginning, Cancer, single or coupled. Expect June to be a time of change, new romance and entertainment.  Once Jupiter enters your sign, big changes are in store for all Cancers in love. Singles could find the love of his or her life while couples are ready to take the next step.

Mars in Gemini can bring a new love into your life via friends and through any groups with which you're involved, Leo. An ex love could also be involved this month, coupled or single. This Mars transit has a strong social component to it. You find the perfect mix of social life, romance and home all in one. Venus in Cancer suggests that you might be keeping a relationship secret for whatever reason, Leo. You enjoy the idea of a forbidden romance under this transit, so know that wishes can and do come true. As June progresses, time spent behind closed doors with someone special will be involved. With Mars in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, Leo is ready to recharge his or her batteries and might desire to spend either time alone or nights at home. If a romance is secret, know that it could become public if you confide in someone you believe you can trust.

Mars in Gemini enhances your standing in the community, whichever one you currently belong to, single or coupled. Venus in Cancer brings appreciation and admiration from friends, through groups and an ex love could also be involved this month, Virgo. Single Virgos can attract someone through his or her workplace. This could be with someone older or someone in a power position. Venus will bring love through your hopes, your deepest wishes and will assist you through the friendships you have. This is a month to take love slow, single or coupled. With Mars in Gemini, partners might seem fickle and scattered. A slow and methodical approach to love gets all Virgos where they need to be this month. The Full Moon in Capricorn on 6/23 reveals where you stand with a love relationship.

Mars in Gemini brings potential romantic prospects where foreign countries, overseas travel and people at a distance are involved. Single Libra could be taking a serious step in his or her love life with one either at a distance or from somewhere distant. Venus in Cancer also brings an elevation in your status, personal and professional. June 9th, 17th, 27th and the 30th will be eye opening days whether you are single or coupled. Single Libras can expect to meet someone that is not their usual type, while couples will figure out ways to spend more time together. Beginnings and possible endings are in the cards for Libras not paying enough attention to a partner. Follow your intuition this month, single or coupled.     

Venus will be in your 9th House suggesting romance with one from a distance or from overseas. Singles could meet "the one" and it just so happens this person was born overseas or at least is from another area. This could get serious, fast, Scorpio. With Mars in Gemini, you might confuse love with lust. Single Scorpios should take his or her time throughout this month as there could be someone else who enters the picture at the very last minute and turns your world upside down and inside out. Couples will decide to make serious commitments and could be making plans to move into together, have a baby or make it legal. Progress is on the agenda for coupled Scorpios. Singles will have more than one offer for romance. 

Mars in Gemini stimulates your relationships with friends and a love relationship.  Singles find they have more invitations than they know what to do with. This is a time of great expansion in your love life, single and coupled. Sagittarius will find friends to be instrumental in introducing you to new faces and a possible new relationship that heats up, fast. Venus in Cancer also places your attention on finances.  All Sagittarius come to a serious realization this month about who they love and value and where they want to go from this point forward. Pay attention on the New Moon on June 8th. Single or coupled, Sagittarius know who they want and what they desire in both financial and romantic matters.

Venus in your 7th House is a powerful time in love and business for Capricorn, single and coupled. Singles could reconnect with an ex, get married or sign legal papers of some type.  If you are in the process of a divorce or legality, you might want to consider having a diplomatic conversation with the opposing party. You will be surprised at how easily you can reach an agreement that has everyone walking away satisfied. Mars in Gemini makes all Capricorns, single and coupled, wanting to look their very best. Your appearance will matter more to you this month. Taking good care of yourself such as working out, taking vitamins and eating right will pay handsome rewards during this time.  You will find that you have phenomenal discipline in order to follow your regimen.  You're looking extremely attractive to the public this month, Capricorn. The more you take care of your body, the better you look!

Mars in Gemini is a time to mix your social and romantic life together. You find the more the merrier to be your motto this month. Make sure to accept all invitations and possibly have friends over to your place for drinks or dinner. Singles can meet someone special when out and about. If single and looking for love, make plans for 6/8 when prospects for meeting a new love will be strong. Coupled Aquarius will be dealing with Venus in Cancer. Cancer is your 6th House of health, daily routines and fitness. Spending some time outdoors, working out and engaging in a fitness program can bring couples together.    

Venus in Cancer will feel like a welcome relief for those Pisces who are coupled. Singles can also benefit as they possess a strong air of sex appeal. This is a month for single Pisces to get out and about as opportunities to meet someone special are lucky and prosperous. With Mars in Gemini, coupled or single, Pisces will radiate charm and have a way with words that can hold spellbound the opposite and same sex. This month Jupiter will also enter your 5th House for a year long stay. Singles are favored in love (for the next year), so take your time and make sure you choose wisely. During this year long transit singles can and will meet someone who takes their breath away while couples expand their relationship and take it to the next level.