The Houses in Astrology

How it all comes together! See where your planets fall (which House) to understand more! 

The Houses in Astrology 

The 1st House (ARIES): The impression you make &The Face (image/appearance) you project to the public. Aries traditionally rules the 1st House in Astrology while the planet Mars is always associated with this House.

This House describes your outer personality as well as certain physical attributes such as your height, weight and the shape of your face and your figure. Your personality and basic approach to life. Your First impression, Your self image, sex appeal and personality shine here. The 1st House asks what motivates you. It rules your overall physical appearance, the first impression you make, your ego, beginnings, physical attractiveness, taking the initiative and how you see yourself. The image you wish/hope to project and most importantly, how you appeal to other occurs here. Aries (1st House) and the planet Mars (planet) is where the chart begins. 

The 2nd House (TAURUS): The House of Self-Esteem,Your personal possessions Values & Money - Taurus traditionally rules this House and Venus is the planet associated with this house.

The 2nd House describes your personal possessions, special collections, resources and how you deal with these possessions such as property, an intimate relationships(s) and money. It also reveals your earning and spending capacities and your debt, if any. Your self worth, money, any prized collection, family heirlooms, your personal values and your income are the key areas of the 2nd House. It is ruled by Taurus

The 3rd House (GEMINI): The Internet, Neighbors, Siblings & How you Communicate - Gemini traditionally rules this House while Mercury, the planet, always associated with this House.

Lower education (schooling before college) early childhood environment. Mental facilities, cousins and siblings and your family of relatives. Neighborhood, new neighborhoods, and community matters. Short distance local travel and transportation. Your car, transportation, computer, cell phone and how you deal with those closest to you via communication. Emails, texts, letters, the Internet, writing, daily living, exchanging information  and correspondence. 
This House also describes how you communicate with others, how you reach out to others nearby and how you handle your immediate environment. How you deal with ideas, concepts and utilize your intellect. It also shows how your thinking processes work (Mercury) and the way you express your thoughts to others. It is ruled by Gemini

The 4th House(CANCER): The House of Home,The Past, Future, Motherhood, Present, past and Future living conditions and Family/Relatives. Cancer traditionally rules this House. The Moon, a planet in Astrology is forever associated with it. 

Ancestry, heritage, your past and roots. Motherhood. Property, The early foundations of your home environment. Home and family life. Your Mother. The caretaker of your household. Endings. The deep past. Nurturing or the lack of it. The circumstances at the end of your life. It represents where you have lived, where you are currently living and where you will be living in the future. It also rules real estate, zoning laws and property. Rules, real estate and home regulations also occur here. Relatives and your home are the biggest properties of this House. It is ruled by Cancer

The 5th House(LEO): The House of Creativity, Pleasure, Hobbies, Gambling and Children -  Leo traditionally rules this House. The Sun shines down on the 5th House and is The planet associated with this House. Yes, the Sun is also considered a planet in Astrology. 

Recreational, social and leisure activities, children, flirtations, brief romantic encounters, booty calls, one night stands, fun, romance, love affairs and sex. Things that you do for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Creative self-expression. Hobbies. The performing arts. This House represents your creative ability, children, challenge, variety, fun, romance and love affairs are all highlighted by the 5th house. This is also the house where to look for affairs, flirtations, and brief romantic encounters (rather than long-term commitments such as marriage). A desire to experiment can become evident. Household pets are also ruled by this House.  It also deals with pressure, more responsibility and sex appeal stands out here, for better or for worse! It is ruled by Leo

The 6th House(VIRGO): The House of Health, Wellness, Daily routines and your Well Being - Virgo traditionally rules the 6th House while Mercury, the planet of communications, written and spoken, is the planet that owns the 6th House in Astrology.

 Routine tasks, daily chores, employees, manual labor and duties. Skills or training needed to work, Jobs and Employment. Health and overall well-being. Being of service to others, selflessness, care taking. Taking care of pets (repair/maintenance) fall under the 6th house. Accidents can and will also happen/occur here.

This House has been called the repair and maintenance House. It reveals how you take care of your body, health and nutrition. It is where you look to organize yourself, be of service to others and to perform efficiently in everyday routines. This is a work House and the 6th House is where you get things done, where you look after others (care taking) and fulfill service duties. It is also the House of self-improvement, mind, body and spirit. It also shows your diet, service to others and your health and fitness regimens aka your trifecta! 

The 7th House (LIBRA): The House of Marriage, Love and Partnerships, legal matters, divorces and open enemies hold rulership over this House.  Venus rules Libra and is the sign that naturally rules the 7th House!

Close, deep and committed relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements, justice and the lack of it and legal court(s). Legal affairs/matters and documents. Open enemies. Attraction to qualities we desire/seek from a marriage partner. Attitudes towards partners. Anyone you have commitments, contracts and agreements with. How you relate to others, lawsuits, divorces and marriages all happen here. Where the 1st House (Aries) represents "One", the 7th (Libra) House represents "Two", for better or for worse. Legal rights, permissions, marriage and those who might not enjoy your company let you know it. The 7th House is mostly about your current partner, the lack of love, past and present partners, future partner(s) and signing of legal documents. 

The 8th House(SCORPIO): The House of Sex, Transformation and Power - Scorpio, the sign, traditionally rules this House. The planet Pluto, once demoted, is alive and kicking and is the main ruler of Scorpio and the 8th House. The planet Pluto and some say Mars (Co ruler of Scorpio) will forever be associated with Scorpio and the 8th House. 

Cycles of Death, Rebirth, Sex and personal Transformation. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other people’s money. Power, control, psychology and the collective unconscious. The occult, unsolved and solved mysteries, magic, psychic and taboo matters. Inheritance. Regeneration. Self-transformation and physical transformation(s) will always be associated with Scorpio. They can look like different people one day and the next day, another type. 

This is one of the most mysterious, feared and powerful Houses in Astrology. The 8th House speaks about sex, death, wills, insurance, taxes, life threatening illnesses, sudden drastic life changes and legacies are all ruled by the 8th House. This is where you want to transcend yourself with occult or psychic experiences due to pain, deception or loss. This is also the House where you make personal sacrifices for yourself and for others. Be careful of playing martyr or pay the price, Scorpio! This House speaks about how you merge with another, someone or something. It also questions how you handle issues of power, sex, intimacy and control. In the end, this House is about surrendering, adjusting to and learning to deal with extremes and physical transformations.

The 9th House (SAGITTARIUS): The House of Travel, Travel Overseas, Publishing, Advertising, People from around the world and your world views/spirituality and life philosophies is known as having Sagittarius (The Sign) traditionally rules this House. (The 9th House) 

This House is associated with higher education, overseas travel, exotic people and places, publishing, writing, spiritual values, long journeys, overseas travel public relations, your philosophies/world views of, on and about life, religion, spirituality, morals, foreign people, public relations, advertising, exotic cultures, distant cultures and far away places. The 9th House also represents your belief system about the world we all live in. It is ruled by Sagittarius.

The 10th House(CAPRICORN): Your Career, AMBITION Public Life, Prestige, VIPs and Social Status - Capricorn traditionally rules the 10th House. The planet Saturn has long been associated with this House. 

Your Ambition(s). The Public. High profile activities, How the world sees/views you. Motivation. Career (not a routine job). Status in society, fate, honors and reputation. Prestige, Government and Big Business are all properties of this House. Authority Figures.Your standing in the community. Father or father figures. Laws of the physical universe. One's public impression and reputation at large as the public sees it. Many famous people have key favorable planets in this house. 

The 11th House (AQUARIUS): Your Friendships, Hopes/Wishes, Ex loves, Social groups and affiliations. - Aquarius (The Sign) traditionally rules the 11th House in Astrology. (The Planet) Uranus, associated with the 11th House. 

Friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Groups you identify with, Political affiliations, People you see as equals, Humanity, Rebellion against social structures or conventions. Hopes, wishes, groups, clubs and high societies. Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes made through careers. One's hopes and wishes. Ex loves, people from your past and friends will also appear here. So will elements of timing and luck.

This House also reveals your ambitions and aspirations. It is where you extend yourself to a group, a goal, or a belief system. Strange and unusual experiences, bizarre and eccentric situations and personalities. The Future and forward thinking concepts. Technology and futuristic ideas. Here is where you become concerned with “what other people think” or where you rebel against social conventions. It is mainly regarded as your Friendships House (group affiliations) as well as your hopes and wishes House. It mainly is known in mainstream Western Astrology as the House of friendships. 

The 12th House (PISCES): The House of Privacy, What occurs in secret, death, solitude, prison, Hospitals, Drugs, Alcohol and Secrets -  Pisces (the Sign) rules the 12th House while Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces is associated with the 12th House

Magic, places of seclusion, privacy, hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. The world of entertainment, Things which are not apparent to oneself yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine and secretive matters. Events occurring in secret. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Transcending unimaginable limits, Selfless giving and selfless receiving. Dreams, imagination, Unknown enemies. Secrets and fears.The end of a life cycle. 

 In your daily life, the 12th House reveals your deepest intimacies, your best-kept secrets, especially those you hide from yourself and others. Realize that when we "undo ourselves:, we eventually surrender control, boundaries, limits and rules. But instead of self-undoing, this can create a great capacity for endless creativity and can bring about your hidden talents. Your imagination can be limitless here.
This House is traditionally associated with places we go for solitude, do spiritual work or to be in seclusion. It also speaks about death and past lives. Pisces is associated always with the 12th House in Astrology. And Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces  

Here is a breakdown of the best placements for the planets to be in.

Aries- Mars (Mars in Aries)
Taurus - Venus in it's sensual form (Venus in Taurus)
Gemini-Mercury in it's communicative form (Mercury in Gemini)
Cancer - The Moon (Moon in Cancer)
Leo- The Sun (Sun in Leo)
Virgo- Mercury in it's critical form (Mercury in Virgo)
Libra - Venus -in it's aesthetic and critical form (Venus in Libra)
Scorpio- Pluto, co ruled by Mars (Pluto in Scorpio)
Sagittarius- Jupiter (Jupiter in Sagittarius)
Capricorn-Saturn (Saturn in Capricorn)
Aquarius - Uranus replacing Saturn (Its previous ruler) (Uranus in Aquarius)
Pisces-Neptune replacing Jupiter (Its previous ruler) (Neptune in Pisces)

Those are considered the ideal locations for planets in your natal chart. Planets in those Houses will make little effort - yet net huge rewards. Check out your natal (birth) chart and look for any of the above planets to fall in those signs.

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball