Aquarius August Forecast for 2013

Mercury (Communications) will travel through Cancer, Virgo and Leo this month. Mercury will spend the majority of August in your 7th House of marriage. Mercury begins the month in your 6th House joining Mars, creating a heavy emphasis on your daily routines and your career. On 8/8, Mercury enters Leo and focuses your thinking and communications on the most significant relationships in your life. A close personal relationship captures your attention and focus. You determine that others are smitten with your personal and professional skills during this transit. On 8/27, Mercury will enter Virgo and your 8th House of finances and remain there until 9/9.

A New Moon occurs in Leo on 8/6. Leo is your 7th House of marriage, Aquarius. This will be favorable day for you, Aquarius although you could feel tired and low on energy. Your thoughts will center on a relationship, personal or professional that brings about new offers and opportunities that you had never imagined.

Mars (Physical Energy/Drive and Motivation) begins the month in Cancer, your 6th House of daily routines and your career. This transit finds you physically energized by your daily work and daily routines. You could take on a part time job or work longer hours during this transit. You're taking on more responsibilities but could find yourself to be short fused with coworkers and associates who might not be as quick as you tend to be. Utilize patience when dealing with your peers and people you work with during this time as there is a tendency to let stubbornness get the best of you. Mars will enter Leo on 8/27 - 10/15. During this time, you will have a stronger sense of control, self confidence and self-reliance. Singles will find love and professional matters showing serious signs of improvement and couples will decide to travel or take an ongoing relationship to the next level. Legal matters will work in your favor when Mars enters Leo.

Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo. Virgo is your 8th House of shared resources, power and deeply committed relationships. The 7th, 24th and 27th will be stand out days that promise to assist you in reaping rewards where taxes, insurance and financial matters tend to favor you. Financial affairs will become more stable during this transit. Venus enters the compatible air sign of Libra on 8/16. You will find this transit brings offers to travel, find love in a remote setting and good fortune will favor you where higher learning and publishing pursuits are involved. Singles could find love while taking a class, attending a workshop or via joining a group that centers on a topic which appeals to you. Couples bond closer under Venus in Libra. They will seek out activities that allow them to spend more quality time together.

A Full Moon occurs in your sign on 8/20. Last month, the Full Moon in your 1st House was at the earliest degree of Aquarius. This month, the second Full Moon in your sign is at the last degree and this Full Moon promises to bring about opportunities to finish what you began this time last month. You could be presented with a second chance, a fresh start or new chapter on this Full Moon. This will be a powerful day for you, Aquarius, so remain alert, aware and be ready to pounce on opportunities as they present themselves. You can resolve any personal issues that you thought were done and over with.

A Taurus, Virgo and a Pisces play active roles in your life this month.