Cancer August Forecast for 2013

August will be a stand out month for you Cancer, single or coupled. You can expect the pace to be action packed and suspenseful. The month opens with Mars (Physical Energy/Drive & Sexuality) in your sign, Cancer. This planet brings the ability to motivate, energize and stimulate you on a variety of levels. It can also be a time when disagreements can escalate, so be on your best behavior when dealing with those who matter most. The choice is up to you, so know that your actions and or reactions (or both) will speak volumes to others for you and about you this month. A new chapter will be assigned to you and involves a change in your home life, improvements to your health or when dealing with special relationships, personal, social and professional. You could be presented with an opportunity to begin a relationship that is sexually and emotionally satisfying. New doors are opening with Mars in your 1st House. Be advised that you could come across as short fused, short tempered and aggressive. You could be somewhat low on patience and display a side of yourself that others were not previously aware of. Realize that intuition can be your downfall or your saving grace. Mars, Mercury and Jupiter travelling in your sign can bring about an increased intuition but this might not work to your advantage (this month) with this particular trio of planets in your 1st House.

Mars will enter Leo, your 2nd House of personal possessions and finances, on 8/27 and stays there until 10/15. Take advantage this month to solidify all relationships, personal, social and professional while Mars transits your 1st House, Cancer. Once Mars transits Leo, you notice an increase in your cash flow. Money owed to you can and will be repaid and offers involving new assignments and relationships will come pouring in fast and furiously. Special to Cancer: You could be indecisive when it comes to any new opportunities this month. Don't be afraid to accept offers that promise to increase your income. You could be your own worst enemy when it comes to making serious progress, especially financial and professional. Work on your health and lifestyle in order to combat/mitigate the effects of the planetary energy this month. You are ruled by the Moon which rules the 4th House, so your home is where you enjoy spending your time and this becomes more apparent by the Full Moon on 8/20.

A New Moon occurs in Leo on 8/6. Financial offers will be presented to you beginning on this Full Moon and they will last until the next New Moon in Virgo. That gives you 30 days to take advantage of offers however overwhelming they might appear to be.

Venus begins the month in Virgo. Virgo is your 3rd House of siblings and neighbors. During this influence, you could feel compelled to beautify your neighborhood, your home and your community. Under the health conscious sign of Virgo, Cancer needs to also keep a watchful eye on his or her health. Make overdue appointments to see health professionals. Venus enters Libra (your 4th House of home, family and relatives) on 8/16 - 9/11. During the Venus transit of Libra, your home will be your sanctuary and any work you do/perform from home benefits you. Females will be especially helpful. Singles could meet someone who lives in their neighborhood or be introduced to someone new via a family member while a new love grows  even closer. Singles feel secure in their love life and couples could be making serious announcements or have recently expanded their family life. Single or coupled, the second half of August will find Cancer feeling homebound and desiring a few days off. A vacation will energize you immensely this month, Cancer.

Mercury (communications, travel and intellect) could bring about some confusion as it travels through three signs this month (Cancer, Leo and Virgo). You could be stumped by the constant changing atmosphere and feel as though just when you make progress, you take another step back. As August begins, Mercury will be in your 1st House, bringing about an intuitive awareness to your conscious mind. Your head and heart will be in complete agreement and you note that your intuition is beyond accurate during the first 8 days of August. On 8/8, Mercury will then enter your 2nd House (Leo) and bring about serious discussions that revolve around money, how to make it, how to earn it and how to balance your budget. Mercury will be in your 2nd House of finances and personal possessions from 8/8 - 8/23. Once Mercury enters Virgo on 8/23, you can earn more income through public speaking, publishing, advertising and via communications. Anything you do regarding self expression, whether it's writing, acting or spreading a message, you benefit financially. Refuse to be picky and drop your fears. You might feel intimidated by a big change that requires a serious commitment. Go for it, Cancer! Mercury will transit Virgo from 8/23 - 9/9.

A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius on 8/20. The Full Moon occurs in your 8th House of shared resources, insurance, taxes and inheritance matters. These areas can be clarified and brought to your immediate attention on this Full Moon. Make sure you read the fine print and keep your insurance policies updated. You could be dealing with mortgages and other people's money as well. Emotions dominate under the Full Moon in Aquarius.

An Aries, Capricorn and a Pisces will play key roles in your life throughout August.