Gemini August Forecast for 2013

Your ruling planet (Mercury) will travel through three signs and houses this month. The majority of August, Mercury will be in the compatible fire sign of Leo. Mercury enters Leo on 8/8 and remains there until 8/23. During this compatible transit your mental faculties will be focused and you possess the energy to achieve whatever you want to. Writing, publishing and communications will take center stage. Your way with words will inspire others and capture the interest of those people that matter. Advertising, public relations and any form communications will bring about positive developments. On 8/23, your ruling planet enters Virgo and your 4th House of home and family. Pay attention as there will be a flurry of activity and increased communications where you're currently living during this time. You could be spending more time with children and family while experiencing a need to take a series of short trips throughout the Mercury in Virgo transit that lasts from 8/23-9/9.

Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo. Virgo is your 4th House of home and family. Love begins at home during this transit. If coupled, a relationship heats up and a serious commitment is made. You could decide to move in together at your residence or move into a partner's home. Creativity escalates and any work you do from your home will bring attention, admiration and extra money your way. Couples find this transit heats up an existing relationship. Venus will exit Virgo and enter the compatible air sign of Libra on 8/16 - 9/11. Venus in your 5th House (Libra) brings excitement, passion and good news where love, creativity and children are involved. Taking risks and focusing on your hobbies will be areas that also benefit you enormously. Expect love to gain serious momentum once Venus enters Libra mid-month, Gemini. A romance takes the spotlight, your sex appeal is off the charts and you will find that friends and a love interest take note of your outstanding charm and wit. With Venus in your 5th House, a new romance can escalate faster than you thought possible.

A New Moon occurs in Leo on 8/6. Leo is your 3rd House of travel, intellect and short trips. Expect to be in greater contact with siblings, neighbors and your community. There will also be offers to travel on this date.

Mars (Physical Energy/Sexuality/Drive) begins the month in Cancer, your 2nd House of finance and personal possessions. Unexpected profits arrive during this transit. Experiences relating to income will be positive and you can expect to feel more secure when it comes to your finances throughout Mars in Cancer. The flipside to this transit is that you could also notice that your emotional reactions could be extreme when dealing with your personal possessions. Contracts relating to career and personal life could find you in a sentimental state and surprisingly emotional where issues and relationships from the past are involved. Special to Gemini: This is not a good time (Mars in Cancer) to loan a friend or romantic partner money as the odds are slim to none that you will be repaid. Pay special attention on the 11th and 17th! Money could be an especially tense subject on these dates.

Good News, Gemini!  Mars will enter the compatible fire sign of Leo on 8/27 and this compatible transit lasts through 10/15. A Cancer and a Capricorn will be helpful to you throughout this transit, Gemini, especially concerning your finances.

A Full Moon occurs on 8/20 in the compatible air sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is your 9th House of higher education, overseas travel and deals with your worldviews. You will feel restless and might need to escape the daily grind on this Full Moon. A short trip can do wonders for your spirit on or around this time, Gemini.

A Leo, Libra and an Aquarius are involved in your activities this month.