Libra August Forecast for 2013

Venus (Love), your ruling planet, begins the month in your 12th House of Virgo, Libra. The 12th House rules issues from the past and your creative abilities flourish and the assistance you receive from women during this time can help/assist you in resolving any relationship matters that continue to impact you. Pay attention to your dreams during this time, Libra. Areas such as meditation, psychology and writing will benefit you. A sister, mother or another female will prove to be your loyal ally and trusted confidante this month. With Venus in your 12th House, a new relationship could begin in secret or you learn confidential information. What you uncover will work to your benefit, so be alert and aware and keep your wits about you as Venus transits Virgo. Singles could begin a clandestine relationship or desire some time away from the dating scene, while couples will want to plan to some uninterrupted togetherness. Your intuition is heightened during this transit and you could find yourself experiencing unusual or troubling situations that involved that involve issues from the past. Venus will be in Virgo until 8/16. The excitement builds on 8/16 when Venus enters your 1st House of appearance, love and brings benefits your way, personal, professional and social. You will enjoy this transit as it puts you in the spotlight and finds all areas of your life (from home, work, love and money) in a better position than you had previously thought. Expect the second half of August to be a time when you benefit, gain popularity and note the affection that comes your way. Your charisma and sex appeal will soar during this time. Venus will transit your sign from 8/16 - 9/11. Remember to pay attention on 8/16 as good fortune favors you on this date.

A New Moon occurs on 8/6 in Leo. Leo is your 11th House of groups, organizations and friendships. Circle this day on your calendar as it brings about opportunities to align yourself with new contacts, network with those in power positions and shines a light on your hopes and wishes. The Sun also transits your 11th House this month, so friendships, group involvement and focusing on who and what you want continue to be areas that tend to be highlighted throughout this month.

Mercury (Communications) will travel through Cancer, Leo and Virgo. As August begins, Mercury remains in Cancer until 7/8. Cancer is your 10th House of career. Conversations and your conscious thinking will be strongly focused on the way the public perceives you and your professional accomplishments. On 8/8, Mercury enters Leo and your 11th House of friendships and group involvements. Mercury will spend the majority of August in Leo. This transit is a great time to promote yourself and your business. Advertising, social media and public relations will benefit you beyond your expectations, so get busy if you want to maximize your potential.

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation and Sexual Drive) will be in Cancer until 8/27. Cancer is your 10th House of career and involves those in authority, such as parents, bosses and superiors. You will pour your energy into all professional matters this month. This transit promises to energize your career, Libra. You could experience some temporary discord with superiors, with a parent or at your place of employment. Be advised that this placement can bring about accidents, mistakes and if you're not careful, disagreements could ensue but these will be temporary. Mars will enter the compatible fire sign of Leo, your 11th House on 8/27 - 10/15.

A Full Moon occurs on 8/20 in Aquarius, your 5th House of love, children and creativity. This Full Moon brings about a new romance, if single. Coupled Libra feel a rush of excitement and find that a new infusion of togetherness binds them closer to one another. Emotions will be heightened and love will be clarified, single or coupled. Pay attention to your love life on this Full Moon, Libra. A sense of adventure or a willingness to take risks works to your benefit.

The signs of Gemini, Leo and a  Sagittarius will be involved in your life throughout the month.