Sagittarius August Forecast for 2013

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Cancer, your 8th House of other people's money, finances and shared resources. Your knowledge continues to expand when it comes to personal physical transformations, deeply committed relationships and other areas such as taxes, insurance, wills and inheritance issues. These areas favor you under Jupiter in Cancer, so be on the lookout for growth, increased movement and prosperity in all areas pertaining to mortgages, taxes and any debt you have accumulated in the past. Jupiter promises to bring you more luck in these areas, Sagittarius.

A New Moon occurs in Leo on 8/6. Leo is your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing and involves your worldviews. Circle this day on your calendar as offers to travel and promote your agenda present themselves. People overseas or from a distance can also step forward with new opportunities that will thrill you, Sagittarius.

Mercury (Communications) will travel through Cancer, Leo and Virgo this month. Mercury in Cancer will have conversations focusing on money, taxes and settlements that you could be dealing with on a continual basis. Mercury will be in Cancer until 8/8 where it spends the majority of the month in your 9th House of worldviews and people from overseas. With Mercury in the compatible fire element of Leo, you find your communication and thoughts focused on travel. A trip overseas could be featured and you desire to learn more about a subject you're versed in. Your spiritual views could also change during this time. Mercury enters Virgo on 8/23 - 9/9. With Mercury in Virgo, you find that your career consumes your time, energy and commitment, more than usual.

Mars (Physical and Sexual Energy) begins the month in Cancer. Mars will spend the majority of August in your 8th House. This transit could bring about an unexpected sexual attraction to someone you meet at a seminar, or you could meet someone while tending to your financial affairs. An interest in metaphysics or controversial subjects arises during this transit. One way or another, you find conversation fulfilling and the chemistry is unmistakable. Mars will exit Cancer and enters Leo on 8/27 - 10/15. During this transit, your physical energy will be directed toward travel, people from overseas and your worldviews. This transit forms a smooth angle to your Sun sign and can indicate love found overseas or possibly while involved in higher learning. If you decide to further your education, you could meet someone who captivates you during this long transit of Mars.

Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo. Virgo is your 10th House of career, prestige and public recognition.  You could find yourself consumed with career matters throughout this transit. Venus will enter Libra and your 11th House of friendships and group involvements on 8/16. Your greatest fulfillment throughout August will come from your professional visibility and your social interactions with friends. Women will be especially helpful and promise to assist you in social and professional affairs. Pay attention on the 7th and 21st! These days will be fortunate for you, Sagittarius.

A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius on 8/20. Aquarius is your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors and your neighborhood community. You could encounter some obstacles in these relationships but you have the ability to iron out any differences that arise. Emotions will be heightened and others will look to you to as a mediator if disputes arise.

The signs of Virgo, another Sagittarius and a Pisces will play serious roles in your life throughout August. A Gemini will be involved with social and group interactions.