Virgo August Forecast for 2013

Brace yourself for a month of variety, increased activity and surprises. Your ruling planet, Mercury, travels through Cancer, Leo and Virgo throughout August. The month begins with Mercury in Cancer. Cancer is your 11th House of friendships and this transit puts you in a mood to socialize and get out and about. On 8/8, Mercury enters Leo and your 12th House until 8/23. With Mercury in Leo, your 12th House is activated. You could be engaged in a romance that occurs in private or has an air of secrecy to it. Romance behind closed doors is a serious possibility during Mercury in your 12th House. Mercury will enter Virgo and your 1st House on 8/23 - 9/9. With Mercury in your 1st House, this is an ideal time to focus on relationships that matter most to you. You gain an elevation in prestige where you deal with relatives, writing, publishing and neighbors with Mercury moving direct in your sign. Expect others to be more than impressed with you, in every aspect.

Mars (Physical energy/drive/motivation) will be in Cancer for most of the month, Virgo. Cancer is a compatible earth sign that impacts your 11th House. During this transit any networking, advertising or self promotion you engage in will prove to be lucrative and worthwhile. Your hopes and dreams can come alive and soar when engaging in friendships and while networking with groups. Your aspirations become clear to others close, so expect friends, family and someone special to notice and assist you while you assist yourself. Friends will be extra supportive and you can find your physical energy tends to be drawn toward all properties of the 11th House. Mars will enter Leo and your 12th House on 8/27 - 10/15. During this time, your energy will be more directed toward your finances and a relationship. You will succeed in work done in private and excel in other activities performed behind closed doors or in secrecy. A romance could take place in secret or an affair could develop. You desire privacy throughout Mars in Leo.

Venus (Love) will continue its transit of your 1st House of beauty, sex appeal and your physical appearance. You should have a strong idea of how this transit works, as Venus in your sign brings about more admiration, more opportunities and more enjoyment. Venus opens August in your sign and enters Libra and your 2nd House of finances on 8/16 - 9/11. Venus in Libra brings more money your way via unexpected sources. Women will be helpful to you and a relationship that you value becomes closer during this time. Speaking of love, you learn exactly where you stand in August. You might have some doubt or experience some confusion initially, but on 8/20, you know for sure who you want to be with.

A New Moon falls in Leo on 8/6. Leo is your 12th House of creativity and imagination. Circle this date on your calendar as events will occur quickly and seem to come out of nowhere. With Uranus forming a smooth angle to this Moon, you can expect to see and hear things you didn't believe or think were possible. New offers to display your talent and appearance will surface suddenly and could shock and surprise you. Remain alert and calm but be ready to take action. This will be a memorable day, Virgo. Talk about surprises!

A Full Moon falls in Aquarius on 8/20. Aquarius is your 6th House of service to others, Virgo. This Full Moon impacts your health, personal wellness and can be a time of intensity where your daily work, routines and physical energy are involved. Emotions will be heightened and you could feel overworked, tired and lacking energy.

The signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius and a Pisces will play serious roles in your life throughout this month. A Gemini will play a mysterious role.