Aries September Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 6th House of daily routines, fitness, health matters, pets, employment and repair and maintenance issues, Aries.

As September begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will be in Virgo. Virgo represents your 6th House of work, your daily routines and puts the spotlight on your health and personal wellness. It will be important to keep up with your health, diet and nutrition regimens with Mercury in your 6th House. This is not a month to take anything for granted in these areas. Pay serious attention to what you eat and how you take care of yourself, Aries. September is a month for getting yourself in the best shape you possibly can. As the month progresses, you will become more receptive and aware regarding nutrition, your diet and exercise programs, like it or not. Mercury enters Libra, your 7th House of marriage on 9/9 and stays there until 9/28. Mercury in Libra brings about increased discussions where personal, legal and professional relationships are involved.  With Mercury in your 7th House, your personal and professional relationships become more established. You and a partner decide what you need individually to sustain your relationship while a professional relationship requires more effort from you. Mercury promises to iron out differences you might have in these areas, but discussions will be needed in order to fulfill you and keep the peace. Prepare for some challenges and be ready to listen to the advice of others. This will help you considerably but you will need to be receptive to others who might be having some challenges as well. 

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation and drive) occupies the month in Leo, a compatible fire sign that rules your 5th House of children, love, creative pursuits and also deals with taking risks and how you channel your creativity. With Mars in Leo, you tend to come alive and seek out approval and appreciation from others. The good news? Your partner is attentive, loving and showers you with affection. Mars will be in Leo until 10/15. Expect your sexuality to be greatly enhanced during this time and know that your sex appeal, sensuality and charm will stand out to others whether you are single or coupled.

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra. During this transit you can receive more appreciation and applause from your personal and professional relationships; however, there is a need to compromise this month as several planets will clash with Venus in Libra. Whenever Venus transits your 7th House, you will find a stronger commitment is made. This applies to your professional endeavors as well as a love relationship. Singles will be immersed in a new love or involved in a creative project that consumes their time. If single, this is your time to get out and accept any and all invitations that come your way, Aries. Pay special attention on 9/2, if single. Love is looking up for all Aries during this transit! Venus will be in Libra until 9/11. Venus will enter Scorpio on 9/11 through 10/7. Scorpio is your 8th House of power, sex and the money of others. An interest in offbeat subjects consumes your time and you could catch a lucky break where taxes, insurance or a partner's income are involved. Scorpio is the sign of extremes, so expect heightened emotional responses when dealing with a partner or where issues such as taxes, insurance and mortgages are involved.

A New Moon forms in Virgo on 9/5. This New Moon impacts your 6th House of health and wellness. Events will be fast paced and while this could be a hectic day, you need to keep conversations positive and ignore what you could perceive as criticism. Your talents are standing out but a strong need to pull back and keep your opinions to yourself will be the key on this date, Aries. Those in power positions could challenge you and your ideas on this date. Try to let others lead for ideal results and do not force your opinions on anyone.    

A Full Moon forms in Pisces on 9/19. This Full Moon impacts your 12th House of confinement. You might find that some time spent alone benefits you on this date as September promises to be a hectic month, especially professionally. However, you can make tremendous strides in your professional life, so take some time to rest and recharge on this date, Aries. Any time spent alone or behind the scenes promises to assist you positively this month, Aries.

On 9/20 Pluto turns direct in your 10th House of career. If you have been frustrated due to delays at your place of employment, you will begin to see serious progress as September wraps up.  Your authority and influence at work increases as this planet resumes direct this month.

A Virgo, Scorpio and a Pisces are involved. A Virgo helps you deal with fitness, health matters and your daily routines and desires to assist you in becoming the best you can be. If you feel as though Virgo is being critical of you, know that Virgo tends to be harder on themselves than you might think. Virgo admires your stamina and wants to help you perfect your life on a practical level. A Scorpio can bring about memories from the deep past and you may feel torn in some way. Expect some surprises in your relationships with Scorpio throughout September. A Pisces will disclose classified or some type of secret information to you.     

Stand out dates: 7th, 9th, 11th, 20th & 29th