Turn On's / Turn off's


Turn Ons: being in charge, standing "out" or "apart" from the crowd, adventure both in and out of the bedroom, a good challenge, and a good dare, anyone who rebels or defies authority, impulsive people and people who wont take no for an answer.

Turn offs: losing at anything, whether it a relationship, card game or job. Aries hates to lose anything, no matter what! Rams also despise being ignored, people who are weak and emotional, complainers, exercising "patience" and being told "no". Your Aries lover does not want the word "no" to come out of your sexy mouth, ever!


Turn Ons: knowing what to expect in love and life, shopping, watching movies, listening to music and admiring beauty, working out, having a good body, being in "lust" or in "love" (even better), eating a fabulous meal at an upscale restaurant, inviting friends and family over for dinner, laughing and building memories with special friends and lovers. A huge turn on for Taurus is security. Security in all shapes forms and sizes. This loveable sexpot just wants your love, time and undivided loyalty. Is that so wrong?

Turn offs: Taurus does not like change, period. Taurus despises jealousy, people in hurry or careless types, people who don't live up to their word, people who don't return what they borrowed is also another big "no-no" in your Taurus lovers life. Pay attention, be funny, entertaining and don't be too stingy or too tight with your cash..


Turn ons: great conversations, reading, writing, communicating with a lover and groups of different varied types of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, talking to anybody, the freedom to move around without be monitored, multi-tasking, traveling and the arts will get your Gemini lover going in the right direction .

Turn offs: boredom, apathy, monotony, being told what to do and whom to do it with, anything too normal, bland and boring, anything final, wasting time, energy and eating and drinking too much are big turns offs of your Gemini lover.


Turn ons: hanging out at home, looking at old photos and talking about the past, antiques, daydreaming, fantasy, romance, love and loyalty are ultra important to your cancer lover, so is a good comforting home cooked meal with their family, watching the moon set and or watching the sun rise (both are ideal), nature and a good bubble bath or Jacuzzi, romantic films and old music are other Cancer turn ons.

Turn offs: disloyalty, jealousy, mean people, anyone cruel or harmful to animals, large groups, big functions, not having enough friends, money or love (not having enough of anything), being unloved or not 'in love", leaving friends and family for a long period, leaving their comfortable homes for any extended period of time is just not Cancers idea of a good time.


Turn ons: looking good and feeling great are big turn ons for sexy Leo, fun with a capital F, being admired and adored (both are ideal), partying, music, the good life, a great looking lover, a good sex life and being surrounded by an elegant lifestyle and good friends. The lion wants it all and nothing less. So, what are you waiting for?

Turn offs: being ignored, left alone, getting no attention or affection from friends or lovers, deceitful behavior, being sick, weak or addicted to anything or anyone harmful, boredom and competition of any kind, especially romantic or professional competition. Losing at anything, even if they don't want to win. Remember that the Leo "pride" is not to be taken lightly! And always look your very best.


Turn Ons: spending quality time alone, organizing their room, office or home, eating healthy, a physically active lifestyle, analyzing people, friends and the public, getting a good bargain, making new friends, respect, loyalty, not worrying or stressing about life and or love, personal grooming, details and personalized keepsakes of any kind are a big turn on for Virgo.

Turn offs: public displays of affection, using public bathrooms, being criticized and or intimidated, not being in control, sweating, smoking, drinking heavily, bad language, class-less behavior, emotional manipulation, bad hygiene and anything dirty and or unkempt will have Virgo running for the back, not the front door.


Turn ons: being fair and impartial, justice, being fashionable, looking updated in their appearance, getting his or her way - regardless of the expense, turning a romance into a "happily ever after", marriage, balancing the pros and cons of any situation, having love in his or her life, getting married, starting a family and sharing a life with their own family is a big Libra turn on, your Libra is someone who needs a relationship, lover or sex life to keep them turned on and tuned into life’s "true" meaning. This sign needs romance 24/7. Talk about a Libra turn on. Love baby!

Turn offs: making a decision, ugly environments, ugly motives, aggressive people, dramatic episodes, overly emotional personalities, any arguing, confrontation, rejection in love, bigotry, prejudice people and being ordinary equals being boring to a Libra. Be a "somebody" if you don’t want to turn off your Libra lover off.


Turn ons: willpower, generosity, helping the less fortunate, power, prestige, success, seeing results in love or business, determination, great works of art, music, sex, long term relationships, astrology, knowledge, honesty, figuring out others secrets, intentions and motives, loyalty and privacy are major turn ons for Scorpio. Value any secrets or confidences your Scorpio lover has shared with you and you will have a friend for life, guaranteed!

Turn offs: Baring his or her soul, nightmares, putting their life into another’s hands, being powerless in any situation, sexual rejection, criticism, jealous types, disloyal lovers and anyone who is not ethical will scare Scorpio away, fast.


Turn ons: travel, being outdoors, telling the truth - no matter what the consequences, complete freedom of thought and action, pets, long distance travel, philosophy, optimism, keeping occupied and playing competitive games or contests, competition and not being judgmental of anyone or anything.

Turn offs: anyone who is dishonest, phony, liars, being confined for long periods of time, playing life "too" safely, emotional outbursts , too much responsibility and negative energy drainers will send sweet Sagittarius running for the hills. Sagittarius will not tolerate any form of negativity, period.


Turn ons: taking care of business, finishing up an important task or job, security in both professional and personal affairs, making money and keeping it, success, and ambition, traditional values, old fashioned romance, following convention and a challenging life worth conquering, unique personalities and a big happy family are massive Capricorn turn ons.

Turn offs: being teased or embarrassed, not blending or fitting in, being lonely, immaturity, old cheap or worn clothes, disloyalty, not being in control of his or her life and a slacker attitude will turn your cute Capricorn into a raging goat.


Turn ons: inventing ideas or things, gaining a wide/public audience, having the freedom to speak his or her mind, originality, being in touch with the universe, friends, choosing the right life path and achieving success in his or her chosen endeavor, winning an argument with the power of words, this sign wants peace and love to prevail on earth at all times. Tell them what they want to hear or they will find someone else who will, fast!

Turn offs: borrowing, lending, sharing money, owing money, being bullied by authority and higher up's, social injustice, evil and ruthless people, anyone who isn't eccentric in some way, too much excess in anything, emotions gone wild, being branded or labeled is another big turn off for your cute and affable Aquarius.


Turn ons: pure unadulterated sex and romance, not having a "set" schedule, making a difference, dreams, mysticism, water, the ocean, the arts, dance, music and all forms of beauty and art fall under Pisces turns ons.

Turn offs: loud noises, argumentative types, lack of alone time, the unfairness and struggles of daily life, ill-fitting and unflattering clothing and hairstyles, drugs and alcohol (dangerous because they can be a turn on for Pisces as well), overly aggressive types, conceited behavior and control freaks don’t mesh well with the fish. Remain calm and cool while in the company of dreamy Pisces.