Cancer December Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 6th House of daily routines, fitness, health, wellness, your daily employment and various repair and maintenance issues, Cancer.

A New Moon occurs in Sagittarius on 12/2 and impacts your 6th House. A health issue could be brought to your attention on this New Moon. This could be a challenging day for you, Cancer. An offer relating to your job is another possibility on this date. Although you hear something positive, you could become frustrated by the actions of someone close to you. Be patient and have more faith in yourself and others on this New Moon, Cancer. Travel could be involved and with Uranus involved, expect surprises and some shock when it comes to news you receive. Pay attention to all events that occur during the first week of December as they will give you a hint as to what is ahead.

 Mercury (communication skills, logic and reasoning) transits in Sagittarius from 12/4 - 12/24.  There is a heavy emphasis on your 6th House this month with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. You could be in charge of organizing office parties or planning travel and you find yourself with a more positive attitude courtesy of Mercury in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. If you travel this month, make certain that you return home by 12/21 for ideal results. Remember that Sagittarius is your 6th House of daily routines, health, and repair and maintenance issues. Optimism (Sagittarius component) prevails and you could notice that your upbeat and motivated nature attracts others to you throughout this transit that lasts until Christmas Eve. Others will gravitate to you during the first three weeks of December, so make the most of it. If you snooze, you lose, Cancer! Mercury enters Capricorn and your 7th House on 12/25.

P.S: a difficult alignment on 12/25 will impact all signs, so tone down your expectations when it comes to friends, a romantic partner or a business relationship. Try to think positively and know that you're not alone, Cancer. Emotions will be scattered and love might appear to slow down.    

Venus (love, harmony and romance) begins the month in Capricorn. Venus brings love, music, affection, harmony and appreciation your way. With Venus and Jupiter both in your 7th House creating a favorable placement, love relationships and business affairs promise to bring more fulfillment and satisfaction. Expect the unexpected when it comes to a current relationship or contract, possibly both However, on 12/21, Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn bringing about abrupt slowdowns in an ongoing romantic relationship or where your business relationships or contracts are involved. This transit will impact all signs, but you will feel it most where a key personal or professional relationship is involved. Contracts are also part of the 7th House, so no matter what, you can expect some delays or reversals during the period between 12/21/12 - 1/31/14. During this time, it's best not to sign a contract or make a serious commitment in any romance, single or coupled. Ex loves and partners could reappear during this time, Cancer. The upside to Venus retrograde is that you could find a beautiful object or something you have had your eye on at a discounted price.

A Full Moon occurs in Gemini on 12/17. Gemini is your 12th House of privacy, self-imposed isolation and issues from long ago and far away. Something gets revealed that benefits you on this date, Cancer. Secrets emerge and you could solve a long standing mystery. 

Mars (motivation, sexuality and physical energy) begins the month in Virgo and enters Libra on 12/7. Libra is your 4th House of home, relatives and all things domestic. Pay attention to your focus when Mars enters Libra, Cancer. Accidents are possible if you're not actively alert and aware. Take special care when driving, when you are around electronics at home and when travelling. Areas such as your current home, family/relatives and issues from the past come to your full attention and command that you dig deep for the motivation needed to deal with these issues. Efforts you made in the past will be examined and you could find your energy focused strongly on these areas, for better or for worse. Tone down any hint of aggression when it comes to family members, relatives and events occurring at home. With Mars in your 4th House, drama could ensue.

BEST days for Cancer: 12/1, 12/5, 12/9, 12/14, 12/23, 12/28

Not so good days for Cancer: 12/3, 12/4, 12/15, 12/18, 12/29

A Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces will be involved. A Gemini brings up subjects long buried. A Virgo could want more than you're willing to give, emotionally, financially and otherwise. A Sagittarius will inspire and uplift you this month, Cancer. Time spent with a Sagittarius will boost your ego. A Pisces promises to hold a special and sentimental place in your tender and loving heart.