Leo December Forecast for 2013


The Sun transits your 5th House of creativity, physical attraction, passion, children and taking risks.

A New Moon falls on 12/2 in Sagittarius. New Moons = New opportunities, so you could find that you hear news about a possible addition to your family and/or a creative project you have been working diligently on.  Your passion for another grows even deeper. If single, new opportunities for romance are anywhere and everywhere on this date. Single Leos looking for love can and will find it on this auspicious day.

Venus begins the month in Capricorn. Capricorn is your solar 6th House of health, daily work and your routines. These are the areas that you find bring you the greatest rewards. Expect to receive appreciation, praise and gifts in connection with any of these sectors of your life. Venus brings great love with little to no effort of your part, so if you do put forth effort, you will be astounded at the returns that come your way. You get noticed this month and you receive good news or catch a lucky break with regards to your health, daily routines and repairs and maintenance issues. Enjoy events in these areas for the first three weeks of December, Leo. Venus will turn retrograde in Capricorn for an extended stay beginning 12/21 and lasting until 1/31/14. The last week of December will have a different vibe where these same properties are involved. You could experience some frustrations, reversals or setbacks where your health, work and routines are involved. The best way to navigate this time is to exercise patience, suppress the urge to speak your mind and lie low when you sense drama looming.

A Full Moon occurs in Gemini on 12/17. Gemini is your 11th House of friendships and hopes and can put a heavy emphasis on a love relationship. Special to Leo: With Venus retrograde later in the month it's a good idea to go above and beyond when it comes to that special relationship. Get promises in writing and make a commitment or a partnership official. This New Moon forms an unusual angle to Uranus, so you can expect a surprise to emerge out of left field. A Gemini could be involved.

Mercury, (communication skills, logic and reasoning) begins the month in Scorpio (4th House) and enters Sagittarius (your 5th House) on 12/4. Expect to solidify creative projects, relationships with children and your communication skills during this time. You have love on your mind, children in your heart and you express yourself tenderly throughout this smooth transit. Taking risks pays off during Mercury in Sagittarius. Your communication skills will be off the charts, your personality shines and you have a strong need to express your love and immerse yourself completely in any creative or ongoing business projects. Mercury will be in Sagittarius until 12/24 when it enters Capricorn. Capricorn is your 6th House of repair and maintenance. Enjoy the first three weeks of December as Sagittarius is a compatible passionate fire sign that compliments you, Leo. Capricorn is more sobering and work oriented than Sagittarius. The last week of the month brings slowdowns and possible reversals. A love relationship could encounter turbulence or there could be some love drama during this long transit of Venus retrograde (12/21-1/31/14). During part of this transit, Mercury will also be in the conservative sign of Capricorn bringing a heavy emphasis on getting serious and taking care of business, personal and professional. You have what it takes this month to go after whatever you desire. Just get all important matters squared away by 12/21 for best results, Leo. 

Mars (motivation, sexuality and physical energy) begins the month in Virgo and enters Libra on 12/7. Libra is your 3rd House of intellect and communications, written and spoken. Expect to be motivated when it comes to your communications with others, with regards to siblings and where community issues are involved. Short distance travel will appeal to you strongly this month. Mars represents war and is sometimes seen as selfish and can be perceived as impatient or aggressive. Make sure you hold the reins when it comes to your temper this month. You will be ultra focused on your communications with others, intellectual abilities and interests in travel for pleasure. Take it easy when communicating with others. You're popular with the public throughout December. Work it, Leo!  When it comes to short distance travel, communications, siblings/friends and neighborhood matters you find that you're in better shape than you thought. This is a month to showcase your sexuality as others will be drawn to your good looks and sunny disposition.

BEST days for Leo: 12/7, 12/11, 12/14, 12/20 & 12/26

Not so good days for Leo: 12/1, 12/3, 12/18, 12/21 & 12/30

A Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces are involved. A Cancer is someone you have known a long time and you share a special bond. A Cancer can also help you understand the past with more clarity this month. A Scorpio could be a relative, friend or sibling. A long history with this person is indicated. You appreciate the determination a Scorpio individual possesses. A Scorpio will be supportive of you and your ideas this month. A Pisces can stir up fantasies and issues from the deep past.