Libra December Forecast for 2013


The Sun transits your 3rd House of travel, visits, relatives, siblings and ideas that have the potential to become viable and seriously profitable, Libra.

This is your kind of month, Libra. Mars enters your sign on 12/7 and  will assist you in ways that promise to benefit you. Your physical energy will be strong, your focus will be on point, and overall a relationship will be running smoothly and happily and be fulfilling to you. This is a month to shine while focusing on advertising, marketing and networking as much as possible. Expect flirtations to gain momentum, fast! Single or coupled, being Venus ruled, Libra possesses charm and winning ways which are a sight to behold.

A New Moon occurs in Sagittarius on 12/2, Libra. Libra is your 3rd House of communications and self-expression. This week is all about your friends, parties and being social. Invitations are everywhere and you're in the right place at the perfect moment. You will enjoy the love, surprises and offers that are headed your way, Libra. Neighbors, your community and even siblings will be unusually supportive and your interactions with them more frequent. This New Moon is favorable to you in many ways, Libra. Home and family life are accented. New offers come about regarding your residence and you discover interest in advertising, publishing and higher education which will prove to be fortunate for you. It's all about the person you hope to become. Either way, you stand to gain in love and when dealing with a partner who remains at a distance.  

Venus (love, harmony and romance) begins the month in Capricorn. Capricorn is your 4th House of home, family and your current residence, Libra. Expect to be working on your home, possibly making space for someone new or restructuring your home and organizing spaces which had been occupied previously, your goal being a fresh start.  During the Venus transit of Capricorn, you find that your greatest source of satisfaction WILL be your home life, interactions with relatives and issues relating to motherhood and the past. If single, you could meet someone new when out and about or at a party with relatives or close friends. Couples might want to escape together and plan a romantic getaway. The idea during this transit is that home, relatives and family are where the action is and you enjoy the action and the familiarity of your social life and especially your love life. From 12/21/13 - 1/31/14, Venus retrogrades in Capricorn and this could bring on some delays or general discomfort during this time. Throughout the retrograde check yourself before you do anything impulsive and focus on your needs and not your wants for best results. You need to achieve balance this month. A close friend might have something to confess to you. A partner might misunderstand you and an issue regarding your residence will prove to be bothersome beyond belief.

Mercury (communication skills, logic and reasoning) begins the month in Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on 12/4 - 12/24. Sagittarius is your 3rd House of communications, siblings and short trips. Mercury naturally rules the 3rd House. This transit which lasts until 12/24 brings you the ability to express yourself eloquently and effectively. For the last 10 days of December, Mercury enters Capricorn, your 4th House and joins Venus retrograde in the same sign. During this time, love is too hot not to progress at a rapid and exciting pace. You might encounter some annoyances but a relationship is solid and committed, Libra.

Mars will exit Virgo (your 12th House of privacy) and enter your sign (1st House) on 12/7. With Mars in your 1st House, you find that your physical energy is heightened, you become more interested in sex and your sexuality intensifies. Expect people, especially men, to find you appealing and be emotionally and financially supportive of you throughout this transit. Mars gives "your get up and go must have got up and left" a serious reversal. You find that your greatest motivation occurs during this time. Marriage and business contracts are favored but so are those people who might be envious of your success.

  A Full Moon occurs in Gemini on 12/17. Gemini is your 9th House of overseas travel and your religious views. This Full Moon promises to be a romantic time for all Libras, single and coupled.

BEST days for Libra: 12/6, 12/9, 12/15, 12/26, 12/27

Not so good days for Libra: 12/4, 12/5, 12/18, 12/21, 12/30

 An Aries, Leo and a Capricorn are involved this month. An Aries grounds you and tends to challenge you occasionally. At the end of the day, Aries secretly adores you and is willing to make a serious commitment to you. All you have to do is ask, Libra. A Leo shares secrets with you this month. You find physical chemistry with Leo alluring, memorable and exciting. A Capricorn will be someone you have known for decades. This person will dispense wise advice that will prove to benefit you, Libra.