Uranus in Aries and what it means for you

Uranus in Aries - 2010 - 2018

We might actually witness the president's health care issues come into play during the next 3 years and in addition, we might see independent new groups springing up helping the less fortunate who cannot afford to pay for their current health care premiums.

There could be surprises with electricity, with sudden explosions, fires and an increase of power outages as Uranus represents surprises and shock and Aries rules electricity and bombs, explosions and war.

New trends will involve hats and anything concerning the head. Think hats and hoodies which will become MORE fashionable. Hair continues on every one's agenda. Rainbow colors, extensions and wigs will become the norm. This is a time of change, variety and the unexpected involving hair and breakthroughs in hair treatments and brings new options for those who might be overly concerned with their hair or lack of it .

Head injuries, concussions and head traumas continue to be areas that make the news. The brain as it relates to head injuries/traumas will be explored as we learn more about these injuries (how serious they are and how they affect the brain long term). Barack Obama made a public statement about the issue this year, so we will continue to expect to learn about and hear about people affected with injuries to the head. More people will suffer head injuries and this will make the news, as will the long term effects they have on people who experience them. Many athletes, regular citizens and prominent people will experience falls and head injuries.

There will be breakthroughs as scientists teach us about new discoveries in these areas. The eyes are also a concern as we will hear about new ways of dealing with vision loss and how science is coming up with solutions to retinal problems. Headaches will be a big topic as will be problems with sleep. The brain in general and how it functions will be emphasized by scientists who will discover and announce to the public new information regarding diagnosis and treatments. Aries rules the head, so we can expect to hear about innovations in these areas and they will come to our immediate attention. Examples in the news: Hilary Clinton and the recent news about football and the head injuries associated with playing this sport addressed by the president.

Uranus in Aries brings about changes in the health care system as premiums become impossible for most people to afford, and with Uranus in Aries, there can be sudden and totally unexpected changes where hospitals, doctors and nurses are involved. Medical breakthroughs will occur. But most middle class Americans will have to forgo their health benefits due to the loss of a job or the inability to pay for their premiums.

Uranus is also referred to as the planet of revolution. Uranus in Aries rules war and brings about continuous extremist groups who force their opinions on others via violence. We will see increased racism unfortunately (worldwide), a heavy emphasis on illegal immigrants (in the USA) and we can expect more radical religious movements (in the US and worldwide). With Uranus in Aries, we see surprises such as more removal of troops in the Middle East or on the flip side of Uranus - we could be subjected to even more radical groups coming forward in mainstream culture.
Fires, explosions and electricity issues come to our immediate and unexpected attention. During storm Sandy in 2012, there was no electricity or power for months. Natural disasters and earthquakes will have a strong and sudden impact on us as there will be a higher number of earthquakes during this seven year transit.

Pisces February Forecast


The Sun transits your 12th House of secrets, issues from the past, dreams and your subconscious mind, Pisces. These areas will be illuminated for you throughout this romantic and memorable month, Pisces. This month Pisces has the pleasure of having both Mercury (2/5 - 2/23) and Mars in your sign and will join up with Venus at the end of the month. Mercury brings ideas while Mars brings the physical energy to accomplish your goals, personal and professional. This is a romantic month as Pisces head and heart will be in complete alignment. With Mercury in your sign, you find yourself able to express your thoughts and ideas eloquently. If coupled, you and a partner enjoy the ease of your relationship and find your attraction grows stronger and becomes more meaningful. With Mars in your sign, you notice a heightened sexuality and physical energy that will impress even you, Pisces. Get ready for an exciting, romantic and fulfilling month. With Venus and Mars in your sign, on the 26th, Pisces will notice opportunities to connect with someone beyond special. You could have found or already met the love of your life and this month will cement attractions between you and a love interest. Mars transits your sign from 2/1 - 3/12. You zero in on your goals with lighting speed this month and you can turn your hopes into realities. With Mars, just avoid a tendency to act, spend or speak impulsively for ideal results. There could be ramifications in your professional life if you blurt out your version of the truth and this is likely with Mars in your sign.

  Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters your sign on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23. This retrograde impacts your personal life. Navigate this transit wisely by checking in with a partner and not making any serious commitments until after 3/17. Mars motivates you to make a serious commitment while Mercury could find you changing your mind at a later date, Pisces. Don't put any pressure on yourself when it comes to initiating new projects or relationships during this retrograde period that lasts until 3/17 because you might not be entirely satisfied with the results at a later date. 

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 12th House of isolation on 2/10. You might consider spending some time in private with a love interest or alternatively you might need some down time to rest and recharge your energy levels. 

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25 in your 7th House of marriage. You will be inclined to make a greater commitment to an ongoing love interest on this Full Moon. Personal and professional relationships take center stage. With Mars in your sign until mid-March, you might want to carefully weigh your options on this important date. Someone close could be demanding and emotions will be heightened. 

Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/8, 2/12, 2/15, 2/16, & 2/21

Expect challenges on: 2/4, 2/6, 2/9, 2/11, 2/13, 2/18, 2/26 & 2/27

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius play key roles in your life this month, Pisces.


Capricorn February Forecast

The Sun transits your 2nd House of your values, personal possessions and finances throughout February, Capricorn. Expect these areas to come to your immediate focus.  Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters Pisces (your 3rd House of short trips, siblings and neighbors on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23 - 3/17). Mars will also enter Pisces this month from 2/1 - 3/12.

Venus (Love) will be in Aquarius and your 2nd House of finances and your income stream. Venus brings love and also brings financial benefits, so you could be offered a serious raise or promotion during this transit, Capricorn. 

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 2nd House of possessions on 2/10. New Moons represent new offers and this is a date to circle on your calendar. Opportunities in your career or through business could be presented to you on this date. You will be business minded as well and will come up with innovative solutions to sell yourself and your product. Others will admire your abilities and you find that areas involving writing and publishing will be of interest. 

Your ruling planet - Saturn - will turn retrograde in Scorpio and your 11th House of friends and your hopes and wishes, Capricorn. During retrogrades, we tend to look internally. While this retrograde lasts until 7/7, you will find that certain friendships have their fair share of misunderstandings or mild disagreements.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. Virgo is your 9th House of people overseas, publishing, spirituality and overseas travel. You could find yourself interested in foreign cultures or people on this romantic night. You also may have a strong wanderlust this month and feel romantic and desire some solo time with a loved one. Make a date night on the Full Moon, Capricorn. You won't forget or regret it. 

Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces on 2/23 - 3/17. Pisces is your 3rd House of short trips, communications and cars and so you might find issues or problems with your car.  Miscommunications with your siblings and neighbors could easily occur once this planet retrogrades. During this time, double check everything as mix ups and delays are highly likely. 

Your BEST days on: 1/2, 2/2, 2/3, 2/8, 2/12, 2/15 & 2/28

Expect challenges on: 2/4, 2/9, 2/11, 2/18, 2/26 & 2/27

An Aries and a Libra will play personal roles while a Taurus and a Scorpio play memorable ones.

Sagittarius February Forecast

The Sun transits your 3rd House of self-expression, short trips, siblings and travel throughout February, Sagittarius. Expect these areas to come to your attention and focus. Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) and Mars (Physical Energy) team up in your 4th House of home, family, and motherhood during this month.  This transit brings about a greater closeness with family, relatives, where you live and issues past. Several planets in your 4th House of Pisces make February a month of creature comforts and puts a strong emphasis on your home life. Domestic ideas and family projects will appeal strongly to you this month. With Mars in this placement you could encounter accidents and you may need to tone down aggression, so self awareness is mandatory since what works for one, might not work for another. Know this and try not to be too aggressive when dealing with family matters.  You get energy from Mars and ideas from Mercury. Mercury enters Pisces on 2/5 - 2/23 then turns retrograde from 2/23 - 3/17. Mars transits Pisces on 2/1 - 3/12. 

Venus (Love) transits your 3rd House of Aquarius this month. From 2/1 - 2/25, Venus will favor you when it comes to relatives, self expression and short distance travel. Expect gains in these areas and if single, you could meet someone new through siblings or in your own neighborhood this month. Where Venus goes, love follows, and so does money. You will have things going your way without much effort on your part. Expect to see how smoothly things work for you during this transit. Once Venus enters Pisces (2/25) and your 4th House, you will gain through home and family life, Sagittarius.

Good news, Sagittarius!  Jupiter, your ruling planet (Expansion/Good fortune), resumes direct motion in your 7th House of marriage. Single or coupled, the next six months will be memorable regarding legal outcomes of any kind.  If you are in the process of a divorce or any other legal dispute, expect it to go better than you thought. Jupiter brings expansion, prosperity and luck to your love life and any relationships formed during this time tend to move quickly. 

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 3rd House of siblings, relatives and short distance travel on 2/10. New Moons bring new offers and opportunities. This Moon in particular brings offers for travel and romance, if single. It's time to mix up your life and explore places of interest. You could meet the love of your life off the beaten path, Sagittarius.

Saturn (Lessons/Structures) goes retrograde in Scorpio and your 12th House of secrets, the past and issues occurring behind closed doors on 2/18. Expect to gain enormous insight into your own psyche during this period that will last until 7/7.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This could be a day for endings and completion. In your 6th House, something in your career comes to a culmination. Emotions of those closest to you will be extreme, so whatever transpires gives you the common sense to deal with it and move on. 

Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/5, 2/8, 2/14, 2/19, 2/24 & 2/28
Expect challenges on: 2/2, 2/4, 2/6, 2/11, 2/13, 2/18 & 2/26

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play important roles in your life throughout February.

Scorpio February Forecast

The Sun transits your 4th House of home, family, motherhood and the past. Expect these areas to come into immediate focus as February begins, Scorpio. Saturn (Lessons/Responsibility) has been in your sign and turns retrograde this month on 2/18, Scorpio. This can bring delays to projects and some of your hopes and wishes. Saturn in your sign can make you feel older, tired and brings a greater weight of responsibility to your overall life. You might find that delays are par for the course, but remain on track as Saturn will be retrograde in Scorpio until 7/7. Issues from your past could be on the forefront of your mind during this time. Knowledge is power, Scorpio. Try not to make any promises you are incapable of fulfilling and be sure to get plenty of rest and downtime (when not working) during this month and the Saturn transit. You might feel as though nothing is working out as you had envisioned during this time, but persistence and hard work WILL bring the desired results.  Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters Pisces (your 5th House of love, creativity and children) on 2/5. Mars (Physical Energy) will also transit your 5th House of creative projects, what you do for fun and puts a spotlight on your love life whether you are single or coupled! Mars will be in Pisces from 2/1 - 3/12 and Scorpios can find their love life progressing during this transit. Mars brings you the energy you need and boosts your sex drive but it can also bring about some aggression. Tone down your response to delays, as you could be feeling overly confidant with Jupiter in your 8th House of money and resources you share with others. Utilize caution and try to be objective and see the circumstances as they really are and not what you hope or wish them to be, Scorpio.   

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius, your 4th House on 2/10. Changes in your home life could occur on this date. You could be dealing with relocating, a change in an area of your home life or a change that might find you working from home. Aquarius is your 4th House and New Moons bring new offers, Scorpio. You might be dealing with one or both of your parents on this date. Family and home matters take center stage!  You find that home is where your heart is on this date.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. Virgo is your 11th House of friends, hopes and any groups to which you affiliate, Scorpio. Your friendships will be highlighted, and you gain more insight into these relationships and begin to focus on your hopes and wishes for the rest of 2013. This Full Moon brings intense nostalgia to Scorpios when it comes to their friendships, and on this date past and current friendships will be on the minds of all Scorpios.

Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces and your 5th House of love, creative endeavors and children from 2/23 - 3/17. This Mercury retrograde can impact you in a big way, Scorpio. Misunderstandings with dates, times and places could find you beyond frazzled. The 26th is a day to keep an eye on, Scorpio. Try to communicate with others as clearly as possible and think before you say something that could be misconstrued by someone close. February will be a month to remember. Try not to promise more than you can deliver for ideal results, Scorpio!   

Your BEST days on: 2/2, 2/3, 2/7, 2/12, 2/16, 2/21 & 2/22

Expect challenges on: 2/6, 2/9, 2/13, 2/23, 2/26 & 2/27

A Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces will play key roles in your life this month, Scorpio!

Libra February Forecast

Caution, Libra. This month brings the first Mercury retrograde of 2013. This retrograde is in your 6th House of co-workers, associates and your daily routines. Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters Pisces on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23).
The good news? Venus and the Sun transit Aquarius and your 5th House of passion, children and love. Venus enters Aquarius on 2/1. Anytime Venus travels through your 5th House of love, children and passion you find life flows more smoothly. Love relationships look up, people admire your beauty and you notice an ease in your routines. This is your time of the year to celebrate your love life. Single Libras should be on the lookout for potential new loves, as someone you meet could be "the one." Couples will find communication flows, conversations bond you closer and the pace of your love life is fulfilling. It is always a great idea when Venus is in your 5th House to engage in hobbies you find interesting. Children can also be a source of inspiration. The possibilities are endless, Libra. Focus on your love life and anything you love to do for fun during this transit, single or coupled. This transit lasts until 2/25.
A New Moon occurs in Aquarius, your 5th House, on 2/10. You should find this day to be memorable, Libra. You could meet a new love or be offered an opportunity to engage in something you like to do. Hobbies can be turned into profitable ventures. With Venus and the New Moon in Aquarius, circle this day on your calendar and notice all the offers that suddenly come your way, Libra.
A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. Virgo is your 12th House of issues from the past and secrets. On this day, take it easy since some long held secrets may be revealed. You could learn something about someone close that was not intended for your ears. This will happen when someone or something from your past resurfaces.
Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces and your 6th House of co-workers and your job. You might find that there will be a few glitches or misunderstandings when it comes to these areas. Best advice: During this Mercury retrograde, be prepared for some work assignments to change suddenly or be delayed. If you're having a health issue, make sure you get a second opinion regarding the diagnosis. When dealing with Mercury retrograde, it is always advisable to re-think, review and re-check the facts.
Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/5, 2/8, 2/14, 2/15, & 2/24
Expect a few challenges on: 2/4, 2/6, 2/7, 2/13, 2/16 & 2/26
An Aries, Taurus and another Libra play special roles in your month, Libra. A Scorpio will play a prominent role. You find Scorpio to be on your wavelength this month, Libra!

Virgo February Forecast

The Sun transits and shines a brighter light on your 6th House of health, wellness, diet and your daily routines this month. Expect these areas to come to your immediate focus.  Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters Pisces (your 7th House of marriage on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23). You can find early February to be memorable with regards to romance, Virgo! With Mercury in Pisces, you find the perfect words and an ongoing romance gets closer and becomes more committed. Additionally, Mars (Physical energy) enters Pisces bringing about a surge of sexuality, passion and energy and making the most of your love and professional life. Singles should get out and about as much as possible, while couples will be talking marriage and children and find that their bond grows stronger during this transit. With Mars in Pisces, make sure you hold your fire when it comes to conflicts or disagreements with others. Mars in Pisces can bring about aggression. Mars brings passion but it can also stir up conflict if you are not careful when communicating with those closest to you. Mars will be in Pisces from 2/1 - 2/25.
Venus (Love) will also transit Aquarius, your 6th House of health, vitality and daily routines this month. Venus in your 6th House brings admiration and appreciation in these areas with little to zero effort on your part, Virgo. These areas will unfold with greater ease and bring you satisfaction when it comes to your health, your job and repair and maintenance issues. You notice your popularity escalates and your health could be clarified. Single Virgo could find an office romance at his or her place of work.  Your best week this month will be the first week while the second week can bring some challenges, Virgo. 
A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 6th House of health, wellness and daily routines on 2/10. You could find the areas of health and wellness bring offers your way or you could decide to begin a new fitness, diet or exercise routine. Whatever transpires will revolve around your health, the way you take care of yourself and how you go about your daily routines and work life. 
Special to Virgo: Saturn turns retrograde in your 3rd House of travel, intellect and self-expression on 2/18 until 7/7. This transit could find you looking deeper into your subconscious and trying to decipher what makes you happiest when it comes to the way you express yourself, your relationship with siblings and while taking short distance trips.
A Full Moon occurs in your sign Virgo on 2/25. This Full Moon is opposed by the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Venus in your opposite sign of Pisces. This Full Moon could find you low on energy and low on patience. Others might make unfair demands on you and you could feel as though progress is not coming as quickly as you would like it to. Relax and know that this will pass! It's a month to be open to compromise with others and work with those who oppose you. Mercury (your ruling planet) will be retrograde during this Full Moon, so take heart and repeat yourself twice or more in order to make sure you are understood. Keep the lines of communication open when dealing with serious relationships. Mercury will be retrograde from 2/23 - 3/17.
Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/5, 2/8, 2/12, 2/21
Expect challenges on:  2/4, 2/6, 2/9, 2/11, 2/13, 2/16 & 2/27
A Gemini, another Virgo and a Sagittarius play key roles in your life this month, Virgo. A Pisces will play a sentimental role.

Leo February Forecast

Venus (Love) will be in your 7th House of Aquarius this month (2/1 - 2/23). You can find that partnership opportunities appear from everywhere. Single and coupled Leos will enjoy the admiration and attention that comes their way. You could be having so much fun that you find yourself tempted to overspend and over indulge, so stay watchful. Serious topics such as marriage, children and business affairs will be subjects of interest that come your way via others as they your advice. It's a great time to bond closer with the one you love, Leo. This will be a memorable month.

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 7th House of marriage and commitment on 2/10. This Moon will be a romantic and memorable time for you as a love interest will captivate your free time and consume your energy. This New Moon can find Leo in a mood to rush into a serious commitment. Try to avoid impulsive actions during the New Moon. You could come to the conclusion at a later date that maybe you rushed into things. Take any new romance slowly for ideal results, Leo. Opportunities to make a greater commitment in love will come your way.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This will be a lucky Full Moon for you, Leo. Those Leos who enjoy risk taking behaviors such as lotto or gambling can strike the jackpot or be offered some other bonus or windfall in the days leading up to this Full Moon. Before you get tempted to spend, think about unexpected expenses and all that you have learned about savings in the past few years. Find a balance that works for you but don't deny your basic needs either.

Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/5, 2/8, 2/19, 2/24 & 2/28
Expect challenges on: 2/4, 2/6, 2/9, 2/13, 2/23, 2/26 & 2/27

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play active roles in your life this month.

Cancer February Forecast for 2013

Venus (Love) transits Aquarius from 2/1 - 2/23. This transit can bring about some creative ideas and ways to expand your income or that of a close partner, Cancer. Your mind will be active, sharp and creative. Where Venus travels, love and admiration come your way. You will enjoy time spent with loved ones and find your popularity soaring during the first 23 days of the month. Expect lots of socializing with relatives and neighbors throughout the month, Cancer. Once Venus enters Pisces on 2/25, you can expect love, travel and relationship opportunities to be headed your way. Remember that Mercury will turn retrograde in Pisces on 2/23. Make sure if you travel to be home before the 23rd and know that legal matters can be delayed or suffer from miscommunication. Try not to sign any important documents during the Pisces retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from 2/23 - 3/17.  
A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 8th House and can bring a financial windfall your way or to a close partner on 2/10. Offers come to you with regards to bringing in extra income. Since the 8th House rules taxes, insurance and mortgages, you may receive a break in one of these areas. Whatever transpires, you enjoy events that transpire on this date, Cancer!

Caution on the 18th, Cancer!  Saturn (Lessons/Structures) will retrograde in your 5th House of love and creative projects until 7/7. You could feel conflicted and uneasy where your love life, children and creative projects are involved during this time. Take it easy on others as well as yourself during this retrograde. Issues in any or all of these areas might feel more challenging than normal.

A Full Moon occurs in the compatible earth sign of Virgo on 2/25. You will enjoy this Full Moon even though Mercury is retrograde, Cancer. You find that relationships with siblings, neighbors and any ongoing communication projects will benefit you enormously. Work done in the past continues to propel you forward.

Your BEST days on: 2/2, 2/3, 2/8, 2/15 & 2/16

Expect challenges on: 2/11, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27 & 2/28

A Gemini, Sagittarius and a Pisces will be involved in your month, Cancer.

Gemini February Forecast for 2013

The Sun and Venus (Love) transit your 9th House of overseas travel, people from distant shores, higher learning and publishing throughout February, Gemini. This will be a romantic month to remember, Gemini. You're always restless and hungry for more knowledge, so this month will be to your liking as Jupiter (planet of good fortune, expansion and luck) moves forward in your sign bringing answers to questions that have baffled you, personal and otherwise. You learn exactly where you stand this month in love and you enjoy what you discover in a love relationship. You will appreciate the benefits that come with having Jupiter in your sign. More good news? Venus (love, admiration) enters the compatible air sign of Aquarius and also transits your 9th House of overseas travel, spirituality and higher learning and will positively influence these areas. Your love life will run smoothly and relationships, personal and professional will consume your time and attention. Venus (Love) in Aquarius is in your 9th House of publishing, higher learning, spirituality and people from overseas, and this placement will bring gains, admiration and a strong urge to travel with a romantic partner. You notice these areas are favorable for you this month, so proceed with care, Gemini. Don't go breaking any hearts! 

Mars (Physical energy) enters Pisces (Your 10th House of prestige, authority figures and public recognition) on 2/1 - and will remain there until 3/12. Where Mars travels provides you with the energy and wherewithal to get motivated especially in these areas of your life, Gemini. In the water sign of Pisces, you notice your intuition is spot on and professional offers will come your way, Gemini. Those Geminis seeking employment should network as much as possible during this transit. Just try to get your goals accomplished before 2/23. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will turn retrograde in the sign of Pisces from 2/23 - 3/17 and your energy could stall or slow down.  

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 9th House on 2/10. You could be overly focused on events taking place overseas, travel, higher education/learning and you could be given new opportunities in these areas. This New Moon promises pleasure, satisfaction and the pursuit of adventure coming into your life.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This Moon illuminates your home and family life. All interactions with family members bring stronger bonds, lots of entertainment, laughter and fulfilling encounters. You could also be consumed with health issues or a publishing project on this date. 

Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/5, 2/8, 2/19 & 2/24

Expect challenges on: 2/4, 2/7, 2/13, 2/20 & 2/26

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will have a strong impact on your life this month, Gemini.

Taurus February Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 10th House of prestige, public recognition and authority figures during February, Taurus. February is your BEST month to socialize with coworkers and associates, Taurus. Career advancement is yours for the taking. These areas will be brought into focus and take on more importance during February until Mercury turns retrograde on 2/23. That gives you 23 days to get your career affairs in order and to make a serious impression on higher ups and VIPs. Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters Pisces (your 11th House of hopes, friends and wishes) on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23). This transit can bring about a greater closeness with friends. This puts a heavy emphasis on your personal hopes and goals. You might even hear from an ex love during this transit, Taurus.
A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 10th House of prestige on 2/10. This Moon can bring you career recognition and brings an opportunity to increase your income. Those Taurus looking for work will hear great news on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This New Moon brings new opportunities where your career is involved.
A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This Moon transits your 5th House of children, creativity and passion. Love takes on greater meaning and it works to your benefit to spend time with children, your own children or children in general. Whenever a Full Moon transits your 5th House, sports, what you like to do for fun and love will appeal strongly to you, Taurus. Singles could meet a new love on this date while couples bond closer via shared interests such as hobbies, creative projects or engaging in risk taking activities together.
Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces and your 11th House of friends on 2/23 - 3/17. You might find during this time that your hopes and wishes seem to stall or you might be conflicted when it comes to your personal goals. Take it easy, Taurus. It's always a good idea to rethink these areas during Mercury retrograde.
Your BEST days on: 2/8, 2/12, 2/15, 2/16, 2/21 & 2/22
Expect challenges on: 2/9, 2/13, 2/20& 2/28
Another Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius will play key roles in your life this month, Taurus!

Aries February Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 11th House of friendships, your hopes and wishes and brings these areas strongly into focus. Jupiter (Luck) resumes direct motion this month opening the door to increased social activity and group involvements and has you examining your hopes and wishes and making sure everything in on track in these areas, Aries. Mars, your planetary ruler, enters Pisces and your 12th House on 2/2. Then Mercury enters Pisces on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23. This transit can bring about doubt, confrontations and possible conflicts in your personal and private life. A strong attachment to a long standing relationship is in the spotlight during this powerful month, Aries. There could be some inner tension as you try to keep everything together. The Full Moon at the end of January brought about issues with your children, a serious relationship and any projects that are creativity based. As you navigate your way through this month, remember what you learned last month and tone down an overly independent nature. Avoid conflict with friends. Others want to see your romantic and tender side, no matter how out of character that is for you, Aries!

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 11th House of hopes and wishes on 2/10. Friendships are rewarding and if you feel alone, join a group of interest. Charity work is another area that brings you benefits and fulfillment, so get out and network on this day if you feel left out. Aries who spend more time with friends will find opportunities via these friendships. Venus will also be in your 11th House this month. Where Venus travels, love and admiration follow. In your 11th House, you can expect to benefit in all areas relating to your hopes, dreams and friends or groups.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This Moon will illuminate some part of your daily routine and you find you are focused on health matters.

Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces and your 12th House of seclusion, dreams, secrets and your shadow side, Aries. This transit lasts from 2/23 - 3/17. The 12th House rules the past, so expect secrets, relationships and people from your past to enter the picture during this time, Pisces.

Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/5, 2/8, 2/9, 2/22, 2/24, &2/28

Expect challenges on: 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/21,& 2/26

Another Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius play important roles in your life this month, Aries.


Full Moon in Leo - January 26th, 2013@9:21am-EDT


The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 5th House of love and children and brings your immediate attention to expenses. With Saturn (Lessons) in Scorpio (Your 8th House of power, control and deeply committed relationships), you might need, want or desire to begin to examine your finances and how you spend your money, Aries. This is a great time to start some type of savings as unexpected expenses could crop up when you least expect them to. Passion, children and your hobbies (what you love to do in your spare time) will be heavily emphasized today. Love is fulfilling and brings you satisfaction, Aries, single or coupled. A Cancer and an Aquarius are involved.

The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 4th House of home, family and issues from the past. This Full Moon could bring some tension to your significant relationships. Relations with family members could be challenging as can interactions with your significant other. It is important to tone down any hint of aggression as there are lessons to learn regarding your most intimate relationships. Listen to the advice of people you normally tend to disagree with for ideal results. In other words, keep an open mind and avoid challenging those around you. Saturn (Lessons) in Scorpio (your 7th House of marriage) can bring tension but it can also teach you valuable lessons! Remember this today, Taurus! Another Taurus and a Scorpio play key roles.

The Full Moon in Leo transits your 3rd House of intellect, travel and self-expression, Gemini. You could be annoyed with co-workers, associates and the pace of your career. Saturn (Lessons) in Scorpio (your 6th House of health and wellness) clashes with the Moon and creates some discord. Try to keep an open mind and realize that February will be a month to shine as Jupiter resumes direct motion in your sign bringing expansion, luck and prosperity to all of your endeavors. Try not to go overboard when expressing your thoughts and desires today. People are moody and the last thing you want or need is a pointless debate! A Scorpio and a Pisces are involved.

The Full Moon in Leo transits your 2nd House of finances and personal possessions, Cancer. There could be some serious financial decisions to make. Look for unique and creative ways to trim expenses. If you can find a balance, you can have everything you desire and then some, Cancer. Be thrifty but don't deny yourself the basics either, Cancer. Find a balance that works for you! On the flip side, you could find something priced at the perfect price point and still have enough left to satisfy you, resulting in having the best of both worlds, Cancer. At the end of the day you get a fresh perspective on your possessions and any pressing financial issues will be clarified. Cancer can stretch a dollar more than any other sign can. A Virgo and a Capricorn play special roles.

The Full Moon in your 1st House brings about some challenges in an ongoing relationship, personal or professional today. Someone could question your ideas about how you go about your business. There could also be some tension on the home front. Saturn (Lessons) in Scorpio (Your 4th House of home, family and where you currently live) are under the cosmic microscope today. You might feel tired or low on energy. Your feelings and emotions will be in the spotlight as you could react negatively to things that normally wouldn't bother you, Leo. Remember, Leo, that a positive attitude will always get you what you desire! Remain confident even though you might feel anything but! An Aries and an Aquarius will be involved.
The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 12th House of the past, secrets and working in seclusion. This is not a good day to indulge in what could be perceived as escapist tendencies, Virgo. People could appear judgmental, moody and in no mood to compromise. If not careful, you could take one step forward and eleven steps back. This is a good day to keep to yourself and work as much as possible behind closed doors. You will benefit from some solitary time. This is not the time to have a serious discussion with anyone, personal or otherwise. Keep your opinions to yourself - just for today- for ideal results, Virgo! The air signs of Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius will have ideas that appeal to you, Virgo.

The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 11th House of friends and your hopes, Libra. Careful when it comes to your friendships today, Libra. There will be some tension in the air. Saturn (Lessons) in Scorpio (Your 2nd House of possessions) can illuminate an ongoing friendship and money. Do not mix the two today, as you and a close friend or partner will have a serious disagreement regarding expenses that could threaten or end a relationship. Tread carefully, Libra. Differences in opinion about money are intense and serious today. Don't allow your views about money to ruin a good relationship! Avoid arguments at all costs for ideal results, Libra. An Aries, Taurus and an Aquarius will play special roles.

The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 10th House of authority figures and public recognition. This week has been challenging for Scorpio, as you could feel overworked and underappreciated. With Saturn (Lessons) in your sign, Scorpio, the more effort you exert in your career, the more it will benefit you in the long term. Avoid a pity party and focus on the immediate task at hand. You need to have a strong follow through approach to your personal AND professional life today. Associates and friends can be supportive. Past deeds in your career are rewarded/granted or denied. You will know if you're on the right track or that there are still lessons you need to learn by tonight, Scorpio! An Aries, Leo and an Aquarius will be involved.

The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 9th House of travel, spirituality and your worldviews, Sagittarius. You could feel as though your past efforts are affecting you today, for better or for worse. It all depends on how fair you have been when it comes to higher learning, overseas travel and how you have treated others. You can find today to be a time when you are restless, desire change and want to explore people from distant places and foreign lands. Someone special could be living at a distance from you, Sagittarius. A foreign country or foreign born person could consume your time and attention and you could desire to escape from it all and start over. Realize that people will be moody and tense today. A Gemini, Leo and a Capricorn will be involved.

The Full Moon in Leo impacts your 8th House of money, resources you share with others and puts emphasis on involvement with friends. This is a good day to examine your financial life and how you divide the expenses with another, single or coupled. This is a great day to begin saving more money and stashing it away. A joint venture with a friend might turn out to have some difficulties that start to become apparent to you. Investments with others are unfavorable today. Don't sign any legal documents with a friend or spouse before giving it some serious forethought! It's a great time to engage/pursue a far out topic, read erotic literature or explore a hobby. No one is immune from tension and drama today, Capricorn. A Taurus and a Scorpio find you beyond attractive, Capricorn.

The Full Moon in Leo transits your 7th House of marriage, Aquarius. There is great fulfillment from personal relationships right now with Mercury, the Sun and Mars in your sign, Aquarius. There could be some disagreements with VIPs, superiors and those in positions of power, so curb your temper today as career issues could have felt beyond annoying this past week. Focus on your love life but realize that you could still be viewed as impatient by those that really matter. You feel challenged in work but rewarded in your personal life. This is a day to take it easy on others and even easier on yourself, Aquarius. Emotions are heightened and everyone is feeling some discomfort, moodiness or fluctuating emotions. A Virgo plays a top role.

Pisces The Full Moon in Leo transits your 6th House of health, work and overall wellness, Pisces. This Full Moon impacts you strongly when it comes to your career, daily routines and your associates. This past week and throughout the remainder of January and the first week of February, you should be in complete agreement with superiors and those who hold power or authority over you, Pisces. Saturn (Lessons) in Scorpio is not in a favorable aspect to this Full Moon. This is a time when you need to be a team player or you could wind up regretting things said in the heat of the moment. A health issue could be clarified also during the Full Moon in your 6th House. A Cancer, Scorpio and a Capricorn play nostalgic roles.