New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 5/9/13 - Daily Forecasts

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Happy Birthday, Taurus! xo

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The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus impacts your 2nd House of finance and personal acquisitions, Aries.  New offers are headed your way with regards to travel, education and finance, Aries. This is a day to hold your temper. You could find that the less said the better. Emotions of those around you will be opposite of how you feel. Take a day off and if not possible, plead the 5th. People, it will appear, are looking for reasons to criticize. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will be encouraging.


The New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Taurus impacts your 1stHouse of appearance, Taurus. This New Moon highlights your judgment, intuition, appeal and sexuality. Someone who was loyal in the past is ready to assist you, Taurus. Be aware; don't let pride or false bravado to block your progress. You're going places. A Leo will encourage you to be the best you can be. Another Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius will play serious roles, personally.


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse impacts your 12th House of hospitals, jails, prisons, institutions and places of confinement will benefit you and be lucky areas today. You could be the recipient of offers that appear to be solid but intense, Gemini. Venus (Planet of love, harmony and justice) enters your sign today adding a brand new element to your day. For ideal results, speak as little as possible as others will be in no mood to debate a serious matter today. For ideal results, wait until tomorrow to grab the limelight! Another Gemini, Leo and a Sagittarius are involved.


The New Moon /Solar Eclipse impacts your 11th House of groups to which you affiliate, Cancer. You find new offers presented to you via any group involvements to which you actively participate. Some people have plans in store for you that you might not be aware of. Ask questions of others close if you sense any discord and or drama. Venus (Planet of love, justice and harmony) enters your 12th House bringing you luck via institutions, hospitals and places of isolation, Cancer. Venus will occupy your 12th House until 6/2. You will idealize secrecy and seclusion today. A strong desire to be alone could overcome you, Cancer. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius are on the scene.


The New Moon/ Solar Eclipse transits your 10th House of public recognition, prestige and your reputation, Leo. Expect to receive new offers that relate to these areas today. Venus (Love, justice and harmony) enters Gemini today and impacts your 11th House of hopes and wishes, Leo. You will love the next few weeks as true love makes an appearance and or you realize who you love in your heart of hearts, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. Yes, Leo. Love gets that serious. Others are impressed with your outgoing, friendly and affable nature. A strong sense of true love overcomes you and you come to a final conclusion about the right person for you - to spend your life with. An Aries, Libra and an Aquarius can help you access the truth.


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse impacts your 9th House of overseas travel and someone special in your life who resides in a foreign country, Virgo. Venus (Love, appreciation and harmony) enters the mutable sign of Gemini (your 10th House of career, prestige and standing in the community), Virgo. There is a heavy emphasis on where you live. New offers where overseas travel, publishing and higher education are concerned enter your life and can change the landscape of your entire life, Virgo. Change is good and you know not to fear it, Virgo. Without change, there would be no growth. If single, a romance is heating up and couples can decide what they really want and desire in their potential partner. Coupled Virgo will feel they have met the person who completes them. A Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius are on the scene.


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse affects your 8th House of shared income and all things metaphysical, Libra. Your ruling planet, Venus, enters the air element of Gemini and your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel and highlights an ongoing romance. You will be dealing with issues and people from your past that continue to haunt you in some unexpected and sudden way. You could come into a large sum of money and any resources you share with others will play a serious role, for the better! You will enjoy the mystery of today. Offbeat areas of study will appeal to you in an unanticipated way. A Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces are somehow involved.


The New Moon /Solar Eclipse impacts your 7th House of marriage, those who oppose you and the legal system, Scorpio. New offers come your way relating to a contract, a partner and or a relationship. If you're lucky, you get all three, Scorpio. Venus (Love, appreciation and admiration) enters your 8th House of sex, deeply committed relationships and the metaphysical. Venus in Gemini could spark your interest in all things mysterious and also bring you luck through resources you share with others and assists you where taxes, insurance and the money of others are involved. The 8th House is also about your love life, Scorpio. Someone from the past wants to rekindle the embers, to your surprise. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius will play important roles.


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse transits your 6th House of career, your daily routines and shines a spotlight on service you perform for others. You get new offers for past deeds and hard work performed, Sagittarius. Venus will enter your 7th House of marriage today until 6/2. If ever there was a time for true love and serious business offers, this transit is the time. Single Sagittarius should be exactly where they want to be while couples will find solace in the arms of one another. Love, admiration and appreciation are headed your way, if not here right now, Sagittarius. A Taurus, Cancer and a Virgo play captivating roles.


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse transits your 5th House of love, children and things you love to do for fun, Capricorn. Venus enters Gemini and your 6th House of health and career. Expect new offers for hard work performed and expect an excellent bill of health during this transit of Venus which lasts until 6/2. With the New Moon also in your 5th House, today will have a feel good element to it. Passion, creativity and a romance could be all consuming today. You appreciate the tenderness and depth that a certain love relationship brings into your life. A Gemini, Cancer and a Sagittarius are involved.


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse transits your 4th House of home and where you live, Aquarius. There will be activity central on your home life. A home repair project, a move or a relocation could play a big role. You will be overly focused with new offers when it comes to this particular aspect of your life (home/relatives) today. You could receive an offer with regards to your home life and it will be a very big deal. Venus enters your 5th House of romance, fun and sexy times until 6/2. Expect to have others at your beck and call during this time. You will appeal to those who you care to impress. An Aries, Taurus and a Libra can play unconventional roles.


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse transits your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors and your ability to communicate, Pisces. New Moons = New offers that are serious and relate to your past, Pisces. Focus on the past for answers to your immediate future. The past can open new doors for you and present serious offers. Venus (Love, appreciation and admiration) enters your 4th House of Gemini today until 6/2. The 4th House is about where you live, family members/relatives and can shine a light on issues past. Expect ex loves to emerge during this transit that will bring insight suddenly and when and where you are least expecting it. In other words, your intuition will/CAN tell you everything you need to know. A Cancer, Capricorn and another Pisces will be involved.


Venus in Taurus - Love is written in the stars..... (April 15th - May 9th, 2013)

offering Daily Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscopes & Yearly Forecasts. Astrological Compatibility and relationships. Learn about Astrology and see how the stars influence your life, love, career and other important relationships

Happy Birthday, Taurus! xo

Gregory’s Abstract Art

Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Venus (Love, relationships enters the home loving sign of Taurus on Monday - 4/15 - 5/9. What does this mean for YOUR LOVE life early this month.

Aries - Taurus is your 2nd House of finances. With Venus in Taurus, Aries will know exactly where they stand when it comes to their finances. There will be a feeling of ease when it comes to financial security and this Venus placement features gifts, a boost in income and more money at your disposal, Aries.

Taurus - This should be one of the best times for your sign in romance all year, Taurus. Singles could meet the one while couples feel more connected than ever. Sexual and romantic chemistry will be off the charts, single or coupled. An ongoing relationship makes it to the next level during this time and Taurus will find a better structure for their relationship that works for both parties involved. You could meet exciting people and romantic adventure will beckon.

Gemini - Taurus is your 12th House of secrets and issues past. There could be a relationship taking place in secret or you could find out about one that is occurring during this time. What you uncover could surprise you but you might have to learn about what has been hidden in order to move on. Remember, Venus brings love without much effort of your part so whatever transpires will benefit you in the long run. Your secrets or the secrets of others will come to your attention and it's better to know what is really happening than to bury your head in the sand!

Cancer - Taurus is your 11th House of friendships. Your friendships will function smoothly and you might expect some drama when it comes to these associations. There could also be some dramatic moments when it comes to groups and long term friends. Everyone wants your attention during this time, Cancer. You could discover a romance with a friend or meet the love of your life through friends and any groups to which you belong.

Leo - Taurus is your 10th House of prestige. Your career and public reputation will delight you as new opportunities come your way, professionally. You will be attracted to those who exert power, people in positions of authority and those with who you do business. If socializing, you could meet someone who intrigues you out of the blue. Be aware that there could be some romantic entanglements if you're already involved. This is your time of year to get out and about.

Virgo - Taurus is your 9th House of spirituality, Virgo. Single Virgo could meet someone from a foreign country or be dealing with a love interest from a distance. Since the 9th House also rules worldviews, you could have met the person who you feel completes you. Coupled or single, it's time for Virgo to mix up their love life as singles can meet someone who shares the same passions as they do. Coupled Virgos will be thinking about ways to expand their relationship.

Libra - You could receive a raise or someone close to you could boost your financial status, such as a romantic partner. Remember, where Venus travels is where you are most likely to benefit. The 8th House also rules insurance, taxes and mortgages. You could get a break in one of these areas and you will gain a deeper understanding of romantic relationship(s) Caution: You could get emotional or jealous easily. On the flip side, you and a partner enter a new and improved side of your relationship.

Scorpio - Taurus is your 7th House of marriage. This transit heightens your relationship with your partners, business and professional. There is a new and improved appreciation for all areas of the 7th House. If single, you could attract a new love interest. Couples will get closer and remember what brought them together in the first place. This is Scorpios time of year to make a serious commitment to a new or existing love.

Sagittarius - Taurus is your 6th House of daily work. An office romance could be in the picture during this time. Singles could meet someone new at the office while couples will find their communication more intense during this transit.

Capricorn - Taurus is your 5th House of passion, children and romance. Your love life will light up in a major way. Since Taurus is a naturally stubborn and determined sign, you might find yourself in a choosy mood when it comes to picking the perfect person. You could find flaws in a potential partner but you will have more opportunities to meet the person of your dreams, Capricorn. Coupled Capricorns can bond closer while singles need to realize that there is no such thing as perfection. Children, creative projects and risk taking ventures will be favorable areas for you during this transit.

Aquarius - Taurus is your 4th House of home, family and relatives. Love begins at home during this transit for all Aquarius, single or coupled. Coupled Aquarius notice their love life brings great fulfillment while single Aquarius could meet the love of his or her life through a relative, a family member or in their neighborhood.

Pisces - Taurus is your 3rd House of communications, Pisces. Venus in Taurus brings happiness and love via your daily life, through siblings and while out and about. Singles could meet someone they feel a strong bond with quite unexpectedly. Single or coupled, Pisces is seeking a partner during this transit that is sexual, intuitive and on his or her wavelength. No other relationship will do.