Capricorn July Forecast

On 7/7, Saturn (your planetary ruler) resumes direct in Scorpio. Your friendships accelerate to a faster pace and it will important that you continue to build solid foundations in personal, professional and social relationships. Lie low on this day as everyone will feel out of sorts and the energy around you could appear critical or negative.
On 7/8, A new Moon forms in your 7th House of Cancer. This new Moon brings a new take on a current romantic relationship. New offers and a fresh beginning (if that's your wish) are options for you, single or coupled. A deeper commitment in a relationship is another possibility whenever the new Moon and Jupiter fall in your opposite sign of Cancer. Expect the day to be fast paced and provide an element of longer term thinking on your end. Love can and will surprise you, courtesy of Jupiter in Cancer.
Mercury (communications) will be retrograde in your marriage sector for the first 20 days of July. Expect some possible confusion, misunderstandings and some drama during this time, Capricorn. It won't be all smooth sailing on the home and family front. On 7/20, Mercury resumes direct and you will finally begin to feel the effects of Jupiter.
Venus (love) will be in Leo until 7/22. You could receive a raise or promotion and/or someone close to you, such as a romantic partner, could boost your financial status. Remember, where Venus travels is where you are most likely to benefit. The 8th House also rules insurance, taxes and mortgages. You could get a lucky break in one of these areas and you will gain a deeper understanding of a close relationship. On 7/22, Venus enters the compatible sign of Virgo. Virgo is your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel and foreign people and distant places. You will notice that you benefit from these areas once Venus enters Virgo.
Mars (communication) will be in Gemini until 7/13. Mars enters Cancer on 7/13 - 8/27. You could get emotional, reactive or jealous when it comes to your romantic life during this time. Under the influence of Mars you will have the most motivation in your marriage and commitment sectors. With Jupiter also in Cancer, you can expect expansion in the areas of marriage/commitment, the legal system, divorce/separation and those who oppose you. During the time when Mars and Jupiter are both in Cancer relationships are affected in that you and a partner enter a new and improved dimension of your relationship. Conversely you may decide to go your own way and come to a peaceful agreement. During Mars visit to Cancer, one thing is certain. You will know who you want to be with and the certainty motivates you to be the best partner you can be or alternatively reveals the cracks in a relationship and you will know that it's time to move on. You will tend to have the final choice when it comes to love and family matters throughout July. Mars can bring satisfaction from a job well done and you can expand and exceed your wildest expectation in professional and personal relationships this month. Your sexuality will be strong and your physical energy will be attractive to the opposite and same sex. This is your time to get serious as luck and prosperity are guaranteed with Jupiter and Mars in your 7th House. Expect your popularity to be at an all time high.
A full Moon occurs on 7/22. The full Moon impacts your 2nd House of income. Expect issues involving income and finance to be revealed. Emotions will run high on this date.
Good days for Capricorn: 7/3, 7/6, 7/16, 7/24 & 7/30
Not so great days for Capricorn: 7/2, 7/7, 7/21, 7/25 & 7/27
A Cancer, another Capricorn and an Aquarius will be involved throughout July. A Cancer helps with finishing projects. An Aquarius reminds you to look at the past and rethink something in your present. Another Capricorn could demand your time and undivided attention.

Sagittarius July Forecast

Mars (physical energy/drive/motivation) begins the month in Gemini, your 7th House of marriage and the legal system. Mars can bring about a new relationship, change up your daily life and bring the topic of marriage and seriously committed relationships front and center. You possess determination when it comes to making these areas all you hope them to be. Mars introduces passion and determination. Tone down a strong opinion when voicing your opinions to others as you could be mistakenly seen as impatient and aggressive when Mars is in your 7th House.
On 7/13, Mars enters Cancer and your 8th House of shared resources, other people's money and your personal financial condition. Mars will occupy Cancer until 8/27. Mercury (communications) is retrograde (delays) in Cancer for the first 20 days of July. This retrograde period can bring about some delays with travel, bring on computer issues or you could find that some home appliances can malfunction whenever Mercury (planet of communication, travel and intellect) turns retrograde. On 7/20, Mercury resumes direct and Jupiter (your ruling planet) will be in Cancer joining Mars in your 8th House. Whenever these planets travel together, you can expect expansion, growth, movement and luck where other people's money, banks, taxes, mortgages, insurance, shared resources and deeply committed relationships are involved. Jupiter can provide benefits to you in one way or another through these areas.
Venus (Love) begins the month in Leo, Sagittarius. Venus in Leo places an emphasis on your 9th House. Love, beauty and admiration come about under a Venus influence.  In your 9th House, the areas of overseas travel, religion, and spirituality, your worldviews and foreign countries and foreign faces will be areas that are fortunate for you. You could be involved with someone from a distance in a romance this month. This transit lasts through 7/22, when Venus enters Virgo and your 10th House of prestige, career and public recognition. After the 22nd, your focus will be on finances, property and investments. With Venus in Virgo, you become popular and admired at your place of employment. People in positions of power will appreciate your hard work and devotion. Expect praise from co-workers, Sagittarius. If you're seeking employment, expect a few offers and opportunities to come your way under this transit. 
A new Moon occurs on 7/8 in your 8th House. Expect this new Moon to have an eccentric feel to it. Cancer is an intuitive water sign with an uncanny intuition. You could explore an unusual topic, be dealing with supernatural areas and explore an interest in ideas that you may have previously dismissed. Expect the unexpected and the unusual on and around this date. You could question or rethink your ideas. 
A full Moon occurs on 7/22 in Aquarius, your 3rd House. You realize that you can have it all or at least more so than most do and you are beyond grateful for the support from your family on this full Moon.
Good days for Sagittarius: 7/5, 7/10, 7/11, 7/23 & 7/28
Not so great days for Sagittarius:  7/7, 7/15, 7/20, 7/24 & 7/27
A Taurus and a Scorpio will be involved in your life throughout July. A Taurus will be someone you have known for years who you consider to be family. A Scorpio will be involved in adventurous pursuits with you. A Scorpio also is involved in financial affairs and transactions while a Taurus can be involved in betterment of your health and overall wellness issues and routines.

Leo July Forecast

Mars (Motivation/Sexuality) begins July in the compatible air sign of Gemini (your 11th House of friendships). Friendships and group involvements become energized throughout this transit. You can communicate well in business and romance during this time. Your hopes and wishes are magnified and become a central focus as well during this transit. Mars will exit the compatible air sign of Gemini on 7/13 and enter Cancer and your 12th House until 8/27. During this time, your family life can becomes a serious priority as Cancer is all about home and family and Mars shows where you need to focus your physical energy.  Assisting a parent or a relative may be necessary during this transit. Be careful of mixing friendship with money during this transit as there could be some who hope to manipulate your generous nature through a sob story in the hopes of getting money and your attention. Stay away from individuals who tend to complain but take no action to remedy an ongoing saga that never seems to end. You won't have time for drama so avoid being too generous with your cash throughout the Mars transit of your 12th House. Be attentive, display affection and make sure you don't lose patience with others when Mars transits Cancer.  

Good news, Leo! Venus (Planet of love, appreciation and admiration) begins July in your sign Leo. This is considered the best time of the year for your sign in regards to love, money and your hopes and dreams, Leo. Singles could meet "the one" while couples feel more connected than ever. Sexual and romantic chemistry will be off the charts, single or coupled. An ongoing relationship makes it to the next level during this time while coupled Leos seek stronger structures for their relationship that works out well for both parties involved. You meet exciting new people, are offered invitations to socialize and a sense of adventure will beckon. Expect to receive several opportunities throughout Venus in your sign. Venus will be in your 1st House until 7/22.

On 7/7, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 4th House of home, family and domestic matters. There could be a tendency to exaggerate the facts and blow matters on the home front out of proportion. Your home life, areas pertaining to relatives, motherhood and issues from the past begin to speed up and show signs of growth and maturity, Leo. There could be tension in the air on this date so exercise caution when in the presence of family members.

A new Moon in Cancer occurs on 7/8. Cancer is your 12th House of privacy, Leo. This day finds you in a reflective mood, especially where love and serious relationships are involved. Someone or something from your past could resurface.

A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius on 7/22. Aquarius is your 7th House of marriage and legal contracts. On this Full moon, family issues and work related dramas could come to the surface. Relationships could feel strained and you find that your energy levels are not up to par. Combat the stress of this day by getting plenty of rest, maintaining a balanced diet and avoid reckless behaviors for ideal results. Emotions could seem overwhelming on this date, Leo.

Good days for Leo: 7/5, 7/10, 7/11, 7/26 & 7/28

Not so great days for Leo: 7/3, 7/7, 7/9, 7/22, 7/24 & 7/27

 An Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius will play key roles throughout the month of July.

Aquarius July Forecast

Mars (Motivation/Drive and Sexuality) begins July in your 5th House of love, creative projects and puts a stronger focus on children. Mars in Gemini is a compatible placement for you as Gemini is an air sign that complements your sun sign nicely. Mars represents sexuality, physical energy and shows where you exert the most effort. On 7/13, Mars exits your 5th House and enters Cancer and your 6th House of health, wellness and your daily career and routines. During this transit, you could feel pressed for time in your daily routines, while on the job and when it comes to getting your daily affairs completed. With Mercury (Communications) retrograde, there could be some misunderstandings and snafus with the key people in your life.  Mercury will be retrograde until 7/20.

Venus (Love) will be in Leo, your 7th House of marriage as the month begins. This is a favorable placement for you, Aquarius. Venus brings love, affection and appreciation your way. With Venus in your 7th House, love, relationships and business affairs promise to bring more fulfillment and satisfaction. Expect the unexpected when it comes to a current relationship. On 6/22, Venus enters Virgo, bringing a possible bonus through work, a family members or an unexpected check arrives in the mail.

On 7/7, Saturn resumes direct in Scorpio (Your 10th House of career and recognition from your peers). Your career begins to pick up steam or you can become consumed with a current career matter. You might decide to begin a new business, decide to dedicate more time and energy into an ongoing business and instigate changes where career matters are not fulfilling you.  Lie low on this day as everyone will feel out of sorts and the energy around you appears critical. Be especially careful with superiors and bosses around this time and especially throughout Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Those in authority could challenge you throughout the month. Take it easy and try not to lose your temper throughout July, Aquarius.

With Jupiter (planet of Expansion) in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, this powerful combination of planets promises to bring you immediate attention to the big areas of your life. Neptune draws your attention to finances, Saturn turns your thoughts to career and Jupiter finds you concerned with expanding your daily work life. You could instigate a big change in your career this month, Aquarius. With the planet of expansion Jupiter in Cancer, you could decide to start over and begin a new job or a new chapter when it comes to these areas.

A new moon occurs on 7/8. This new moon brings offers to rethink, review and revise your current work prospects. You might decide to make some key changes with regards to how you take care of yourself and when it comes to your health and personal work maters. Realize that Mercury will be retrograde during this Moon but expansive Jupiter (Luck/movement and prosperity) will make sure you are on the right track. Hold off on making any life changing decisions

A full moon falls in your sign on 7/22. You might be feeling low on energy but this moon will bring news of a highly personal and confidential matter to your immediate attention. Listen to and nurture your intuition when it comes to your closest relationships. Pay attention and be on high alert. You will know without knowing where personal matters are headed on this date.

Good days for Aquarius: 7/5, 7/6, 7/16, 7/17 & 7/19

Not so great days for Aquarius: 7/3, 7/7, 7/9, 7/21 & 7/24

An Aries, Taurus and a Scorpio will be involved in throughout the month of July. A relationship with a Libra could benefit from a heart to heart conversation. Let go of the past and aim for cooperation.


Gemini July Forecast

Mars remains in your 1st House as July begins. Take advantage of having Mars (planet of motivation/physical energy and sexuality) in your 1st House as it brings a strong physical energy and motivation into your personal, social and professional life. You may feel a desire for more love and appreciation and you find that your sexuality is heightened during this transit. Your physical energy promises to be exceptional and the opposite and same sex find you charming and beyond seductive. Mars can bring about progress where you need it most, while Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) in Cancer can bring about growth and show promise where finances and past investments are concerned. However you might not notice these effects until Mercury (your planetary ruler) resumes direct on 6/20, Gemini.
Venus (Love) begins the month in the compatible fire sign of Leo. Venus in Leo brings appreciation and affection via siblings, through taking short trips and while mingling in your community/neighborhood. You could meet the love of your life through a sibling or a neighbor. Single or coupled, Gemini is seeking a partner during this time that is compatible and on his or her intellectual wavelength. You desire beauty and brains and refuse to settle for anything less when Mars is in your 1st House and Venus occupies your 3rd House of intellect and communications.
On 7/7, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 6th House of work, health and personal wellness sectors. There could be a tendency for you to dramatize events, exaggerate facts and blow minor matters out of proportion on this day. Your career, health and daily routines begin to show signs of serious improvement, so remain patient and exercise diplomacy on this date for ideal results.
On 7/8, A New Moon occurs in Cancer. Opportunities are presented that have to do with income, property and personal possessions.
Mercury (your planetary ruler) will be retrograde for most of the month in Cancer (your 2nd House) until 7/20. Expect some tense moments when it comes to finances during this time. Once Mercury resumes direct, your finances won't be as bothersome as they were during the Mercury retrograde. After 7/20, it's time to celebrate, plan a trip, visit someone in a distant land or foreign country and move forward with plans that recently stalled. You clear up misunderstandings once Mercury resumes direct in Cancer but wait until after the full Moon to put any big plans in motion, Gemini.
On 7/22, A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius. An urge to travel/get away from it all will be quite strong and tempting on this date. Explore, do research but make no absolute decisions on this date. Focus on education, spirituality and examine your attitudes in these areas. You could find that new beginnings are crucial and cannot be avoided, especially where a romance and a serious relationship is involved.
Good days for Gemini: 7/6, 7/11, 7/19 & 7/28
Not so great days for Gemini: 7/2, 7/7, 7/9 & 7/21
 Another Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces will be supportive of your hopes and dreams throughout the month of July.

Libra July Forecast

Mars (physical energy/motivation and sexuality) begins July in the compatible air sign of Gemini. Gemini is your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing and deals with people in distant lands. Mars will exit Gemini and enter Cancer on 7/13 - 8/27. Your public reputation and people in positions of power will be areas that capture your attention with Mars in Cancer. You could be dealing with people who are experts in their chosen professions and you will find that these individuals play an important role in your life throughout the next year (Jupiter will be in Cancer).  If you're not employed, you will come up with innovative ideas to bring in more income. For those Libras already working hard, professional recognition from your peers is right around the corner. Just tone down emotional responses this month as Mercury will also be retrograde in Cancer until 7/20.
Venus (your planetary ruler) will be in Leo and your 11th House of friendships and group involvements this month until 7/22. Whenever your ruling planet transits the 11th House, popularity ensues via the areas and properties of that House. You notice friendships, groups and your hopes bring joy and admiration bringing about offers to make more money. During July, friends and love can become intertwined. A love relationship can change during this time. You could end one relationship only to begin a new one with someone you share a history with or you could hear about someone close to you who is on this path. You could decide or contemplate beginning a business with a friend or partner during Venus in Leo. With Mercury retrograde, take your time to rethink and review possible outcomes, for better or for worse. Once Mercury resumes direct on 7/20, you could find that this might not be such a good idea after all. Venus will enter Virgo on 7/22, and bring your career and finances into the spotlight. Venus in Leo brings appreciation and admiration from friends and, while in Virgo, shines a spotlight on your ability to bring in more income. During the transit of Venus in Virgo, your career promises to open new doors for you.
On 7/7, Saturn (discipline/structure) resumes direct in your 2nd House of property, income and investments. There could be a tendency to exaggerate financial facts and blow money matters out of proportion. The energy of this day can seem aggressive when dealing with others so avoid misunderstandings by utilizing diplomacy, something that comes naturally to you, Libra. Financial affairs begin to pick up steam and show signs of improvement as Saturn resumes direct motion. Just make sure you have put in the time and effort in order to reap the rewards of Saturn in your 2ns House. Saturn demands that you show up, work diligently and maintain a stable pace. Those Libras who have taken short cuts or not put in the time could be in for a shock or at the very least, a reality check.
7/8 - A New Moon forms in Cancer. A big focus this month falls on your 10th House and you could receive several new offers and options on this date to boost your earning potential and be in a stronger position than you imagined.
7/22 - A full Moon forms in Aquarius, your 5th House of passion, romance and creativity. Expect to gain the advantage in areas related to creativity, children and a romantic/love relationship.
At month's end, Jupiter (prosperity/ luck) and Mars (motivation/sexuality) will occupy your 10th House and bring about sweeping changes to your career. These two powerful planets in your 10th House promise to increase your income and help you choose the right path professionally. Cancer is an intuitive water sign, so you might feel as though you're following your heart and not your head during this expansive time in professional matters. Mars will be in Cancer until 8/27 and Jupiter will be in Cancer until June of 2014. This gives you an entire year to get professional matters moving in a direction that suits you.
Good days for Libra: 7/6, 7/10, 7/11, 7/23 & 7/28
Not so great days for Libra: 7/2, 7/7, 7/12, 7/16 & 7/21
A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will present offers to you this month that involve professional projects, financial assistance and emotional support when you need it most.

Scorpio July Forecast

Mars (physical energy/motivation) changes signs this month, Scorpio. On 7/13 Mars will enter Cancer, your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing and your worldviews. The 9th House also deals with legalities, higher education and foreign countries. This month a heavy emphasis on your 9th House areas suggest good fortune coming into your life via these areas. Mars begins the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 8th House of shared resources. With Mars in Gemini, your determination where finances are concerned will motivate you to get any lingering projects completed. Mars will enter Cancer on 7/13 and remain in your 9th House until 8/27. This should be a fortunate time for all Scorpios. Overseas travel, opportunities to pursue higher education and publishing could be offered to you. You might also begin planning for a trip overseas or find the love of your life in a foreign country.
Venus (Love) begins the month in Leo (your 10th House of career). During this time your superiors, bosses and associates show appreciation and admiration for a job well done. You can make tremendous strides in your professional endeavors throughout this transit that lasts until 7/22. Expect the unexpected when it comes to support from those you thought were not on your side. On 7/22 Venus will enter Virgo and your 11th House of friendships and group involvement putting a heavy emphasis on your hopes and wishes. July will be a month when you learn where you stand. The support you receive both personal and professional brings a smile to your face. However, with Mercury retrograde for the first 20 days, there could be some miscommunication, misunderstandings or communication snafus that you must handle. Listen to the opinions of those you work closely with, Scorpio. Be receptive to those who might have suggestions that could benefit you on a professional level.
On 7/7, Saturn (discipline/structure) resumes direct in your sign, Scorpio. You can begin to return to working on projects that have previously stalled.  It will be imperative that you continue to create solid structures and foundations in personal, professional and social relationships. Lie low on this day as everyone will feel out of sorts and the energy around you appears agitated.
On 7/8 the new Moon in Cancer brings opportunities involving your domestic life and you find that family and home life play a role. Something new is entering your life, courtesy of Jupiter, and a new Moon in your 9th House brings changing or strengthening of your worldviews. Prepare for expansion, growth and movement in one key area of your life.
Once Mercury resumes direct on 7/20, it's time to celebrate and enjoy the combination of Mars and Jupiter in your 9th House. These two planets traveling in the same sign bring about some opportunities and growth that you never thought possible. You could be offered a new job, the chance to travel overseas or the possibility to further your education. The 9th House is where Scorpio can expect to make his or her greatest progress this month. With all the emphasis on the sign of Cancer, you can expect home and family life to be involved in some way as well. Follow your intuition and your heart, and you will know what to do and where you want to be as the month winds down.
On 7/22, A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius, your 4th House. Family, home, real estate and investments will be areas that are illuminated and clarified for you. Just watch out for a tendency to react to those who might not be on the same page as you are, Scorpio. This full Moon can reveal what has been kept hidden but you will be grateful to know where you stand in these areas despite the mood around you. Lie low for ideal results on this day.
Good days for Scorpio: 7/3, 7/6, 7/12, 7/16 & 7/24
Not so great days for Scorpio: 7/2, 7/7, 7/9, 7/15 & 7/27
A Gemini, Sagittarius and a Pisces will play key roles in your life throughout July, Scorpio. A Virgo will be helpful where personal and professional matters are concerned. These friends, loves and associates can help you see clearly what might have been kept hidden from view. 

Virgo July Forecast

Mars (Motivation/Sexuality) begins July in Gemini, your 10th House of public recognition and prestige. Mercury, (communications and your ruling planet) spends the first 20 days of July retrograde in Cancer and your 11th House. You could find yourself in a retrospective and reflective frame of mind during this transit that lasts until 7/20. You will be looking inwards wondering if you're on the right path. You could question the very fabric of your current existence. For example, you might ask yourself some big questions such as "Am I heading in the right direction", "With the right person?" and perhaps "in the right location"? Try not to complicate something you're sure of. Jupiter (Luck, movement and expansion) also transits Cancer during Mercury retrograde, giving you a greater clarity and a strong sense of assurance when it comes to what you really want. You will figure out once and for all who you want to be with and where you want to excel with the assistance of Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter began its transit into your 11th House of hopes and wishes in late June. Start thinking about your true desires and wishes during the first three weeks of July, once Venus enters your sign on 7/22. Mercury will have resumed direct and you begin to see expansion and movement where your wishes, hopes, group involvements and friendships are involved. There will be no room for confusion, Virgo. Jupiter and Mars will travel together in your 11th House and create a serious and satisfying sense of direction. Mars exits Gemini and enters Cancer (Your 11th House of friendships and wishes) from 7/13 - 8-27. During this time, you have Mars and Jupiter working in your favor with Jupiter bringing expansion and Mars giving you a stronger sense of what stays and what needs to exit. Whenever Mars and Jupiter travel together, this powerful combination creates expansion, growth and surprises that are sure to change the landscape of your life, especially where a love relationship, group involvements and your hopes are highlighted. The end of July and August will be a time that offers promise and progress.
Venus (Planet of love, appreciation and admiration) begins the month in Leo, your 12th House of secrets and romance taking place behind closed doors.  The 12th House rules secrets, isolation and what you keep hidden from others, Virgo. It's always a time of heightened emotions whenever any personal planet transits your 12th House. The 12th House can be an uncomfortable/isolating place but it helps you understand what might need to change on a deep level. The good news? Venus enters your 1st House of personality, seductiveness and sex appeal on 7/22. Venus makes you exceptionally alluring to the opposite/same sex throughout the end of month, so make sure you look your personal best. Experiment with new colors and try a new look or add to your wardrobe and watch the results you achieve. You will be able to find an audience that appreciates you and you manage to land amazing offers, personal, social and professional whenever Venus transits your 1st House. In addition, Venus in your sign gives you the ability to go after what you want and whom you desire. You can expect to hear some whispers and some unexpected compliments from people you thought didn't notice you as Venus transits Virgo. Venus enters Virgo on 7/22 and remains there until 8/16, so make the most of having Venus in your 1st House, Virgo.
On 7/7, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 3rd House of communications, siblings and short distance travels. There could be a tendency to exaggerate facts and blow matters out of proportion. The energy of this day can feel tense, so avoid misunderstandings by utilizing diplomacy. You notice the tension surrounding you on this date so hold off on speaking your mind for ideal results.

A New Moon in Cancer occurs on 7/8. Cancer is your 11th House of privacy, Virgo. New offers with regards to groups and friendships present themselves. A closer bond in a group setting becomes evident.
A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius on 7/22. Aquarius is your 6th House of health, nutrition and your personal wellness. This date brings news regarding your health and daily routines.
Good days for Virgo: 7/3, 7/6, 7/12, 7/16 & 7/26
Not so great days for Virgo: 7/7, 7/9, 7/15 7/18 & 7/29
A Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius will play inspirational roles in your life this month.

Pisces July Forecast

Venus (Love) begins the month in Leo, your 6th House of daily work and your everyday routines where it shines a positive spotlight on these areas. You can expect to be the recipient of appreciation and admiration when it comes to the way you conduct yourself in these areas. Your health will be a focus and you can expect to hear compliments about your appearance and you receive praise for work performed on a daily basis. If single, you could meet someone through your job that could be a serious potential romantic prospect. On 7/22 Venus enters your 7th House, bringing about a greater closeness and/or commitment in an ongoing romance. Single or coupled, you could hear from an ex-love, become closer in an ongoing relationship or take a new relationship to the next level. Single Pisces can expect to meet a new love interest throughout Venus in Virgo. Couples may decide to make radical changes in their relationship. A marriage or commitment may involve making a change in location or possibly an overseas trip could be in this picture. A desire to change your love life overtakes Pisces this month with both Mars and Jupiter in your 5th House of love and romance and Venus in your 7th House as July winds down.

Mars (motivation/physical energy and drive) begins the month in Gemini, your 4th House of home, family and issues past and brings the area of motherhood to your attention. Efforts you made in the past come full circle during July but the fun really begins once Mars enters Cancer, your 5th House of passion, fun and romance on 7/13. Mars will be in Cancer until 7/28. Expect to solidify current projects, relationships with children and where taking a risk pays off. Your motivation will be off the charts, your sexuality will intensify and you will have a strong attraction to issues regarding love and/or ongoing creative projects.
A New Moon occurs on 7/8. You could receive an unexpected message or communication from a love interest. This day promises to bring a smile to you, Pisces. This should be one of your best days for fun and excitement. Plan a gathering with your closest friends and host a party at your house. A good time will be had by all.

Mercury will be retrograde, however, during the first 20 days of July. This transit can bring about misunderstandings, miscommunication and possible errors when it comes to love and relationships. Once Mercury resumes direct motion, smooth sailing ensues, so if you experience any drama or arguments with others close to you at the beginning of July, know that disputes are temporary and will clear up and subside after the 20th, Pisces. Jupiter (luck/expansion) will also begin the month in Cancer, helping to mitigate some of the confusion that comes with Mercury retrograde in Cancer.
A full Moon occurs in Aquarius on 7/22. This full Moon falls in your 12th House of isolation. You might hear or see someone from the past and this could trigger internal events within you. Someone close to you could be confined to a hospital, home and/or you might feel isolated from others. Try to get extra rest on this date, Pisces. A Taurus and a Scorpio will gladly cheer you up. Reach out to these friends.
Once Mercury resumes direct, Mars and Jupiter travel together in your 5th House bringing expansion and new offers and opportunities into your love life. Jupiter will be in Cancer for an entire year while Mars will be in Cancer until 8/27. August promises to bring big changes into your life where love, children and anything you do for fun and excitement are involved. Single or coupled, expect expansion, surge of creativity and major changes in these areas, for the better.

Good days for Pisces: 7/3, 7/6, 7/11, 7/13, 7/26 & 7/30
Not so great days for Pisces: 7/1, 7/4, 7/7, 7/18, 7/21 & 7/27

A Cancer, Virgo and another Pisces will play serious roles in your life this month, Pisces.

Cancer July Forecast

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation & Sexuality) begins the month in your 12th House and it will enter your 1st House on 7/13. Expect July to surpass your expectations as events unfold that will be unexpected, rewarding and dramatic. It's a month when several planets in your sign can benefit you, Cancer. Pay attention to your good days and also to the not so great ones listed below. July begins with Mars in your 12th House. Mars brings energy, drive and ambition to your 12th House of seclusion. You might have felt a strong need to isolate yourself from issues past and you may find yourself dealing with someone close who is going through a rough time.  You personally can make gains through any work you do behind closed doors. On July 13th, Mars enters your 1st House and brings a burst of physical energy into every area of your life that needs improvement. The downside to Mars is that you might come across to others are aggressive or short tempered, so hold your fire and refuse to create any waves in your communications with others this month. Mars will be in your sign until 8/27.

Venus (Love) begins the month in the dramatic, theatrical and engaging sign of Leo. Leo is your 2nd House of finances, personal property and investments. With Venus in Leo, Cancer can expect to know on a purely instinctual level where they stand when it comes to finances, investments and earning potential. There can be positive feelings when it comes to financial security with Jupiter (Planet of expansion and luck) joining Mars in your 1st House. Jupiter expands your life and if not careful, can expand your waistline as well, Cancer. This is known as your lucky planet in Astrology but you need to know that balance is equally critical and luck cannot come to you without effort and enthusiasm on your part. Mars and Jupiter create "one of a kind" offers for expansion and opportunities, even though Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde. With Mars and Jupiter in your 1st House, you can expect to make great strides and possess much foresight in personal, social and professional affairs.

On 7/7, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 5th House of passion, romance and creative hobbies. There could be a tendency to exaggerate facts and blow small matters out of proportion on this day. Your love life, relationships with children, taking risks and creative projects begin to show signs of growth and renewal. Avoid reacting to others on this date as the mood can feel tense.

A New Moon occurs in your 1st House on 7/8, Cancer. This New Moon is a time to focus on hopes, wishes and your personal desires. This will be a day of celebration for Cancer. Something personal and intimate occurs and you decide to make a relationship official or take an existing one to the next level. Love will be looking up for all Cancers, single and coupled.

Mercury (planet of communications) will be out sync for the first 20 days in your 1st House, but the powers of Jupiter and Mars together bring surprises, movement and growth in just about every area of your life that you might have believed to be lacking in the recent past.

A Full moon occurs on 7/22 in Aquarius. Aquarius is your 8th House of metaphysical topics, shared resources and involves taxes and insurance matters. This full Moon brings about heightened emotions where any money or resources you share with others are involved.

Good days for Cancer: 7/6, 7/12, 7/16, 7/25 & 7/30

Not so great days for Cancer: 7/7, 7/14, 7/21, 7/27 & 7/29

 Another Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play key roles in your life throughout the month of July. July promises to bring change where you need it most, Cancer.


Aries July Forecast

Mars (your planetary ruler) begins July in Gemini. Gemini is your 3rd House of intellect and communication, written and spoken. You can expect to gain popularity with your ruling planet in the compatible air sign of Gemini. Expect to be motivated when it comes to your career, communications and when it comes to family and siblings.  Adoration can come easily for you during this transit that lasts until 7/13, when Mars enters Cancer, your 4th House (of motherhood, family, and where you live). You find that your greatest motivation comes when dealing with communications: writing, speaking and speaking to large groups of people. You will charm others via the written and spoken word and can influence people over until 7/13. Once your ruler changes signs, the energy can change and you could find that you become easily irritated and sentimental. Accidents and errors can occur when Mars travels through the domestic sign of Cancer, so be on guard and remain alert during this transit. Mars will enter Cancer on 7/13 and remain in Cancer until 7/28.

Venus (Love) begins the month in Leo. Leo is your 5th House of fun, creativity and taking risks, Aries. With Venus in Leo expect love and creative projects to gain momentum and light up as invitations pour in, love looks brighter and you gain praise and admiration from others.  Since Leo is a charismatic and popular sign, you note this transit brings out your theatrical and dramatic side, Aries. Children, romance and creative ventures will be areas that bring you many smiles and greater fulfillment.  Once Venus enters Virgo on 7/22, you will find that you receive more appreciation and affection through your work place. Virgo is your 6th House of daily service, co-workers and your career. During Venus in Virgo an office romance could ignite, a new offer at a new job comes through, you could land a dream job or otherwise be promoted at your current one, and co-workers will shower you with appreciation.

On 7/7, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 8h House of shared resources, finances and committed relationships. There could be a tendency for you to exaggerate the facts and blow minor matters out of proportion on this day. Be patient and exercise diplomacy on this date for ideal results. You could notice that tension and irritability are in the air.

A New Moon occurs on 7/8 in Cancer. New offers come about relating to your relatives, in laws, earning abilities and a possible romance.

Once Mercury (Communications) turns direct on 7/20, family life resumes a normal pace, relations with relatives show improvement and issues from the past carry less weight than you previously imagined them to have.  In fact, opportunities can arise to make gains via your home and family life with Jupiter (Expansion/luck) and Mars (Energy/Sexuality) now in Cancer, your 4th House of home, family and relatives. Expect major changes on the home front after 7/20. Whenever Jupiter and Mars travel in the same sign, the area they travel in benefits you and your life expands and grows significantly. Expect home, family and where you live to play major roles, Aries. The areas of motherhood, the past and relatives may also be involved.

A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius on 7/22.  Caution on this full Moon, Aries. Friendships come under scrutiny and you might decide to exit from a long term association in favor of new relationships which appear to be more in sync with your life now. Be careful with the emotions of others on this full Moon. Someone you care for could be hurt by a careless remark. Be sure to take it easy on others as you might overstep boundaries on this day, Aries.

Great days: 7/5, 7/23, 7/26 & 7/28

Not so great days: 7/7, 7/14, 7/21 & 7/27

A Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces can be involved in your activities throughout the month of July especially where family and social matters are involved. A Sagittarius also figures in personal, social and or professional matters. Show appreciation, affection and love to these friends, family members and associates.