Pisces September Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 7th House of marriage, style and winning ways, Pisces. This is a month to effectively handle anything that might have gone wrong in your marriage, love relationship or within a business partnership, Pisces. Prepare for a month with a serious emphasis on all aspects of relationships and/or partnerships, Pisces.

As September begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) continues its transit of Virgo until 9/9. Virgo is your 7th House of marriage, so conversations tend to center on those professional and personal relationships until Mercury enters Libra and your 8th House of shared resources, deeply committed relationships and transformation, Pisces. Once Mercury enters Libra, your thoughts and conversations center on money, income, and savings and have your mind focused on your budget and expenses. Mercury will transit Libra until the 29th, when it enters the compatible water sign of Scorpio. When Mercury is in Libra, your desire to socialize and look your best becomes important to you.

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra, your 8th House of other people's money and finance. You receive good news during this transit that promises to lift your spirits. Pay attention on 9/5! There could a secret romance taking place around you or you could learn about one. One way or another, Pisces love life is expanding and showing great movement. Venus enters the compatible sign of Scorpio on 9/11 through 10/7 and things begin to really heat up. This promises to be one of your best times all year for improvements in love, increased financial opportunities and success in professional matters. Scorpio is your 9th House of overseas travel, higher education, publishing and legal issues. You can attract love while travelling and you and a partner tend to be in complete agreement throughout this time, Pisces. Scorpio is a compatible water sign that rules everything from money, power and sex to metaphysical issues and taxes. With Venus in Scorpio, single or coupled, love promises to have an exotic element to it. Singles can meet someone who fits their idea of perfection during this time while couples will get closer.

Mars (physical energy/motivation and drive) will be in Leo, Pisces. Leo is your 6th House of health, work, diet, exercise and daily routines. You find this transit driving you to accomplish being the best you can be when it comes to these areas of the 6th House. The pace at work picks up speed, professional matters dominate and you find the time and energy to tackle these areas but still leave some time for love. While Mars can heighten your ambition, if you are not entirely careful this placement could bring about accidents and arguments in these areas. It will be imperative that you learn to follow directions during this time, even if you tend to disagree with those who demand them. Leo is a fire sign and rules showmanship and entertaining. You might feel as if others are coming on too strong and appear demanding of your time. Be especially careful of what you say, write and reveal to those you work with. Gossip could come back and backfire, Pisces.  Be alert and aware on 9/2 and 9/29! You will know without knowing who to confide in and when to hold back. A Leo could play a serious role.

New Moon in Virgo on 9/5 occurs in your 7th House of marriage and professional partnerships. New Moons bring about new offers and this New Moon will be a memorable. Someone from your past reappears or you could meet someone via your travels. The three weeks following this New Moon emphasize your most intimate relationships. Someone you meet will prove to be a serious contender, if you are single. Coupled Pisces will find their popularity escalating as the month evolves. A New Moon in your 7th House bodes well for serious relationships and becoming more committed.

Full Moon in Pisces on 9/19 occurs in your sign and promises to shine a spotlight on where you stand where marriage and serious partnerships are involved. This is a day to mark on your calendar as Jupiter (planet of expansion) assists you where your hopes, wishes, love relationships and anything else you have yearned for are involved. Expect surprises and good fortune on this Full Moon, Pisces.

Pluto resumes direct motion on the 20th, Pisces! Friendships, group involvements and your hopes and wishes will be featured on this Full Moon. Expect these areas to resume and pick up speed. You will begin to notice support where you previously felt out of sync in these areas. Your social life opens up and brings about opportunities to make your hopes and dreams realities.

An Aries, Libra and an Aquarius will figure into your life this month. Watch your possessions and beware of information being withheld from you, intentionally or otherwise. A Libra can be involved in romantic affairs. With Aquarius, you should remain discreet and not reveal every detail of your personal life.

Stand out dates:  2nd, 4th, 5th, 19th, 20th & 29th

Scorpio September Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 11th House of friendships, group involvements, hopes, wishes and your public life, Scorpio. On the 11th, Venus (planet of love) enters your sign, Scorpio. On this date, you can emerge from negative influences. You will be busy dealing with a sudden surge in popularity and can avoid those who are intent on creating misery and mischief.

As September begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will travel through three signs.  Mercury begins the month in Virgo and enters Libra, your 12th House, on 9/9 - 9/28. With Mercury in your 12th House, some unexpected and stressful discussions could take place. Someone will withhold private information from you. The 12th House rules fears, secrets, hospitals and institutions. Take nothing for granted during this transit. People who oppose you and unseen enemies will be involved. Classified information will come to light. Remain even keeled and do research, Scorpio. Take care of your health during this time. Dreams will be featured and work done behind closed doors will ultimately work to your benefit once Mercury enters your 1st House of appearances. You will uncover what has been deliberately withheld from you. On 9/29, Mercury enters your 1st House, the truth comes to light and you can effectively negotiate your way through previous red tape.  

Mars (physical energy/motivation and drive) will be in Leo and your 10th House of prestige, authority figures and career matters. This transit should assist you in concentrating and pouring your energy and drive into career matters. You stand to profit from being highly professional on the job throughout this transit that lasts through September until 10/15. You will know when certain matters should not be discussed as well as when they should be brought to light. Your authority at work should increase and if you're seeking public recognition, give the best you have to give in order to increase your visibility. You can gain and merit wider authority on the job, if that is what you desire. Just remember to stay focused, Scorpio.

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra. Venus will enter Scorpio on 9/11 through 10/7. With Venus in Scorpio, what you need, including love and support, will be handed to you. Your financial structure improves but you need to exercise diplomacy when dealing with others. Make every attempt not to force your opinions on others. During Venus in Scorpio, you exude magnetism and success and members of the opposite and same sex find you charming. Special to Scorpio: A partner could be feeling left out on the 22nd. It's time to get to the bottom line in your love life. If not entirely happy, you could end a current relationship and seek one that feels more authentic. With Venus in your sign, you will tend to be extreme in your views regarding all matters pertaining to love, passion and romance. If something or someone doesn't fulfill you, you will know what to do, Scorpio. Pay attention for clues on 9/22!  

A New Moon forms in Virgo on 9/5. The New Moon impacts your 11th House of friendships. This New Moon encourages you to spend time with friends and to focus on your hopes. Zero in on networking, advertising and being receptive to new places and new faces. New alliances can be formed through existing friends or while out socializing. 

A Full Moon forms in Pisces on 9/19. This Full Moon impacts your 5th House of love, passion, children and hobbies.  Expect a greater closeness with children on this date. An ongoing romance, creative pursuit or time spent with a love partner will be deeply fulfilling. This Full Moon enhances your intuition and encourages you to pursue your interests and what you enjoy doing for fun. This month, be sure to take advantage of invitations when you can and when work can be temporarily put off.

On 9/20, Pluto turns direct in your 3rd House of communication, writing and speaking. Expect these areas to resume a pace you feel more content and fulfilled with. You should notice a serious shift in your ability to express yourself via the written and spoken word.

A Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces will be involved. A Gemini will have words of advice regarding finances and all matters financial. A Virgo can help you win friends and attract love. A Pisces will assist you in creative endeavors. A Sagittarius can turn your thoughts to money: how you earn it and how you spend it.

Stand out days: 5th, 9th, 19th, 20th, 22nd & 29th

Virgo September Forecast

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

The Sun transits your 1st House of appearance, personality and popularity. Circumstances tend to benefit you, and your personality stands out this month as others find your company entertaining, attractive and mysterious, Virgo.  

Expect a fast paced and busy month. Your ruling planet occupies three signs this month.

As September begins, your ruling planet, Mercury, begins the month in Virgo. With Mercury in Virgo, your natural communication skills will be greatly enhanced. You will be seen as an eloquent speaker and you can motivate others with one word or glance. On 9/9, Mercury enters Libra and your 2nd House. Money will be a prime area and topic of concern. Mercury will remain in your 2nd House until 9/29, when it enters Scorpio and your 3rd House of trips, visits and relatives. Expect events in these areas to consume your time, thoughts and conversations throughout the month. 

Mars (physical energy/motivation and drive) will be in Leo and occupy your 12th House of privacy and seclusion.  There could be some tense moments during this time as arguments and controversy behind the scenes could threaten your sense of peace and harmony. Avoid crowds as accidents are possible throughout this transit. Secrets, confidential information and private agreements will be involved. You could feel obligated to someone confined to home or a hospital or otherwise confined in some way. Fulfill your promises to one who needs your assistance and take nothing for granted where your personal life is involved. Expect to feel tired and low on energy during this transit. You might be unmotivated and find it hard to manage your daily routines. Pace yourself throughout this transit, Virgo. You could find past experiences seeming to repeat themselves. The good news?  During this transit you will easily be able to investigate and obtain answers regarding issues that have been kept hidden from you.

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra. During this transit, you can find communication, siblings and short trips to dominate and favor you until 9/11. Venus will enter Scorpio on 9/11 through 10/7. Scorpio is your 3rd House. Venus will be in Scorpio until 10/7. With Venus in Scorpio, the atmosphere gets serious and intense. A romance can suddenly begin with someone you meet through a sibling or while you're out and about in your community. While singles can meet a new love, couples will decide to make plans to travel or spend more quality time together.  

A New Moon forms in Virgo on 9/5. The New Moon in Virgo is your time of year to make plans for your future. Jupiter forms a beneficial angle to this Moon, suggesting expansion in personal and professional affairs. Every year each Astrological sign has a New Moon and this day is considered your solar “New Year” in Astrology. Make resolutions on this day for your year ahead. Unexpected surprises present themselves. Reach out to new friends and faces on 9/7. You won't be disappointed!

A Full Moon forms in Pisces on 9/19. This Full Moon impacts your 7th House of marriage, Virgo. A romance needs some attention on this date, so make plans with the one you love, and remember to compromise for ideal results. This Full Moon promises to up the ante in a personal and professional relationship. Virgos who have been feeling uncertain where they stand with a partner will get clarity and commitment from a partner on this Full Moon. Expect to be pleasantly surprised on this date, whether you are single or coupled.

On 9/20, Pluto turns direct in your 5th House of pleasure, fun and romance. The 5th House also rules children, risk taking and hobbies you enjoy.  These areas promise to pick up speed and resume a pace you feel more comfortable with.  

A Gemini, another Virgo and a Sagittarius figure into your month. A Gemini might appear overly critical but entertaining nonetheless. Another Virgo will be involved in conversations regarding love and professional matters. A Sagittarius wants to discuss home affairs with you and wants to reveal information that could change your opinion on personal matters. A Sagittarius wants to take an ongoing relationship to the next level but might be apprehensive about expressing this.

Stand out dates:  7th, 9th, 13th, 17th, 19th & 26th

Cancer September Forecast

The Sun transits your 3rd House of travel, visits, relatives, siblings and ideas that can become viable and profitable.

As September begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will travel through three signs and creates a hectic, fast paced month for you, Cancer.  Mercury begins the month in Virgo. Virgo is your 3rd House of short distance travel, siblings and your neighborhood. Any time Mercury transits your 3rd House, your communication skills stand out and your ability to deal effectively with neighbors, via your home life and within your community, are heightened. On 9/9, Mercury enters Libra and your 4th House. This transit could find you feeling suddenly uncertain and possibly confused with regards to where you stand in your closest relationships. To navigate this transit, be agreeable and utilize tact when dealing with others close to you. Your home life promises to take on greater importance throughout this transit. On 9/29, Mercury enters Scorpio and your 5th House of love, passion and creative pursuits. You figure out where you stand and any previous confusion will evaporate when Mercury transits your 5th House of Scorpio, Cancer.   

Mars (physical energy/motivation and drive) occupies the month in Leo, Cancer. Leo is your 2nd House of valuables and money. Your greatest motivation throughout this transit will be on payments, savings and collections. A strong desire to increase your finances takes over. However, it will be equally important that you display versatility, adaptability and hang on to your sense of humor. You tend to be conservative with your finances but this month, you need to remain socially minded in regards to your income and all financial matters. Pay special attention on 9/9 as you and a partner could have a disagreement where finances are involved.  

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra. During this transit, you can find home and family matters dominating until 9/11. Venus will enter Scorpio on 9/11 through 10/7. During this time, a major relationship could end while another one could begin almost immediately. Love relationships become serious and more committed. Your personality shines and invitations to travel will be presented to you. Women will be helpful and assist you in personal matters, Cancer. If single, you could have more than one admirer during this time. Take your time in love this month as you might change your mind about a current partner at a later date.

A New Moon forms in Virgo on 9/5. Virgo is your 3rd House of short trips and your community. There could be travel plans on your agenda on this date. Be on the lookout for offers presented to you in regard to publishing, communications and where your personal life is involved. Jupiter is still in your 1st House and creates a smooth angle to this New Moon. Translation? Expect good news to come your way and be receptive to all offers that come your way.        

A Full Moon forms in Pisces on 9/19. This Full Moon impacts your 9th House of overseas travel and publishing.  This Full Moon will be a memorable day for you as well. Overseas travel, higher education and your worldviews come into play. You conclude you're in a much better place than you imagined on this Full Moon.

On 9/20 - Pluto turns direct in your 7th House of marriage, legal issues and divorce. The 7th House also rules those who oppose you, Cancer. These areas gather momentum and you regain a stronger position in these areas. Relationships will begin to show serious signs of improvement.

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will be involved.  A Gemini will be demanding of you where your time, energy and resources are involved. Play the waiting game with a Gemini this month, Cancer. A Virgo will be involved where relatives, siblings and short distance trips are involved. Take it easy with a Virgo this month. A Sagittarius finds you irresistible this month. You and a Sagittarius share a strong connection and a fondness for one another. Sagittarius encourages you to break of your shell and start over again. Follow your intuition in this association for best results, Cancer.   

Stand out dates: 1st, 5th, 15th, 19th, 20th & 23rd

Taurus September Forecast

The Sun transits your 5th House of creativity, challenges, physical attraction, children and an emotional involvement that refuses to go away. You could find yourself dealing with criticism this month. You can find yourself criticizing others as well as yourself and conclude that you might be your own worst critic under this Virgo transit. Emotions are high and the atmosphere will be hectic, fast paced and overwhelming at times. Avoid trying to please others this month, Taurus.

As September begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will be in Virgo. Virgo is your 5th House of love and romance. Virgo is a compatible earth sign, so you could find this transit zeroing in on your love life and romance. Children and creative issues are also properties of the 5th House.  Expect the first nine days of September to be focused on your love life, taking risks and creative endeavors. On 9/9 Mercury enters Libra and your 6th House of work, routines and your health. Caution Taurus: this placement could find you short tempered as work life will be stressful with calls, texts, emails and nonstop activity. Take your time during the 9th - 28th to pace yourself where career and your work life are involved. You could feel overwhelmed with responsibilities throughout this transit, but hold your temper and keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to the input of others. You could feel challenged and overloaded during this time, Taurus. It's best to say as little as possible or you could risk putting an important professional relationship in jeopardy.  Your month will center strongly on your daily work and career issues. You might feel as though your career must trump your love life as the pressure is on and you could be required to perform overtime.

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra. Venus will be in Libra until 9/11.  Venus enters Scorpio and your 7th House of marriage and business partnerships from 9/11 - 10/7. With Venus in Scorpio whether you are single or coupled, Taurus is ready to get serious about his or her love life. Singles will take their love lives  with an intensity that demands that any potential new love meet their requirements in all areas. Taurus is stubborn by nature and when the Sun transits Virgo, a tendency to criticize comes into play. Coupled Taurus could find that they decide to take their relationship to the next level or might even part ways. Bottom line: Taurus in a relationship will have high standards when it comes to the one they love. However, those Taurus who are truly feeling the love will desire more time together. This can be a time of greater commitment and closeness for you in love. Bottom line: avoid a tendency to criticize your partner throughout the month of September. Adopt a positive attitude and exude confidence even if you feel anything but. Also watch for assistance from females. A Libra and a Scorpio are involved.

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation and drive) begins the month in Leo, your 4th House of home and family. Exercise caution during this transit as Mars can bring about accidents and mistakes. You could experience some challenges in your home life. The 4th House speaks of family, residence, community, and ownership and property matters so all of these areas could be impacted. With the Sun in Virgo, you can expect repair and maintenance issues to dominate throughout this transit. Pay attention around the dates of 9/9 and 9/13.

A New Moon forms in Virgo on 9/5. Virgo is your 5th House of children, creativity and taking risks. Jupiter forms a smooth angle to this Moon suggesting an element of expansion where children, creative endeavors and taking risks pay off. This should be a positive day for you, Taurus.  Enjoy the energy you feel on this day as your mind turns to fun and hobbies.

A Full Moon forms in Pisces on 9/19. Pisces is your 11th House of friendships and groups. This Full Moon favors you as both Jupiter and Pluto will be involved, bringing about a long standing wish, favoring a group with which you interact and creating a sense of satisfaction where your friendships are involved. New faces and friendships will bring a sense of fulfillment into your life. Take some time to think about what you desire and wish for on this date.

On 9/20 - Pluto turns direct and brightens your mood, lifts your spirits and puts you front and center.  Back in the limelight, Taurus!

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius figure in your month. A Cancer will be involved with trips, visits and socializing. With a Capricorn you could be dealing with international travel, money and how you balance your budget. An Aquarius helps you meet people in power positions and can help you with personal and professional matters.

Stand out dates: 9/1, 9/5, 9/23 & 9/26.

Aries September Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 6th House of daily routines, fitness, health matters, pets, employment and repair and maintenance issues, Aries.

As September begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will be in Virgo. Virgo represents your 6th House of work, your daily routines and puts the spotlight on your health and personal wellness. It will be important to keep up with your health, diet and nutrition regimens with Mercury in your 6th House. This is not a month to take anything for granted in these areas. Pay serious attention to what you eat and how you take care of yourself, Aries. September is a month for getting yourself in the best shape you possibly can. As the month progresses, you will become more receptive and aware regarding nutrition, your diet and exercise programs, like it or not. Mercury enters Libra, your 7th House of marriage on 9/9 and stays there until 9/28. Mercury in Libra brings about increased discussions where personal, legal and professional relationships are involved.  With Mercury in your 7th House, your personal and professional relationships become more established. You and a partner decide what you need individually to sustain your relationship while a professional relationship requires more effort from you. Mercury promises to iron out differences you might have in these areas, but discussions will be needed in order to fulfill you and keep the peace. Prepare for some challenges and be ready to listen to the advice of others. This will help you considerably but you will need to be receptive to others who might be having some challenges as well. 

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation and drive) occupies the month in Leo, a compatible fire sign that rules your 5th House of children, love, creative pursuits and also deals with taking risks and how you channel your creativity. With Mars in Leo, you tend to come alive and seek out approval and appreciation from others. The good news? Your partner is attentive, loving and showers you with affection. Mars will be in Leo until 10/15. Expect your sexuality to be greatly enhanced during this time and know that your sex appeal, sensuality and charm will stand out to others whether you are single or coupled.

Venus (love, romance and finances) begins the month in Libra. During this transit you can receive more appreciation and applause from your personal and professional relationships; however, there is a need to compromise this month as several planets will clash with Venus in Libra. Whenever Venus transits your 7th House, you will find a stronger commitment is made. This applies to your professional endeavors as well as a love relationship. Singles will be immersed in a new love or involved in a creative project that consumes their time. If single, this is your time to get out and accept any and all invitations that come your way, Aries. Pay special attention on 9/2, if single. Love is looking up for all Aries during this transit! Venus will be in Libra until 9/11. Venus will enter Scorpio on 9/11 through 10/7. Scorpio is your 8th House of power, sex and the money of others. An interest in offbeat subjects consumes your time and you could catch a lucky break where taxes, insurance or a partner's income are involved. Scorpio is the sign of extremes, so expect heightened emotional responses when dealing with a partner or where issues such as taxes, insurance and mortgages are involved.

A New Moon forms in Virgo on 9/5. This New Moon impacts your 6th House of health and wellness. Events will be fast paced and while this could be a hectic day, you need to keep conversations positive and ignore what you could perceive as criticism. Your talents are standing out but a strong need to pull back and keep your opinions to yourself will be the key on this date, Aries. Those in power positions could challenge you and your ideas on this date. Try to let others lead for ideal results and do not force your opinions on anyone.    

A Full Moon forms in Pisces on 9/19. This Full Moon impacts your 12th House of confinement. You might find that some time spent alone benefits you on this date as September promises to be a hectic month, especially professionally. However, you can make tremendous strides in your professional life, so take some time to rest and recharge on this date, Aries. Any time spent alone or behind the scenes promises to assist you positively this month, Aries.

On 9/20 Pluto turns direct in your 10th House of career. If you have been frustrated due to delays at your place of employment, you will begin to see serious progress as September wraps up.  Your authority and influence at work increases as this planet resumes direct this month.

A Virgo, Scorpio and a Pisces are involved. A Virgo helps you deal with fitness, health matters and your daily routines and desires to assist you in becoming the best you can be. If you feel as though Virgo is being critical of you, know that Virgo tends to be harder on themselves than you might think. Virgo admires your stamina and wants to help you perfect your life on a practical level. A Scorpio can bring about memories from the deep past and you may feel torn in some way. Expect some surprises in your relationships with Scorpio throughout September. A Pisces will disclose classified or some type of secret information to you.     

Stand out dates: 7th, 9th, 11th, 20th & 29th