Pisces in Love

 Sensitive, Compassionate, Kind, Intuitive and Sympathetic

 Idealistic, Secretive, Weak-Willed And Easily Mislead
Pisces are spiritual beings ruled by their feelings. Their journey through life involves soul searching and a serious retreat into the hazy world which exists between   fact and fiction. While they are very happy traveling the paths of their inner world, Pisces compassion and need to help others will ensure they return to the real world regularly.

Pisces tend to go where life takes them. If they do not like their current direction, they simply retreat into themselves until their path changes. One of the great dangers for Pisces is they sometimes become so involved in their dreams and fantasies that they find it difficult to separate   real from unreal and truth from deception. Another danger is that their empathetic nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of them.

Pisces must not allow themselves to become detached from those around them because these sweet spirits will become depressed, pessimistic and silent. Gentle Pisces are usually far too shy to toot their talents which in the arts are very prominent. Their compassion and empathy are their greatest assets - which makes them a great ally for just about anyone and everyone.

Pisces needs to be needed. They suffer from a fear of rejection and occasional low self-esteem. Pisces are tender and caring but frequently become the victims of domineering and uncaring partners. They submerge themselves in the experiences of their mates. If their partner is strong and  genuinely caring, lucky Pisces will soar to new heights. Conversely, if they find themselves in an unfulfilling relationship, they will prolong their agony - feeling they must have done something wrong to deserve the misery they suffer and this tends to make them become somewhat of a martyr.

Pisces do best when involved with a solid personality who will enjoy their romantic fantasies with them. There is no one more loyal and caring than a Pisces but their need for emotional and sensual reassurance sometimes leads to outside flirtations. Pisces are the most loving and giving of all 12 signs but their ability to select an inappropriate partner is legendary. In the right relationship, their sexuality blossoms and becomes something of an art form, especially as they get older, more experienced and more confident.

Aquarius in Love

Friendly, Humanitarian, Loyal, Inventive and Intellectual
Intractable, Unpredictable, Unemotional and Detached
Aquarius tend to be entrancing, exciting and unpredictable, yet somehow strangely/oddly detached from their surroundings. They are the zodiacs most eccentric personality. They are seekers of the new, unusual, innovative and challenging - which leads them in many directions. Aquarius may try several things out but without stability - they might not master anything. Aquarius are philanthropic, idealists and humanitarian by nature. They see their calling as making the world a better place for all of us.

Adventurous Aquarius are not averse to taking risks.Their optimism, friendly nature and positive outlook combined with idealism and the need to break new ground leads them into quite unfamiliar territory. Not that this bothers them for they are willing to follow any new lead to its conclusion/finish.

Aquarius are original, one of a kind and possess a universal consciousness with which they intend to drown materialism, monotony and injustice. Although Aquarius are compassionate and sympathetic to the needs of others, they prefer things to go their way. They can become very temperamental when things don't go their way. To Aquarius - freedom and exploration are VERY important. They hate to be tied down. Aquarius has a futuristic visionary style which often reflects social trends that become the standard far into the future.
One of Aquarius deepest needs is for a satisfying, complementary relationship which gives them freedom and tolerance combined with mental and physical stimulation. With the right person - they will be a passionate, uninhibited and an understanding lover intent on maintaining their bond for life. Receptivity will calm Aquarius rebellious tendencies. Unlike many, Aquarius rarely feels any pangs of jealousy. Their sex-drive is not unduly strong but their need to explore and be stimulated sometimes gives others the impression their desires are unconquerable and unrealistic.
They are very playful and attentive lovers and will put a great deal of energy into satisfying their partners. Aquarius is always ready, willing and open to all forms of experimentation (in the pursuit of new knowledge) and the fields of sexuality and relationships are no exception. Even though deep down they seek security, their love of originality and exploring unusual new fields or new endeavors gives them an attraction to partners with interesting, unconventional minds and bodies. This is someone who will never bore you!

Capricorn in Love


 Pessimistic, Fatalistic, Over Conventional and Rigid

 Ambitious, Patient, Careful, Humorous and Reserved
Capricorns are ambitious, hard working and never lose sight of their goals. While pragmatic Capricorn's "one step at a time" approach to getting things done may not be  that interesting - it always delivers the desired results.

It is not uncommon for Capricorns to be arrogant and overbearing while on their path to their success. Of course they will rationalize their behavior by saying a domineering nature is a natural trait of a born leader. Capricorns are industrious, practical and detail oriented. They are not ones to take risks, so they often have to wait for their success or that success comes late in life for them. Being patient and confident will help them succeed. The wait for victory is no problem whatsoever for Capricorn.

Capricorns are traditionalist to the point of often seeming ridged, stiff and or out of sync with others. They are not ones to wander far from home or chase wild dreams. They are rational and rarely have bursts of emotional displays. Sometimes they can seem greedy but their devotion to work and family offsets this tendency. Although their ambition may seem limitless, Capricorn never resorts to cheating in order to succeed. When success does come to them, they find it very fulfilling, because they attained it their way and had the patience to stick it out through the good times and not so good times.
In a relationship, Capricorns are a slow starters but prove to be infamous lovers, long-lasting and loyal partners. They are quite skilled in seduction and can surprise those they are involved with once they overcome their initial reservations. When aroused, Capricorns are enthusiastic, adventurous and loyal in the art of love and sex. They can be possessive and jealous when threatened, so they need to be made aware to avoid this type of behavior.

Partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of their passion, as it comes out of nowhere and from such a cool exterior. In marriage and close partnerships - they are loving, good providers and strive to develop a strong, healthy and happy home environment. Capricorns tend to conceal vulnerability beneath a confident veneer of ambition and material success - but stern Saturn (Capricorns planetary ruler) is always erupting beneath the fa├žade.


Libra in Love

Indecisive, Gullible, Flirtatious and Self-Indulgent

 Urbane, Romantic, Charming, Sociable and Diplomatic

Libras are seekers of balance, harmony and justice. Libras do best when paired up with others or when in a serious relationship. They don't really care/prefer to be alone. Those they pair with can count on them to be fair and avoid conflict if possible.

Often Libras appear indecisive.This is because in their best efforts to be fair - they must analyze every angle of a situation before coming to a decision. They really are out to do what is best for everyone around them. Libras are master strategists and organizers. Libras are outgoing, sociable and can charm anyone who engages them in conversation. When bored - they quickly become lethargic and may need those around them to supply a spark to get them back on track.

Libras love to know everything about the people around them - especially those they are closest to. They are always diplomatic and not averse to compromise especially if it avoids any type of discord/chaos. While Libra may not be team leaders - they CAN be counted on to plan any projects well. Their sense of fairness and balance helps lessen the number of conflicts that could potentially arise between project members. Libra greatest gift to us is we can trust them to be unbiased, objective and rational in their decisions at all times.
Libras love their homes and the idea of marriage turns them on big time. Time with their love and family makes them feel complete. To a large extent their love relationship becomes their identity. Libras can be very sensual and eager to explore spiritual, mental and physical limits of their love relationships.

Shaping their relationship and creating entrancing moments is where the Libra focuses his or her creativity best. Their ultimate goal is pleasure, commitment and harmony. Libras prefer to be the pursued, rather than pursue. The more attention their mate pours upon them, the happier they will become.
Libras are best involved with a special person who understands their need for romance and their search for the perfect environment. They are imaginative, kind and willing to experiment with all types of relationship styles. The happy Libra is one whose relationship is not simply just a coupling, but the joining of two souls who go through life merged as one, much like Pisces.

Virgo in Love



Fussy, Overcritical, Harsh, Perfectionist and Conservative
Modest, Meticulous, Reliable, Practical, Intelligent and Analytical

Naturally responsive to the needs of others, Virgos easily adapt to different people and changing circumstances by finding ways to make themselves useful. They do not have a desire to be in the spotlight. However, they can be very successful at promoting those who are.

 Virgos are meticulous, practical and can be known perfectionists. They abhor sloppiness, disorder and disorganization. They are sometimes seen as being far too picky. However, when you want a job done right the first time - get a Virgo to do it. Some Virgos are not above using an inability to achieve perfection as the excuse for their own idleness and unproductiveness but this rare quality is out of character with their true nature.

 Virgos have an inner drive to serve others/ to be useful, which must be met in order for them to be truly happy. They love to apply their analytical skills to solving the problems of others. They are generally witty, intelligent and entertaining but also at times way too critical. Because Virgos are worriers, they are prone to hypochondria. Virgos love material possessions and find it hard to accept anything that is not made with the best quality available.

Virgos are particular, practical and realistic as opposed to romantic. Oddly though, Virgos are skilled lovers in the art of lovemaking. Once their passion is properly ignited, love and lust can and will lead to an explosion. They are fastidious, quick and picky regarding the personal habits of others, which can be a serious turn-off for a potential mate and prevent Virgo from achieving a satisfying relationship or even participating in matters of love and seriously committed involvements.

They can be unwilling to discuss their deepest feelings with anyone unless it's a safe and trusted friend or lover. Anyone who desires to get to know Virgo deeply needs to be prepared to persevere in which case they will find a lifelong friend, ally and or lover in Virgo. Once Virgos have committed themselves to a lover, anyone showing interest in their lover is likely to spark jealousy. Overall, Virgos are devoted, make for faithful lovers and are generally readily willing to serve their mates.








Leo in Love

Bossy, Interfering, Dogmatic and Intolerant
Generous, Warmhearted Enthusiastic and Loving
Leo charisma and innate ability to lead naturally guarantees they will always be center stage (A place where they love to be, naturally). Leos are so full of warmth and optimism that it would be impossible to not find their company enjoyable. Fearless, powerful and dignified by nature, Leos make great leaders. The force of their passion guarantees that any task they undertake promises to be completed.

While they may seem domineering, even demanding at times, their goal is always to ensure the well being of all those in their tribe. Ever-confident Leos are also creative, idealistic and have a strong love for life. When leadership is required, a Leo is needed. They get the job done right and on time. Leos also have a talent for bringing out the very best out in those around them. They can also bring out the worst in others!

Warm-hearted Leos love to have fun and will go out of their way to make sure those around them are having fun, too! Leo loves games of all kinds. They are risk takers and will plunge into new projects on impulse, confident their talents will ensure success. Strong, honorable, optimistic and fun - very few will find the Leo charm hard to resist.
When in love, Leos love of adventure brings out the romantic in them. They are known as faithful lovers with a passion that appears intoxicating on the surface! Leo may not always be willing to be flexible as they have a strong need to be in control and like to be the lead initiator in everything they pursue. They can be hesitant to do anything that did not originate from their own fantasies. A love interest or potential love interest of Leo should slowly introduce new methods of expressing love and tenderness into their relationship with Leo. Once Leo realizes the excitement and passion extended to them, the Lion will proceed with enthusiasm, honor and gratitude.

Leo sometimes clings to toxic relationships because their egos will not allow them to admit they may have made a mistake. Big mistake, Leo! One of your biggest lessons in love will come from admitting your wrongs and apologizing to those who you may have trespassed upon, emotionally or in matters or love. Being naturally tenacious and forever optimistic, it is impossible for Leo to see any problems as insurmountable. This is where problems can arise with love interests or potential love interests.

Overall, Leo will prove to be an exciting, optimistic and confident mate. Their love of children makes them a naturally good parent. They are generous, warm and truly want the best for everyone so long as it doesn't interfere with their plans for themselves. Their loyalty and sense of honor makes it unlikely they will be indiscreet but if they don't feel happy or tended to 24/7, they will play around on the side.

Cancer in Love

  Changeable, Moody, Sensitive and Clingy
Emotional, Intuitive, Imaginative, Protective and Sympathetic
Cancers first love is their home and family. They love to nurture those around them. No sacrifice is too large to ensure their home is secure and their loved ones are safe, secure and happy. They are very kind and sharing. Cancers tend to be very moody and often retreat into themselves to regenerate and or sometimes sulk. The quickest way for them to rebound is to do what they do best: nurture others.

Cancers can be very iron-willed and like to have things their way. They are very sensitive and prone to slights and hurt easily. When in pain - Cancer retreats into themselves and brood, sulk and hide in their caves. Although generally they do not like confrontation, Cancers are not above seeking revenge against those who have hurt them. Cancers are compassionate and freely show their affection for others. They will set their problems aside to assist others in solving their own. Being extremely intuitive, they often know what is upsetting someone without being told. They are great communicators and can often help those in trouble with just a few words, a smile or a tender loving glance.

Overall, Cancers are quite outgoing and funny. They love to socialize with their friends, strangers and their family.Their need to care for those in their circle makes them an asset to any family, group or organization.

Cancer can be emotional, adaptable, cautious, loving, sympathetic, protective, moody and unable to let go at times. Their first love is their family. Family comes first for Cancer followed closely by friends, associates and loves. They tend to nurture those around them and there is no sacrifice too large to endure in order to insure that Cancer has and sustains a happy home and family life. They will go to great lengths to defend those they love and do everything in their power to make their circle of friends happy. Caution - Cancer can be moody, so it's very important that they retreat into their room or place of contentment once in awhile to recharge and rest those sensitive feelings of theirs.
Cancer has the ability to rebound from difficulties more successfully than others can. They are very compassionate and are able to talk to others and put their own issues aside to assist and aid others going through tough times. However, when Cancer is going through those times, they are instantly programmed to retreat and sulk. They might even desire to seek revenge against those who have wronged them (or those they perceive to have wronged them). This is not always the case, but Cancers find that it's almost impossible to ignore what others motives are. Talk about intuition! Cancer needs to take some time off when they feel the pain, emotions and suffering of others. Cancer can utilize their communication skills to assist others in solving their own. Cancers have the gift of communication - and they always put it to good use for themselves and for others. They can solve any problems with their words, famous intuition and not by hiding in their room and feeling sorry for themselves! They need to utilize their strong will to have things their way by NOT being overly sensitive and emotional. The secret to Cancer success is to come from a place of logic not emotion. Yes, Cancers are truly one of a kind!

Gemini in Love



Adaptable, Versatile, Communicative, Intellectual and Eloquent

Nervous, Tense, Inconsistent, Cunning and Inquisitive

Gemini is curious and intellectual by nature. They are forever exploring people and places in their quest to attain knowledge. Bright, witty and outgoing, the Gemini charm guarantees they will be the center of attention in any crowd. Matching their intellect is a well-developed imagination.

The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just whom you're dealing with. They sometimes appear fickle, flighty and susceptible to whims. These traits often make it difficult for Gemini to finish what they start. The other side of their dual personalities is they have an innate ability to multi-task which is favorable since their interests are so complex and seemingly varied.

The Gemini intellect is the key to their well being and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communication. Gemini are not born leaders and will usually defer a higher position to another/someone else. However - their concise thinking and creativity allow them to contribute positively to any project. While Gemini loves to talk, they also make for a great audience. Overall, their light spirit, natural curiosity and genuine interest in almost everything make them wonderful company.
Gemini is versatile, possesses a ton of energy and can talk their way in and out of love. Gemini is also restless though and needs to be stimulated on many levels before they decide to make any serious commitment. They get turned on by intelligent conversations, charm and wit, so the way to their heart is through their brain. They do best in love when involved with a solid, balanced, stronger personality who can tolerate their outgoing ways and playful spirit. It will be ultra important for their love to provide extra support and make special time for them. They need to find someone willing to experiment with any type of relationship style, and make sure that their partner is as articulate, tolerant, exciting and adventurous as they are.

Because they tend to be mutable, this makes them tend to stray easily or become restless, even when they are in love. However, this can create situations where they are torn between two options, whether it is two people, places or situations. In fact, regardless of whether or not they are tempted, they will continually be confronted with two choices, and this can cause angst and issues when it comes to making the right choice in love and professional matters. Beware that this conflict will play a role their love life. Gemini needs to learn to follow their intuition as opposed to logic when making decisions in their love life. If they can master this, then love will work out wonderfully for this multidimensional sign.


Taurus in Love


Patient, Reliable, Warmhearted, Loving, Determined and Security Loving
Jealous, Possessive, Resentful, Inflexible and Greedy

Taurus love pleasure and material gain. For Taurus the outcome is all that matters and it only matters if they have gained something.They are physically sensual, tender and love to bask in their accomplishments. Their ultimate pursuit is "the good life" in every sense of the word.

 Like the bull that represents them, Taurus can often be seen as stubborn. However, what some see as stubbornness is actually Taurus will to stay on their chosen course to reach their ultimate goals. Taurus are pragmatic, dependable and left to trudge along at their own speed.  They usually and always achieve that which they are seeking.

 Born under Venus, it really should come as no surprise these self-indulgent pleasure seekers are also great lovers of the arts and all things beautiful/harmonious. Taurus need to be surrounded by beauty and beautiful things to be 100% happy. This is someone who values tradition, stability and loyalty. At times - they may seem highly sentimental and overly emotional. Conversely, there is nothing impractical about the slightly conservative Taurus. They are not risk takers. Nor are they likely to fall for get rich quick schemes. While the ways of stable Taurus may not suit others, this very trait ensures that they find the rewards they seek in life.

Taurus are deeply romantic, affectionate and highly loyal. They value the harmony a happy home life creates. They tend to go to extremes to keep their mate happy, which when it comes to love- is no sacrifice to the sensuous Bull. The Taurus need for the great life is equally matched by their desire to share that life and those pleasures with someone special. In love, Taurus are straightforward, seductive and down-to-earth.

A no-nonsense approach is what they seek and too much verbalizing, complaining or complex fantasizing is not their strong trait. This does not mean Taurus is not capable of feeling love. Indeed, the depth of a Taurus's passion may not be ever understood by others. Music or other forms of sensual, non-verbal expression will strike a chord in the Taurus nature. Beyond faithful to friends and family, Taurus prefers long-lasting relationships and seeks to build strong alliances. This comes with maturity and often Taurus can be misled by their sensual natures when they are young.





Sagittarius in Love

Optimistic, Jovial, Good-Humored, Straightforward and Philosophical
 Careless, Irresponsible, Superficial and Restless

While Sagittarius are the nomads of the Zodiac - they do not wander aimlessly. They are seekers of the truth and will go anywhere, talk to anyone and get answers to their most intimate questions. Knowledge and wisdom drive them and provide the energy for their liberal approach to life. Sagittarius are drawn to the philosophical and spiritual because these subjects provide answers to the questions that burn deep within them.

Sagittarius are the intellectuals of the Zodiac. They are clear thinkers who appreciate others agreeing with their conclusions. Sometimes they are so overly confident that their decisions are beyond dispute, that they become dogmatic, unsettling and argumentative. However, Sagittarius quest for information drives them to listen to anyone and absorb what they find useful while disregarding the rest. In other words - they are capable of compromise.

It is the true nature of Sagittarius to roam freely. If they feel intellectually, emotionally or physically restricted - they may become bad/ill tempered, fast. When Sagittarius is given the freedom they need - they will be kind, optimistic, charming and not afraid to take an occasional risk. They are also a charming but can be self-indulgent procrastinators. Overall, if Sagittarius is allowed the freedom they need, they are delightful to be around.

Sagittarius love new forms of sexual expression that challenges, teaches and excites them. Both tolerant and eager to please, their honesty can sometimes prove too much for those who prefer a more mysterious, or subtle approach to love. Sagittarius is best involved with a steadier, stronger personality who understands their need for independence, yet still be there after an occasional temper tantrum. Their frank and open motives are often misunderstood and can seem threatening to more subdued signs. Take note Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces!

Although they hate to be tied down, they are willing to experiment with all manners of all relationship styles. As long as their partner is able to keep up with their wide-ranging interests and is prepared to come up with new experiments in lovemaking (and certainly does not mind them doing the same), their relationship will be exciting and reasonably long lasting. Mutual honesty is the key to success for Sagittarius in love.

Scorpio in Love

 Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive and Obstinate

Determined, Emotional, Intuitive, Passionate and Magnetic

Intuitive and ever curious, Scorpios are the great investigators of the Zodiac. They want to know everything about everyone. When an answer is needed, a Scorpio will find it for you. Unfortunately Scorpios seem to see only in black and white. They always have their own agenda and never fail to promote it.

 Scorpios are the masters of their fate. They know only one way to live: on their own terms. When life hands them a loss, they do not waste time sulking, but rather continue on their path, sure they will eventually succeed. Scorpios are driven by their intense passions and desires. Often they are seen as imperious.

Scorpios can appear secretive but really are not. Those around them may never know the depth of their passions. Probing the Scorpio psyche will only make them leery and cause them to flee.  Scorpios do not take slights well. If you cross them be assured they will retaliate with force. Scorpios never quit and never surrender. If anyone can get a difficult task done it is a Scorpio.

Scorpios have a dark and mysterious style which, combined with an irresistible personal magnetism, creates a fascination in members of the opposite sex and same sex as well. They ooze sexual excitement and require a partner who can keep up with their marvelous capacity for taking everything to the limit and far beyond. For Scorpio, emotions run deep, and their intuition is remarkably accurate. They can pick out a prospective partner at first sight. They need, however, to keep a part of themselves private and personal. They can react vigorously should a lover trespass in their personal domain.

Scorpio can be passionate and loyal in personal relationships, especially when they feel their partner to be an equal. Their biggest problem is finding someone who, while strong enough to maintain a tempestuous lifestyle, is interesting enough to remain a challenge. Once they find the right person they will mate for life. Despite their reputation, they make wonderful lovers and leave lasting impressions.

Aries in Love

  Quick-Tempered, Impulsive, Impatient and a Daredevil
Adventurous, Energetic, Courageous, Enthusiastic and Quick-Witted
Aries see themselves as consummate leaders. While they are excellent at initiating and overseeing projects, don't rely on them to be down in the dirt actually getting any work done. Aries are not afraid of being on the cutting edge of things. Energetic Aries love opportunities and challenges every new day brings.

Aries are blunt and outspoken often to the point that more sensitive souls around them  can and will become alienated. Aries are intrepid and aggressive. When needed they can almost always muster the inner-strength to face any challenge. Always competitive, Aries never lose sight of what is in their best interest.

Aries are often inclined to be egotistical and domineering. They prefer action to allowing things to settle on their own. They are never afraid to take chances or follow their impulses. When their actions fail to produce the expected results, they still pride themselves on at least trying. They love exploring new ground. They expect to be the first to go anywhere new. While Aries may not be for everyone, their courage and willingness to initiate action make them an asset to any team project.
You are a highly physical sign and you are capable of catching and keeping the type of lover you desire. You have the magnetism to entice people to do just about anything for you. Your playful and outgoing nature can revitalize and bring your spouse/lovers back to life like no one else can, Aries. Ambitious and spirited, you need a partner to believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. You are attracted by the chase. You will be drawn to those who oppose or challenge you in some way. Admit it, Aries, you love a challenge.
You are warm, generous and very affectionate. You motivate and energize the opposite sex. You tend to startle and surprise others. You can come across as aloof, although you don't realize it, and this is one of the secrets to your great success in love. Be yourself, Aries, and enjoy the results.

Once your confidence is gained, you give endlessly and passionately. This can scare some away some loves but the true ones who admire you will openly adore this side of you and brag all about it to their friends and family. You are unique, intelligent and have a wonderful sense of humor. You possess a way of imparting knowledge to others and this naturally makes you a teacher, role model and great parent. You receive satisfaction through teaching others, whether it comes through raising children, teaching a class or teaching your friends.