Aries Yearly Forecast for 2014

Painting by Gregory Morss

Good news, Aries: Jupiter (planet of expansion, prosperity and luck/good fortune) enters the compatible fire sign of Leo on 7/16-8/11/15. As the year begins, Jupiter will be in the home bound sign of Cancer, your 4th House of home, motherhood, issues past, family life and deals with your current residence. As you look back to last summer, (2013) you should take note of family dynamics and see what growth has occurred within your family circle. Jupiter promises to expand this area of your life (4th House - until July 16th). Your residence, family life and relationships with family members will be areas of luck/good fortune and prosperity for you during the 1st half of 2014. Just remember that while Jupiter is considered a lucky planet, it is also the planet of excess. You might tend to overestimate a relationship during this time. Remain grounded and realize that self-awareness is mandatory for you even under a lucky transit.  

Prepare to be swept off your feet once Jupiter (enters your 5th House of Leo) which rules entertainment, children, fun and good times. Jupiter in your 5th House can bring good fortune where children, creative pursuits and love affairs are involved. A pregnancy, love relationship or addition to your family are likely throughout this transit. Your creativity soars,  and you can expand personally and professionally. This transit of Jupiter promises to bring about movement and growth in these areas, single or coupled. Singles can meet a dream love during this time, while couples deepen a existing commitment in some way. A new addition to your family is also another possibility. The first half of 2014 brings prosperity where your home life is involved while the 2nd half of the year highlights children, hobbies, more affection and lots of entertainment. Once Jupiter enters Leo, you will be more confident and optimistic about love and any intimate relationships you're involved in. 

Your ruling planet , Mars, transits your opposite sign of Libra from 1/1 until 7/25. This is a long transit and can create some milestones with intimate and professional relationships. Realize though that you are in control of your behavior, so utilize diplomacy when dealing with a marriage, legal issues or if you're going through a divorce. On March 1st, Mars turns retrograde in your 7th House of legal issues, the law and marriage. The 7th House also rules divorce, so when Mars is retrograde (3/1-5/19) you could encounter some relationship turbulence or alternatively set past issues straight once and for all. When Mars is moving direct, this is your best time to take action, promote your ideas and plan professional and personal moves. It is advisable to take a cue from Libra and practice the art of diplomacy while Mars moves direct for ideal results.

The year begins with Venus (Planet of love) in Capricorn, your 10th House of career, prestige and authority figures. This retrograde lasts until 2/1, so you could be overly focused on your career, possibly changing jobs or thinking about ways to improve your professional life. Good news, Aries. Co-workers, bosses and associates admire your dedication and motivation as the year begins - despite any doubts you might have been secretly harboring.  It is always advisable to not make any big moves during any retrograde periods. January promises to bring about applause from a boss or authority figure. February could create some mild friction where your reputation is involved or you could find yourself regretting something you said or did in haste. If you're thinking about changing careers or jobs this year, wait until August for best results. The first half of 2014 is not a prosperous time for making any radical changes in your professional endeavors. 

  A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play heartfelt and key roles throughout this year. The months of March, May and October promise to be memorable months.This will be a powerful year, especially regarding your career and where business transactions and money are involved, Aries. Just take your time and realize a slow and steady pace always favors you!

Your ideal times for love in 2014 occur whenever the planet Venus transits a fire sign element. For you that would be when Venus occupies Aries (5/2 - 5/28), Leo (8/12 - 9/5) and Sagittarius (11/16 -12/10). During these times, you're feeling upbeat, less stressed and notice others will be more drawn to you. These are great times/periods for single or coupled Aries. Couples can expect to get closer or make a serious commitment that is bound to last. Singles could meet a potential new love during these dates.