Cancer Yearly Forecast for 2014

Your planetary ruler is the Moon, Cancer. In Astrology, the Moon represents our emotional nature and speaks about issues of security, whether it's personal security, home, financial or the security you get from family life. You need a calm atmosphere/sanctuary that soothes you, where you take great comfort in knowing there is a safe place for you to retreat from the world. Cancer (You) are also known to be extremely intuitive and can be seen/perceived as overly concerned with your finances, your personal possessions and your property. Home life is everything to you, so unless you're in charge of your home life or if your personal possessions are threatened in any way, you tend to react, retreat and eventually turn your energies inwards.The key to navigating any turbulence of 2014 requires a subtle yet indirect approach. It's a year of love, partnerships and making a big commitment to a serious relationship that means the world to you.      

Jupiter (Luck/Prosperity) begins the year in your sign, Cancer. You should begin to see by now - some serious expansion (personal, family, home or professional) throughout Jupiter in your sign, Cancer! Jupiter has been in Cancer since Summer of 2013. Jupiter can bring about a new love, if that's what you seek, or you could climb to the top of the corporate ladder under Jupiter's influence. It all depends on your beliefs, hopes and desires. Jupiter can bring about excess, so it's ideal for you to remain grounded and realistic in your relationships, personal, professional and social during this time. Jupiter enters Leo on 7/16. Leo is your 2nd House of finance. Jupiter will exit your 1st House and enter Leo, your 2nd House until 8/13/2015. 

Mars (Physical & Sexual Energy/Motivation) begins the year in Libra, your 4th House of home, motherhood, issues from the past and deals with your residence. Expect to feel motivated with Mars moving direct in your home, relatives and family sector, Cancer. In 2014, Mars will turn retrograde on 3/1-5/19, creating a sudden reversal of physical energy, sexual energy and possible physical motivation. During Mars retrograde in Libra, you might notice some delays occur with regards to relatives, your current residence, issues past and the topic of motherhood.  

The good news? Mars enters Scorpio, your 5th House of creative projects, children, sex and and taking big risks on July 25th. This Mars transit promises to strengthen your most intimate relationships. Expect powerful gains in personal and professional matters.The 5th House is where you will exert the most power. Mars will be in Scorpio from 7/25 - 9/13. 

Saturn (Lessons/Pressure) will exit Scorpio, your 5th House of love, creativity and gambling/taking risks on 12/23. Saturn in Scorpio has been touring your 5th House since 2012. By now - you should have a general idea of how this transit has manifested in your life, Cancer. Think back to 2012 and your love relationships, your children or any creative projects in which you're involved in - now look to your present status in these areas. What lessons have you learned or what gains have you made? If you have put in the discipline, time and hard work this planet requires (and face it, most Cancer always do), you should be able to see the rewards you create via working diligently when it comes to how you have treated others in your past. Yes, Saturn represents karma, so in 2014 you reap what you have sown, past and present, in your personal life and when dealing with all properties of the 5th House. During Saturn in Scorpio, pay extra close attention and give serious affection to your children/ a child and a love interest, single and/or coupled. April will be a month to pay close attention to. Exercise patience and tolerance and know that as long as you put out good will and extend kindness to everyone you come in contact with, the happier you will remain. With Saturn in Scorpio - you CAN take risks, personally and professionally. On 12/23, Saturn enters Sagittarius, your 6th House of work, routines and health for 2.5 years. It's time to begin a serious exercise regimen if you don't already have one, Cancer. The pressure shifts from love to health, diet and your daily routines once Saturn enters Sagittarius.

Your ideal times for love in 2014 occur whenever the planet Venus transits a water sign element. For you that would be when Venus occupies Cancer (7/18 - 8/12), Scorpio (10/23 - 11/16) and Pisces (4/5 -5/2). During these dates, you're feeling upbeat, less stressed and notice others will be more drawn to you. These are great times/periods for single or coupled Cancer. Couples can expect to get closer or make a serious commitment that is bound to last. Singles could meet a potential new love during these dates.

 In 2014, your famous intuition continues to be your greatest asset when dealing with marriage, legal issues/contracts, open enemies and even divorce matters, for better or for worse. You will "know without knowing" who you can instinctively trust versus who might not have your best interest after all. You come to a conclusion that there is strength in numbers and ultimately decide to take a professional matter in a brand new direction. What a difference a year makes, Cancer!

   Another Cancer, Capricorn and a Pisces will surprise you this year, Cancer. A Capricorn has strong opinions and might not understand your true intentions. Spell them out for this individual! Another Cancer will step up and extend a loving hand when you need it most. A Pisces will be someone you have known for years and continue to connect with. Serious commitments can and will be made throughout this most memorable year, Cancer.  

Challenging months: May, July and August
Best Month EVER: December
Your best colors for 2014: Emerald, silver and lavender