Capricorn Yearly Forecast for 2014

Painting by Gregory Morss

Saturn - your planetary ruler (which deals with Structure/Order and Foundations) begins the year in your 11th House of friendships, wishes and favors group affiliations. With Saturn, you are rewarded for efforts have taken in the past, especially where groups, your hopes and friendships are involved. Good deeds performed catch up with you, or if you have taken the easy way out, you will be reminded and get a wake up call to remember. Capricorn is known as a disciplined, hard working sign with a reputation for being astute in every undertaking, whether it's a personal, social or professional endeavor. Under the influence of Saturn in your 11th House, your ability to work with groups stands out and gets you noticed, Capricorn! Your hopes, wishes and friendships can undergo massive change, for the better. Expect to reap rewards for past performance when it comes to your friends and any group affiliations during this year. Possibilities? A group to which you worked with in the past enters your life again and presents you with an offer you simply can't refuse.

Mars (Physical Energy/Sexuality & Motivation) occupies your 10th House of career, prestige and public honors in the partnership sign of Libra until 7/25. Mars in your 10th House   can bring about a physical motivation which places a bigger emphasis your career matters, while interacting with authority figures and can shine a spotlight on your reputation, Capricorn. Mars will begin the year in your 10th House and remains there until 7/25, when it enters your 11th House. Mars turns retrograde on 3/1- 5/20. During this time, you might want to think carefully and possibly revisit issues past dealing with your career, those in authority and where your public reputation is involved. Mars is considered weakened while in retrograde motion. Mars will spend the first 7 plus months of the year in Libra and enters your sign on 10/26-12/4. When Mars enters your sign, it's all systems go. With Mars in Capricorn, you're an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, Capricorn. 

The good news? Jupiter (luck, expansion and good fortune) begins the year in Cancer, your 7th House of marriage) and remains there for the first half of 2014, Capricorn. Jupiter enters Leo, your 8th House of money, shared resources and personal transformation on 7/16. During the first seven and a half months of 2014, you experience expansion, luck and can make gains in a marriage or when dealing with professional matters. Jupiter will tour your 7th House beginning 1/1 - 7/16. During this time, Love looks especially expansive for Capricorns, single or coupled. Your luck and prosperity come from this lucky planet that will tour through your 7th and 8th Houses in 2014.

Your ideal times for love in 2014 occur whenever the planet Venus transits an earth sign element. For you that would be when Venus occupies Taurus (5/28 - 6/23), Virgo (9/5 - 9/29) and Capricorn (12/10 -1/4/15). During these dates, you're feeling upbeat, less stressed and notice others will be more drawn to you. These are great times/periods for single or coupled Taurus. Couples can expect to get closer or make a serious commitment that is bound to last. Singles could meet a potential new love during these dates. 

Your BEST months of 2014: January and December 
Your best colors: Emerald, lilac and silver