Sagittarius Yearly Forecast for 2014

Painting by Gregory Morss

 Jupiter (luck, expansion, movement and good fortune) your ruling planet - begins the year in Cancer, your 8th House of deeply committed relationships, money and personal transformation) Jupiter remains in Cancer for the first seven and a half months of 2014. Jupiter enters Leo, your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing and higher education on 7/16. During the first seven and half months of 2014, your greatest luck and expansion occurs when dealing with your career matters, personal relationships and/or you could even get lucky where insurance, taxes and mortgages are involved in some way. More money at your disposal is also another possibility with Jupiter in Cancer. The 8th House rules diverse areas/properties and Jupiter (your planetary ruler) is about where you get lucky and experience the most expansion and movement.  You could benefit from the money of others or you could expand your own finances with Jupiter in your 8th House. On 7/16, Jupiter changes signs in Leo until 8/11/15. Leo is a compatible fire sign that rules your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing, highlights higher learning and deals with your worldviews/spirituality. There is no telling how this can play out, Sagittarius. It really depends on what you desire and what you hope to achieve. Luck comes to you in 2014 from your planetary ruler (Jupiter) that tours through your 8th and 9th Houses in 2014, Sagittarius. 
Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation) occupies your 11th House of friendships, your hopes and wishes and highlights your social circles) in the compatible social/outgoing sign of Libra (partnerships & marriage) as 2014 begins, and remains in this marriage minded/partnership oriented sign until 7/25. Mars in your 11th House brings about the need or desire to work on your friendships and focus more exclusively on your hopes and wishes for your overall life in 2014. Mars turns retrograde on 3/1- 5/19. During this time, expect slow downs in these very areas. You could feel worn down, less motivated and notice that something seems off. Mars is powerful energy and tells about our physical energy and motivation - per Astrology. It remains weakened while in retrograde motion.  During the Mars retrograde (3/1-5/19), don't rush, tone down impatience and take your time when interacting with close friends, Sagittarius. Remember that Mars (negatively aspected) is testy energy - especially when retrograde. With Mars moving direct in a compatible air sign of Libra through 7/25, it's all systems go for you. Agreements are finalized, friendships get stronger and ex loves or friends from your past can resurface. Remember though that when it's retrograde (see above dates), it signals a time to slow down and refrain from making drastic changes or spur of the moment decisions.

Mars enters Sagittarius 9/13-10/26. This will be a powerful time of self expression, achievement and personal accomplishment. You feel way more energized and ready to tackle those projects you might have been procrastinating earlier in the year. Once Mars enters Sagittarius, this is the time to focus on your hopes and wishes and set them in motion.
Saturn (Structures/pressure) continues to transit your 12th House, (secrets, self imposed seclusion and can bring about privacy issues or concerns). Saturn is the planet of lessons and demands hard work from you. With Saturn in your 12th House, It would be advisable to confront any issues from your past that might need closure. Secrets could come to your attention and so could issues such as psychology, life after death and anything that is buried or hidden. Saturn will exit Scorpio and enter your sign on 12/23/14. More about this upcoming transit will be covered in your monthly forecasts for December.

Your ideal times for love in 2014 occur whenever the planet Venus transits a fire sign element. For you that would be when Venus occupies Aries (5/2 - 5/28), Leo (8/12 - 9/5) and Sagittarius (11/16 -12/10). During these dates, you're feeling upbeat, less stressed and notice others will be more drawn to you. These are great times/periods for single or coupled Sagittarius. Couples can expect to get closer or make a serious commitment that is bound to last. Singles could meet a potential new love during these dates. 

It's a #7 personal year for you, Sagittarius. The number # 7 can bring about mysteries, covert operations and behind closed door meetings to your attention. The mutable signs of Virgo and Pisces will play key roles in the years events. A Gemini and another Sagittarius can also figure into this picture.  

Your BEST months of 2014: September & December
Your best colors: Purple, deep navy and orange