Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4/14

It's an eclipse week. The Solar (Sun) New Moon eclipse occurs in the Venus (Love & Money) ruled sign of Taurus on 4/29. Solar eclipses tend to signal beginnings and endings - whereas Lunar eclipses deal with our internal emotions and what we might prefer to keep to ourselves. Under the influence of this weeks Solar eclipse, we can be forced to confront someone or something that has been elusive (to us) in the deep past or recent past. The truth emerges and clarity becomes evident to each and every one of us. Love and romance are highlighted and take center stage this week as we ALL learn where we officially stand in our loves lives, single and coupled. All signs can expect to be dealing with some type of beginning and or an ending in his or her personal life - or both. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the effects of this eclipse most strongly. This is a week for every sign to control your reactions, emotions and to contain yourself when it comes to unexpected events and surprising or secret information that comes to light suddenly and unexpectedly. Where will this Solar eclipse impact you most?

The solar eclipse in Taurus falls in your 2nd House of money, personal possessions and what you value in terms of your finances (spending, saving or making financial purchases). This week centers on your resources, your current financial condition and places a heavy emphasis on your material values. You could change your outlook on money and what it means to you on a personal level this week. Something unexpected comes up and you might have to make a spur of the moment decision where your income is involved. Expect lots of talks and ongoing conversations to focus on finances, more so than normal, Aries. Where one door shuts - another one promises to open for you with better than expected results, Aries. Consult a Cancer, Libra and a Capricorn for support.    

The solar eclipse impacts your 1st House of fresh starts, new beginnings and highlights your physical appearance. Expect your personal charm and presence to be highly attractive to most everyone you come into contact with, Taurus. Your express yourself elegantly and your ideas promise to stand out and impress those closest to you, single or coupled. Single Taurus could meet a new love while couples decide make a life changing step. Big changes are in store for you Taurus when dealing with the public and especially where your love life is involved. Expect a warm reception wherever you travel (work, home, on a date and while in public/transit) this week. A Cancer, Virgo and a Pisces will be involved.  

The solar eclipse impacts your 12th House of secrets, issues past and deals with matters occurring behind closed doors. A relationship concern or matter from long ago and far away resurfaces this week. Avoid confrontations and know that the less said, the better off you will be this week and in the long run, Gemini. Yes, this is your week to keep a low profile! Your ruling planet, Mercury, forms a harmonious angle to this eclipse suggesting that taking "time away/out" promises to benefit you enormously, Gemini. This applies to your personal life especially. Therapy, meditation and working on any type of creative project will be therapeutic for you and promises to bring about a fresh start in a new direction - where one is needed, bad! Confide in a close friend if the going gets rough. A Taurus, Virgo and a Pisces will be on your mind.   
The solar eclipse impacts your 11th House of friendships, hopes and highlights your wishes, Cancer. You might find emotions (your and others) are running hot and cold throughout the week. You can make enormous strides when dealing with ongoing friendships, any groups to which you affiliate/participate with and where your hopes and dreams for the future are concerned. As long as you temper  emotional responses and come from a place of reason, logic and sincerity, you could be presented with new offers to network with people in high places, such a VIPs. Yes, Cancer, people in power positions are watching you, so behave accordingly and watch for new offers to emerge that bring about an invitation to mix and mingle with influential people. A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio will be involved.    

The solar eclipse impacts your 10th House of prestige, career and authority figures. It's all about your career this week, Leo. This week largely depends on how you handle sudden changes or unforeseen circumstances. Your personal prestige, career and dealings with authority figures are areas to pay special attention to. You could be feeling impatient, restless and out of sync with associates if you don't control your temper, pride or your impulses. Maintain your composure and reach out to those who wish to assist you. You could be presented with a new offer in a career matter or someone in a position of authority has an offer you simply cannot refuse. Women will be especially helpful to you this week, Leo. Pay serious attention to what transpires on 4/23 & 4/28 & 4/29. With Mercury (Communications) in Taurus (your 10th House), expect some issues relating to power or your public persona to surface. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated and see what develops. A Taurus, another Leo and an Aquarius will be involved. 

The solar eclipse impacts your 9th House of overseas travel, people in exotic places, publishing and heightens your interest in religion & issues centering around your spirituality/ spiritual views. Matters pertaining to higher education also promise to stand out and appeal to you during this eclipse week, Virgo. This is an excellent time for you to focus on your powers of self expression, get out and network and watch new offers pour in as a result. People overseas, at a distance and out of state will capture your attention. Tone down emotions and focus on the details of every project you undertake this week. Legal contracts and legal issues can come to your attention, Virgo. Following a methodical and logical approach promises to bring about potential new offers in your professional life. A tender, loving and supportive approach helps you see the light in an ongoing romance, single or coupled. Virgo decides once and for all who they want to couple with and it's all or nothing this week where love is involved! Another Virgo, Scorpio and a Capricorn are involved.

The solar eclipse falls in your 8th House of personal transformation, Libra. It's time to tear down in order to rebuild from the ground up, Libra. Partnerships (love and marriage) could encounter some resistance, delays or be met with serious challenges this week. You desire closeness but could experience some interference and the need to regroup in the process. Self-indulgence works against you this week in personal matters/affairs. This is not a good time to rest on your laurels, single or coupled. You need to focus more closely on your career, examine your finances and accept what comes your way in any ongoing romance. Where love is involved, single or coupled, be careful of secrets surfacing when you least expect them to. Your health could also command the attention of others this week. Listen to what those closest to you are telling you regarding a health issue or concern. All Libras figure out where they stand in love this week. If you don't now, you will within the week, single or coupled. It's time for you to show others a new and exciting side of yourself. A Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces will be involved.       

The solar eclipse falls in your 7th House of marriage/partnerships and legal contracts, Scorpio. This is your week to push forward where a close partnership is involved. Be advised that emotional displays will work against you. With Mercury in Taurus, there will be many conversations taking place about love whether you're single or coupled. It is highly recommended/advisable that you put your undivided focus on personal and professional partnerships for ideal results, Scorpio. Just tone down any hint of impatience while doing so. Legal matters come to your attention and you learn where you stand with regards to a possible contract. Mercury (Communications) in Taurus will assist you in communicating your thoughts and ideas clearly to others. This week puts a serious, sobering and heavy emphasis on your personal and professional relationships. Single or coupled, Scorpio ends April knowing precisely where they stand in love, business and legal matters. A Taurus, Libra and an Aquarius will be involved. 

The solar eclipse falls in your 6th House of health, wellness and deals with issues of repair and maintenance, Sagittarius. The pace is fast and you're busy working out the details of an important project that revolves around health (yours or that of someone close to you) your career and areas such as repairs and maintenance that continue to come up suddenly. You appear to refuse to tolerate disorder and demand efficiency from those closest to you this week. Pay attention to events that transpire on 4/24 and 4/28. Whatever occurs on these dates promise to give you an idea of how this eclipse will ultimately play out for you. It's time for you to go above and beyond where service to others is requested. The rewards will thrill you and then some, Sagittarius! A Taurus, Libra and Pisces will be involved.  

The solar eclipse falls in your 5th House of love, creative projects and also deals with children. Issues from the past regarding love, children or a creative project could come back and capture your undivided attention this week, Capricorn. Mercury (Communications) also enters the friendly compatible earth sign of Taurus - bringing about favorable news where fun, your hobbies and romance are involved. Expect to receive a new offer that revolves around your creativity or where you have taken a serious risk (past or present). Single Capricorns could meet (or be dealing with) a new love interest who complements them perfectly. Keep in control of your emotional reactions to events this week relating to children, love relationships and anything you enjoy doing for fun. As long as you display maturity (this comes naturally for Capricorn) you always come out a winner! A Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius are involved.    

The solar eclipse falls in your 4th House of home, relatives and deals with the issues of motherhood. You could also be dealing with issues from your past. This week centers on your current residence, relatives and shines a spotlight on  areas such as motherhood. Emotions will run high, so temper your reactions to people who can appear challenging to you. This will be an eye opening week for you, single or coupled. You will be able to perceive people and relationships accurately and decide what you can do to improve your home and family life. Expect lots of discussions and improvements on the home front. Radical changes are in store for you where your relatives, home life and making improvements are involved. A new chapter is beginning while you say farewell to an old one. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn are involved. 

The solar Eclipse falls in your 3rd House of self-expression, neighbors, siblings and community matters. Tone down emotions this week and you can get your way, Pisces. The eclipse in Taurus brings about new offers with regards to neighbors, siblings and your ability to persuade others effectively. Neighbors and community issues are in the spotlight and can be resolved with a loving, tender and kind approach. You could find more people interested, many consulting you and an ongoing relationship becomes more supportive than you previously imagined. Whatever has been kept from you gets revealed this week. Follow your famous intuition but remain in control of your responses when dealing with areas relating to self-expression, neighbors and community affairs. An Aries, Leo and a Libra will be involved.