Weeklies for 5/21 - 5/28/2014 - The Sun in Gemini

 Today, the Sun enters Gemini - the natural ruler of the 3rd House. The 3rd House rules intellect, travel, siblings, neighbors and self-expression. Where/what House and what themes does the sign of Gemini have in store for you in the month ahead?

The Sun transits into Gemini today and impacts your 4th House of home, property, real estate, family members, issues from the past and shines a spotlight on your residence until 6/20, Pisces. You can make your home a sanctuary during these next four weeks, so focus on what you desire and sit back and watch for improvements in this area throughout this transit.

The Moon enters your 1st House of personality, fresh starts and your physical appearance today and tomorrow. This Moon increases your beauty, talent and makes you more attractive to the opposite and same sex. Your intuition will let you decipher fact from fiction, professionally and personally. Sunday finds you in a great mood where your personal life is involved. It's an exciting time of change, growth and a new world where your love life is involved. Enjoy Sunday as it is an excellent day for spending quality time with a special someone. A Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will inspire you.  


The Suns entrance into the sign of Gemini today takes place in your 3rd House of siblings, communication, short trips and neighbors until 6/20. Relationships with your siblings, neighbors and everyday routines could be on high alert as events/the pace speeds up unexpectedly, Aries. 

The Moon is now in Pisces - bringing about some unexpected/surprise emotions to the surface in your 12th House of secrets/hidden enemies, endings, psychology, solitude and a serious need for some privacy. You might be surprised to note you possess sudden insight into what secretly motivates you whenever you're spending time alone today and tomorrow, Aries. Relationships with women can be challenging for you during this time (Moon in Pisces).
The next two days are an excellent time for you to meditate, write in a journal, practice yoga and or study psychology. The Moon enters your 1st House of appearances on Friday afternoon. Your personal relationships and professional conversations and relationships tend to work in your favor  this weekend - especially now with Mars (your planetary ruler) finally having moved direct in your 7th House of marriage. Your determination, loyalty and physical appearance/attractiveness will be evident, appreciated and applauded by those you work, socialize, travel and play with, Aries. A Gemini, Libra and a Sagittarius will be involved and display a tender loving side.


The Suns entrance into the sign of Gemini impacts your 2nd House of finances, property, valuables and your personal possessions.The Moon in Pisces impacts your 11th House of friends, hopes and wishes. Wednesday and Thursday will be days to shine as you recognize that there is strength and power in numbers. Others find you attractive and your powers of persuasion will be off the charts, Taurus. Friends come to you for answers to intimate questions and view you as competent and more than capable of assisting them where needed. These same friends will help you too, so be of service to those who might need some guidance during a rough time. This is a weekend to benefit through your hopes and personal wishes. There will be friends supporting you privately, romantically and publicly. All eyes are on Taurus with special help coming from another Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn. Take some time on Sunday to organize your hopes and examine your goals, not the goals that others expect from you, Taurus. The more you remain true to your beliefs, the happier you will ultimately be. 
A Cancer, Capricorn and a Sagittarius are involved.


Happy Birthday, Gemini! The Sun enters your 1st House of sex appeal, beauty and personality today until 6/20, Gemini. You are in the spotlight and you can make great strides personally, publicly and professionally.

The Moon in Pisces brings about some surprise emotions to the surface as it transits your 10th House of career, authority, public reputation and prestige. Expect to gain serious insight into your career, love relationships and business matters this week. The public finds you fascinating - but you might want to tone down impatience when it comes to your fan base. Your life is more public now, so try a different approach in keeping VIPs and those in authority in your good graces.  Special to Gemini: Be careful this week as words you choose could have strong repercussions with an authority figure or a loved one. Not to worry though: People in power positions are watching you and taking note of your accomplishments. Bosses, loved ones and VIPs promise to have your back this week, Gemini! A Virgo, Scorpio and an Aquarius will play uplifting roles.   


The Suns transit into Gemini touches your 12th House of privacy - which is the most secret and personal part of your chart, Cancer. You could be on the receiving end of unwanted attention from more than one associate or love interest, single or coupled. The 12th House also deals with hospitals, institutions and government offices. You might desire some private time as the 12th House also deals with  isolation - self imposed or otherwise.

The Moon in Pisces transits your 9th House of travel, legalities, higher education, spirituality and publishing. There could also be some new experiences or offers for foreign travel. This week is a great time to focus on higher learning, advertising, promotion, long distance travel and on maintaining a positive outlook, Cancer. Since the Pisces Moon is in a compatible water sign, the past could take on greater importance and you might find yourself obsessing about someone or something that relates to your past - someone from a foreign country or someplace local? Participate in activities that are out of your comfort zone. Explore another culture or religion and follow your impulses, Cancer. A Taurus, Libra and a Capricorn will be supportive.


The Suns transit through the sign of Gemini impacts your 11th House of friends, groups of like minded people and focuses on your deepest hopes, needs and wishes. Friendships and socializing are where the fun begins today and this upbeat energy lasts until 6/20. Offers to attend parties, socialize more and invitations pour in during the Suns transit in the compatible air sign of Gemini. There could be an ex love who emerges during this time, Leo.

The Moon in Pisces impacts your 8th House of shared resources, money, your partners financial status, transformation, death, rebirth, inheritances and taxes. You gain more insight into the struggles of others and could find yourself dealing with an issue relating to a partner who is experiencing a rise or fall in income. Expect the areas of sex and finances to be highly charged during the Moon in Pisces, Leo. Be a positive influence in the life of someone who might need guidance for ideal results. A Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces will be involved.

The Suns entrance into Gemini falls in your 10th House of status, prestige and ambition today. You will be overly concerned with friendships, VIPs, your public persona and the opinions of higher ups/authority figures. You might find yourself attracting VIP's, authority figures and exciting types of people into your life throughout this transit that lasts until 6/20. Your place of employment might need a make over or at the very least, a change of some type. Something at your job is up for debate. Perhaps, you want/need to make a change in this area, Virgo!

The Moon in Pisces transits your 7th House of marriage, business relationships and the legal system today and tomorrow, Virgo. Your powers of persuasion peak and you feel good about the direction in which your love life is headed. It's a week tailor made for Virgo. Wednesday and Thursday find you and a partner in perfect sync as you decide to take a trip, make plans for a special date or decide to travel together. You have greater insight into your partners desires and vice verse. Realize you have more than enough time to accomplish everything you set out to do this week. Try not to be overly hard on yourself or others. This is not a good week to push others for answers. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius are involved.


The Suns transit through the sign of Gemini impacts your 9thmHouse of overseas travel, publishing, advertising, promotion, distant places and people from foreign places/countries to your immediate attention.
 The Moon enters Pisces today and brings some sentimental emotions to the surface in dealing with your 6th House of work, health, employment, daily routine, repairs and maintenance that might not be yours - but continue to fall on your shoulders. There could be some issues with your health than need immediate attention. This is a great time to break a destructive addiction, Libra. Focus on maintaining an optimal weight, following a nutritious diet and taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit. Repairs and maintenance could also come to your attention as can your daily routines. Friends and family will depend on you to help them achieve their hopes and wishes this week. Letting others have their own voice without chiming in brings you even closer to these valuable relationships. An Aries, Gemini and a Scorpio will play familiar roles.
The Sun in Gemini falls in your 8th House of sex, power that you have disowned, rebirth and personal physical transformations, Scorpio. The 8th House also deals with subjects like sex and money. All properties of the 8th House will come to your attention with the Sun in Gemini until 6/20 when the Sun enters Cancer on 6/21, your 9th House! 

The Moon enters Pisces today and impacts your 5th House of love, creativity and deals with children. These areas will come to your immediate attention on Wednesday &Thursday. With the Moon in Pisces, you will be drawn towards love and a relationship that has depth and continues to evolve. It's an ideal time to express your affection to a partner or someone you care for deeply. Friday is all about service to others and your health. Perform a kind service for someone and expect nothing in return. Saturday will also ask that you take into consideration the feelings of others and be advised that you could be prone to accidents. Be careful with driving and around your home. Accidents can occur under the Aries Moon. An Aries, Gemini and a Leo will be helpful. 

The Suns visit to Gemini brings out your passionate and creative side today as it transits your 7th House of marriage and committed relationships until 6/20. It's time to let loose and have fun. You will notice your popularity surging with the opposite sex throughout this transit that lasts until 6/20, Sagittarius. This is your time to make your love life the best you want or hope for it to be. Are you happy? Do you love this person? Ask yourself these questions when the Sun transits your 7th House, Sagittarius. You won't be disappointed.

 The Moon enters Pisces early this morning and can bring deep emotions to the surface in your 4th House of home, motherhood, the past, your current residence and relatives. This is a great time for you to make peace with family members, start a family, buy a new home, move or deal with family issues that might need to come out in the open, Sagittarius. Mercury (Communications) in Gemini is favoring you - but if you plan on making any purchases, do so before Mercury changes signs next week. Your speaking and writing skills impress those in power and your sex appeal stands out.  Events occurring behind closed doors or top secret information comes to your immediate attention, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. An Aries, Taurus and a Leo play important/serious roles.  

The Suns entrance in Gemini affects your career and what you do for a living as it transits your 6th House of repair, health, maintenance and your daily routines, Capricorn. Some unexpected assignments could suddenly land in your hands, you could receive a promotion in business or find a daily routine that suits you ideally throughout the Suns transit of Gemini which lasts until 6/20.

 The Moon in Pisces occurs in your 3rd House of expert communications, siblings, community and neighborhood matters and also short distance trips and travels. You'll possess a strong desire to keep in contact with siblings, family members or those with whom you are attached. Having meaningful conversations promise to bring out your  tender loving feelings. Take extra care and caution while driving short distances. Expect some adjustments when dealing with travel or scheduling travel plans. Female relatives play a strong role in your week. Older and younger females will voice strong opinions about what you should and shouldn't do. This is a week to follow your heart and come to your own conclusions. You will know what to do even if you have occasional doubts. A Gemini, Libra and a Pisces play important roles.   

The Suns enters in Gemini today - your 5th House of love, children and creativity. Whether you realize it or not, others are craving more love/assurance from you, Aquarius. Remain on top of your most important relationships (especially a romantic interest and children, if you have them) The stars favor you in these areas until 6/20. Also know that this is a fortunate time for any dealings with your love life, with a child (yours or someone elses) The signs of Virgo and Pisces could play important roles in your life this week. With a Virgo, you could become concerned about finances, money and long term love and or security with this individual. There could be a mystery surrounding the behavior of a Virgo this week. With Pisces, you might need this individuals assistance or expertise to help in you in business or when it comes to making additions to your family.
 The Moon in Pisces transits your 2nd House of finance and what you deem valuable. This Moon benefits you one way or another, Aquarius. Do you really need to buy that costly item? Is it really that necessary? Ask yourself these questions before you spend impulsively during the Pisces Moon. Friday is a time to reflect, review and recommit to a love relationship.You have existing commitments to honor, personal and professional. Try not to overburdening yourself by creating any more obligations. A Taurus will also play a serious role.