Pisces Forecast for July of 2014

As July opens, the Sun transits your 5th House of love, sex, children, creativity and puts a strong emphasis on your ability to take risks and gamble on a person or place throughout the month of July, Pisces. It's going to be a memorable month in that so many transits occur this month that you might find the energy surrounding you to be up down and all around, The Sun transit of Cancer will heighten your intuition and bring about a stronger connection to your home, past and family life, Pisces.

As July begins, Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will station direct in Gemini until 7/12. Gemini is your 4th House of relatives, residence and deals with issues past. With Mercury in the 4th House, the accent falls on serious communications when it comes to the areas of your home, security, long term negotiations, relatives, your residence and property matters. Whatever has been stalled  in the past begins to move forward and shows signs of progress throughout this transit that lasts until 7/12. Take some time to get closer to your relatives, siblings and extended family members for the first 12 days of July for ideal results. This is also your best time of the year to get organized in every sense. Spruce up your home, make repairs and focus on beginning those projects you might have been procrastinating. Mercury enters Cancer on 7/12 and stays there until 7/31. With Mercury in your 5th House, you're ready for stimulating conversations and interactions that center on love and or a creative project.  Friends, loves and the public will find you charming beyond words while in your company and when out socializing with Mercury in the compatible water sign of Cancer, Pisces. Expect greater contact with an emotional relationship/connection that refuses to go away, increased social activity and time spent with children to be areas that favor you, especially when you speak about these areas with others. If in doubt regarding an ongoing romance, seek the advice of close friends, as their input will be invaluable and can help you come to the right conclusions where any ongoing romance is involved and there will be romance, single or coupled.  

A Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on 7/12 in your solar 11th House of friends and deals with your ideal hopes and deepest wishes. Make room in your life for these special relationships on the Full Moon, Pisces. Unexpected surprises, intriguing conversation and closer bonds will occur/form between you and your social circles, but only if you're working on sustaining them and not locking yourself in isolation. This Full Moon also finds you zeroing in on your private and personal hopes and wishes at lightening speed. Your emotions could run wild on this key date. Uranus (Surprises) brings some news that promises to cement or change an ongoing romance in a direction you are beyond happy with and includes someone you captivates you, Pisces! The feelings promise to be more than mutual this month.

Mars (Physical Energy/ Motivation) will finally exit Libra, your 8th House of sex, power and self-transformation on 7/25, where it will enter Scorpio, your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing, promotions, advertising and highlights dealing with your spiritual outlook or might bring a change in your worldviews. During Mars visit of Libra and throughout the rest of 2014, you could find that your worldviews have transformed in some ways about how you view the world in which we live. You will appreciate the transit of Mars in the compatible water sign of Scorpio much more as it mixes better with your water element than air does. Until then, Mars will tour your 8th House of finance, vamping up your sexuality and motivating you to earn more money and work on financial matters and committed relationships with precision, affection and serious focus. On 7/25, Mars will enter your 9th House of and remains in your 9th House of overseas travels, publishing, legalities, spiritual views and advertising until 9/13.    

 Venus (Love and money) opens July in the flirtatious and multidimensional sign of Gemini, your 4th House of home, family, issues past and relatives. During this transit that lasts until 7/18, home and family life will suit you more so than socializing will. Expect admiration, appreciation and applause when it comes to your home life, relatives and where you could be dealing with the subject/topic of motherhood and or issues from the past. On 7/18, Venus enters Cancer, your 5th House of love, children, taking risks and anything you do for fun - such as a creative project. During this time, you can expect to make gains in your love life and receive greater appreciation for your efforts when it comes to love, sex, creative projects and taking risks, Pisces. Venus in the compatible sign of Cancer brings more appreciation and admiration into your life and you enjoy this transit that begins on 7/18 and lasts through 8/12. There will a stronger connection to a loved one, you bond closer with your children or a child, you adopt a pet or someone special consumes your time. In other words, Venus in your 5th House brings good times, pursuit of enjoying the pleasures in life and might have you and a partner in the mood to spend more time together. An emotional attachment continues to refuse to exit your life and your bond with this individual grows stronger during this transit, Pisces. Expect women to be especially helpful to you when dealing with creative assignments or a love relationship during Venus in Cancer! During Venus in Cancer, a Cancer will emerge from hiding and express a hope, wish or desire for more affection, closeness and private time with you, Pisces.  
Uranus (Events you never saw coming or dreamed possible) turns retrograde in Aries on 7/21. Aries is your 2nd House of finance, personal possessions and deals with your self-worth. Uranus will be retrograde in your 2nd House until 12/21. During this time, expect some surprises in this area and you
can find yourself dealing with unexpected surprises occurring with regards to your possessions and your earning capacities. This transit will prompt you to take a third glance at your expenses, finances and could find you scrutinizing how you spend you money more closely during this long transit. If you have been stuck in a rut, this planet will wake you up and show you what needs improvement. An Aries or a Libra will be instrumental in assisting you with any changes, surprises or assistance when it comes to your finances during this Uranus retrograde of your 2nd House of personal possessions until 12/21.

Saturn (Karma/Lessons) resumes direct in Scorpio on 7/20. Scorpio is your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel, people from overseas and the 9th House also deals with publicity, advertising and promotion, Pisces. With Saturn in a compatible water sign, you might not feel as tested as other signs will but you will notice pressure when it comes to travel and foreign countries, higher education, publishing and legalities. Saturn wants you to learn lessons during this time. Saturn will enter your 10th House in late December, so realize that wherever you extend the most effort or create solid, lasting foundations is where you reap the greatest rewards with Saturn, Pisces. Saturn will prepare to enter your 10th House of prestige and career advancement on 12/23, so enjoy the foundations you have been building and appreciate the lessons you are learning when it comes to publishing, advertising, promotions, overseas travel, foreign countries, higher learning and legalities. These areas will seem challenging to you but you come out wiser and more mature when all is said and done.

Jupiter (Luck/expansion and prosperity) enters Leo on 7/16, your 6th House of health, wellness, daily routines until next July. With Jupiter entering your 6th House, you will find your greatest growth comes career and work efforts. During this year long transit that begins on 7/16, you will be untouchable in your career, Pisces. Expect luck, expansion and be ready for lots of offers, prosperity and new assignments to fall in your lap quite effortlessly, Pisces. During this transit that last until 8/11/15 you will be primed for a promotion or raise in salary at your place of employment. It's a time to shine where you profession is involved. Just make sure you don't make promises you might not be able to keep and try not to overexert or overextend yourself during this time. You must remember to put yourself first during this time, no matter how much you desire to help others. 

A New Moon in Leo occurs on 7/26. Jupiter is involved with this New Moon and brings about new offers where you place of employment is involved. You can feel liberated and in charge of your own choices when it comes to your daily routines, your career and your work load. Mark this date on your calendar as it promises to sprinkle prosperity into your health, work and daily routines, Pisces. There can be some drama and theatrics (Leo component) but you will enjoy the outcome of this day as you find Leo positivity contagious. 

Good dates: 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/9, 7/10, 7/16, 7/18, 7/26 & 7/29

Not so great dates: 7/7, 7/13, 7/19, 7/21, 7/25 & 7/27

The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius will play special roles. You will attract people who are outgoing, talkative, creative and exceptionally original. Be aware that these individuals will find you just as intriguing as you find them. Closer bonds will form this month when socializing,  while traveling or when in engaged private/personal discussions with these fixed signs.