Venus in Gemini - 6/8-7/3/2019

Venus (Love and money) enters the optimistic, lighthearted sign of Gemini 6/8-7/3. What does Astrology say about your love and financial life for June?

With Venus in Gemini, love changes everything. In order for a romance to get more serious, it takes more than a pretty face to attract the partner of your dreams. Gemini desires mental stimulation and requires someone who is the perfect combination of street and book smarts. Boredom can set in your romance during this time, unless you and a partner share mental, emotional and physical attraction. This is a time to tone down jealousy in any ongoing romance and engage in lively conversations with that special someone you find attractive. Realize that flirting is harmless under this transit and jealousy can make your lover run for the hills. This is not a good time to get possessive as Venus in Gemini can bring about being torn between two loves, whether these are places,things or people. This applies to all signs because it's a Gemini Component and we feel the Gemini energy. Are YOU torn between two loves, homes, places, people or destinations ? It's entirely possible to feel this way under the Gemini Transit. Gemini(s) will experience this forever!

Pisces - Gemini is your 4th House of home, residence, the past and relatives. Love begins at home during this transit for all Pisces, single or coupled. You need to be clear (single or coupled) about what you really desire and need from a love relationship. Do you really know what you want? If Single, a romance could begin with someone in your neighborhood or through someone you meet through a family member this month. Coupled Pisces will make sure they are on the same page as their partner is. Keeping the lines of communications with partners open during this time will ultimately make you more fulfilled and stronger as one, so don't hesitate to really express your authentic self, Pisces.

Virgo - Gemini is your 10th House of VIPs, superiors and deals with your public persona and issues such as your personal prestige, Virgo. Your career, family and public reputation escalate to new heights as fresh opportunities come your way. You feel passionate about love during this transit and it shows, Virgo! This is your time of year to network, mix and mingle with influential people and those in power positions, Virgo. You also notice a closer bond occurs via family members. Single Virgo could find a new offer for employment while socializing with executives. Coupled Virgo could desire some solo time and schedule plans for some special times with their significant other, perhaps in an exotic destination. Single or coupled, Virgo will enjoy the romance of this transit and learn once and for all where they really stand in his or her profession. 

Libra - Gemini is your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing, legalities and people from distant shores, Libra. Single Libra could meet someone from a foreign country or be dealing with a love interest from a distance. Since the 9th House also rules worldviews, you could change the way you look at and value your love life during this time. Coupled or single, it's time for Libra to shake and spice up their love life. Singles can meet someone while traveling who shares the same passions, worldviews and outlook as Libra does. Coupled Libra can be thinking about new ways to approach their relationship. A trip out of town taken ignites a spark, single and coupled. With Mars in Libra, the final choice will be up to you, Libra! And you will have choices, Libra.

Sagittarius - Gemini is your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional endeavors. This transit heightens your relationship with your partners, business, personal and professional. There is a new and improved appreciation for all areas of the 7th House. If single, you could attract a new love interest or an ongoing relationship makes it to the next level. Did someone say marriage or a serious commitment? Couples get closer and remember what brought them together in the first place or you might decide to move in a new direction altogether. This is a time of great advancement and admiration where a marriage, professional endeavor or a legal issue is involved.

Scorpio - You could receive a raise, bonus or someone close to you could boost your financial status, such as a romantic partner. Remember, where Venus travels is where you are most likely to benefit, Scorpio. The 8th House  rules money, resources you share with another and deeply committed relationships. You catch get a break in one of these areas and you will gain a deeper understanding of your romantic relationship(s) Caution: You could get emotional or jealous easily. On the flip side, you and a partner enter a new and improved understanding of each other or decide to part ways. It's all or nothing at all with Venus in Gemini. You could become torn between two lovers during this transit, Scorpio

Capricorn - Gemini is your 6th House of routines, health, repairs and maintenance and deals with your associates and daily work obligations. You find yourself in a mood to flirt and others find you charming. A potential office romance could enter picture during this time. Singles could meet someone new at the office or through their job while couples will find time to take a romantic getaway. It's all about quality time together for couples during this transit. Single or coupled, a greater interest in spending time with family and looking your very best will play a big role under Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini and Cancer this month, Capricorn.

Aquarius- Gemini is your 5th House of passion, children, creative pursuits and romance. Your love life lights up in a major way. You find this transit to be ideal for love, interacting with the opposite and same sex and can find a lasting passionate romance. Coupled Aquarius enjoy one anothers optimism and share a mutual respect as Venus in the compatible air sign of Gemini brings out your (Aquarius) playful and child like side. Children and creative ventures will be additional areas that bring you joy, fulfillment and the greatest comfort and fulfillment, Aquarius.

Leo - Gemini is your 11th House of friendships, hopes and group involvements, Leo. Your friendships will function smoothly and social events and parties keep you occupied and stimulated during this transit. Singles could meet the love of their life through friends, groups or at a party or gathering. Couples will enjoy the optimism in the air and celebrate special/memorable times with their friends and family. It will be a month to remember, Leo! Single or coupled, your hopes, dreams and friendships will play a fulfilling role in your love life this month. An ex love could play an unexpected role. It seems as though everyone desires your attention during this time, Leo.