Daily Numerology Forecasts for Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


The emphasis falls on being cooperative with others. Make a sincere effort in getting along with everyone, Aries. If you are single, there might be some serious reflection about past choices made. A new relationship could be getting serious, fast or alternatively, you might be questioning a new relationship. If you're coupled, relationships and love are where it's currently at. You appreciate your love life, sexual chemistry and passion that love brings into your life. It's a great day for an adventure, Aries. Your lucky number is 2. A Cancer and a Capricorn play roles in your day, Aries.

Your attitude determines everything. Be happy, positive and upbeat for the best results. You have a way with words and you express yourself quite eloquently today, Taurus. People will find you intriguing, mysterious and your personal popularity is on the rise, in love and in your career. Ease up on your routines today, relax and try to just chill out. Ease up on your workload. You might need a personal break from a relationship that is getting serious. Your lucky number today is 3. A Gemini and a Sagittarius play roles.

Avoid a tendency to be stubborn today so that you don't encounter any resistance, Gemini. Keep in mind that you can overcome obstacles as long as you're not creating them yourself. Take time to get organized. Clean out the clutter and get organized in every area of your life. Your friends are ultra important and can help guide you through any temporary life turbulence. Your lucky number is 4. The signs of Leo and an Aquarius play roles.


You could be perceived as intense and secretive today, Cancer. You can also be seen as possessive and magnetic/appealing. Your intensity is an asset for any creative endeavor. You might alternatively feel or be seen as one with a strong need for control and power. It might be best to refrain from drama if you encounter any. You could suddenly become aware of the negative energy, comments and jealousy projected by others. A Gemini and a Sagittarius could play important roles. Your lucky number is 5. A Virgo and a Pisces will be your loyal allies.

Dedicate yourself to helping others today, Leo. Do a good deed for someone, maybe a random stranger or someone you know casually, without expecting anything in return. Be gentle and kind, generous and tolerant. You might be surprised by the results you get. Music and drama could play strong roles. A recent adjustment works to your benefit. A Taurus and a Scorpio will play roles. Your lucky number is 6, Leo.

There could be hidden facts that need to be revealed before you can make a serious decision. Dig deep, do research and seek answers. You might want to look behind closed doors today. Follow your hunches! It's time to come to terms with certain truths that might be kept hidden from you, deliberately or otherwise. Realize that the heart you break could be your own. Avoid deceiving yourself, Virgo! Only you know what this means. Your lucky number is 7. A Pisces plays a role.

It's a day of mystery, Libra. Finances are in the spotlight! You could receive a sudden sum of cash or come into unexpected money. Business matters and potential prospects are looking very fortunate and prosperous. Be in control of your assets and aware of your liabilities. You feel lucky today as opportunities for advancement and more money are favored and highly auspicious. Make the most of your day by going after whom and what you want. It's a great day to be YOU! Your lucky number is 8. A Cancer and a Capricorn will play unusual roles.

You feel strongly/intensely regarding a relationship that could involve a long time friendship/love. You could tend to dissect your feelings trying to figure out why you feel the way you feel. You have excellent foresight into this person's motives and intentions. This is an excellent time for your career. Realize that there are some people who might simply misunderstand you and where you're coming from. An Aries and a Libra will play supportive roles. Your lucky number is 9 today.

It's time to express your true self. Take a break from tradition, routines and monotony and follow your own counsel. Don't let a fear of failure derail you, Sagittarius. Stand up for yourself especially where a dispute or dilemma is involved. Be confident that your ability to negotiate any argument via maintaining a cool exterior i.e., not going psycho will work to your ultimate benefit today. A Leo can prove to be a lifelong friend or something much more. Your lucky number is 1 today, Sagittarius.

This is a great time to initiate a new project, relationship or business. A new love or an existing partnership could be getting a second wind. You might be wondering whether you should stay put or forge ahead. This is the time for expressing your vulnerability and letting others know where you stand. Men will be extremely helpful to you today, Capricorn. The signs of Cancer and another Capricorn play key roles.


You could be in a curious and inquisitive mood today, Aquarius. There might be confusion and a need to calm down. A sense of humor will work wonders for you, personally and professionally. Enjoy the little pleasures of life things and try to find to focus on universality and getting along with everyone you encounter for best results. A Gemini and a Sagittarius will play important roles.

Stay focused on what you need to accomplish today, Pisces. Think in terms of establishing a creative, innovative and solid base. Be methodical and thorough. Clear out anything from the past you feel is holding you back and toss it out of your house. It's time to get back to basics, big time. The mood shifts and you might feel inhibited in showing affection for someone you care for deeply. You can overcome romantic obstacles with relative ease today. Drop the overly protective shell and be emotionally honest, Pisces! Your lucky number is 4. A Leo and an Aquarius play dramatic roles.