Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10th, 2014

We have a Full Moon occurring this weekend in humanitarian sign of Aquarius on 8/10. The Full Moon in Aquarius brings  big news to the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. With a Full Moon in Aquarius - this is a time to leave your  emotions at the door. Aquarius is the sign of independence and unpredictability. We might feel like experimenting or we could be seeking a relationship that is unconventional under the Full Moon in Aquarius. Much like Gemini, Aquarius also seeks a partner who is intellectual and someone who can hold his or her attention with interesting conversation. Either way, this full Moon asks all of us to seek someone who is intellectual, objective and reasonable. Full Moons are excellent times for attracting the opposite/same sex,  finishing up projects and with this Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo, we might all be feeling overly generous and want to splurge on someone special or everyone in our lives. It will imperative that Aquarius watches his or her spending habits this weekend as generosity abounds for Aquarius and all other signs as well. The Sun in Leo can highlight our generosity, bring on love drama and some might desire to have a more flashy lifestyles. Special and confidential to all signs - realize that love cannot be bought and you don't need to break the bank to impress your friends, significant other and or any other newcomers.  

So, where will this Full Moon in Aquarius bring you news?

Aries - Aquarius is your 11th House of friendships, clubs, organizations, ex loves and also deals with your hopes and wishes, Aries. Aquarius is a compatible sign as Aquarius is an air sign and you are a fire sign, Aries.  Saturday finds you dealing with gut impulses, a feeling of mystery and the fact that something is occurring behind closed doors that you might not be aware of. Realize that the people whose work you might take for granted will be the very people whose support you will need in the near/distant future, Aries. Single Aries have more prospects than they might know what to do with but must be careful of bad boys and bad girls. You don't want to get burned later, do you? Just pay attention to those who say one thing but actions prove otherwise. Coupled? Love is looking up as you and your sweetheart are celebrating something special and monuemtnal this week. Another Aries, Cancer and a Virgo will be involved.

Taurus - Aquarius is your 10th House of prestige, public persona and deals with your career, Taurus. Depending on your Rising sign, it is thought to be that most Taurus shy from the spotlight by nature and tend to have a hard time getting used to the limelight - but this week calls for just that, Taurus. The Full Moon celebrates your success, your current career and brings accolades from bosses and those in powerful positions. With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all transiting Leo, your 4th House, it might be time to focus on selling, property, motherhood, your current residence, increased communications with relatives and resolving some issues from the deep past that continue to interfere with your present, Taurus. Only you know what this means. You will find your communication skills to be top notch as your genuine way with words can solve what seemed like insurmountable issues/problems on the Full Moon. An Aries, Aquarius and a Pisces will prove they can be counted on, Taurus.

Gemini - Aquarius is your 9th House of higher learning, publishing, advertising and overseas travel, Gemini. Expect to feel passionate about socializing, conversations and anything having to do with adventure, overseas travel and higher education. Avoid possessive or what could be mistaken for controlling behaviors for ideal results on Friday. This weekend favors planning, strategic thinking and brainstorming and you love all three, Gemini. On Tuesday, love starts warming up with Venus exiting Cancer and beginning its transit of Leo, a way more compatible time for you as water can be too serious for you. With Venus in Leo, there is more passion, fire and a serious attraction to studious yet intellectually stimulating types. You could find mysterious types appealing. Watch out for an Aries, Taurus or a Virgo to possibly capture your heart. A Scorpio could also be involved.

Cancer - Aquarius is your 8th House of personal transformation, birth and rebirth, Cancer. Uranus (planet of events you never saw coming) is in this mix, bringing Cancers the ability to right the wrongs of his or her past where their past might have been not too happy. There is good news in store for all Cancers as the week promises more money, more love and the ability to transform your life where shared income, sex and deeply committed relationships are involved. Be advised however, that money or shared income might bring about a few headaches or frustrations over the weekend. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury both in Leo, your 2nd House of income promise to assist you in balancing your budget when a big expense/purchase comes into your life.  Another Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces could bring up strong memories, for better or for worse. 

Leo - Aquarius is your 7th House of marriage and legally binding relationships, Leo! You could feel a tad bit low on energy on 8/10 due to the Aquarius Full Moon opposing the Sun in Leo. But there is good news, Leo! This Full Moon plus Jupiter promises to bring about relationship growth, growth that you need, single or coupled. The good news is that you can find a love that suits you and this relationship could be the love of your life. Singles can meet someone who is not his or her normal type and this relationship promises to make you feel like an equal partner. Coupled? Couples decide to expand their lives via a baby, getting married, moving away or buy purchasing property together. An Aries, Libra and an Aquarius have news in store for you!

Virgo - Aquarius is your 6th House of health, career, repair and maintenance issues, Virgo. Uranus is in the mix, so expect unexpected surprises this weekend when it comes to service to another/others, when it comes to your health and personal wellness. A relationship matter comes to your immediate attention under the Leo Sun. Watch out for events that transpire on 8/12, as they promise to be eye opening. Sit tight, exercise patience and all things worth having will come to fruition, Virgo. An Aries, Taurus and an Aquarius have ideas that might differ from you own. Sometimes, less is more, Virgo!

Libra - Aquarius is your 5th House of love, creative projects, children, pets and taking risks. The Full Moon in Aquarius promises to shed light on these areas for you, Libra. If single, more than one admirer steps into your life and lets you know how much they care, desire and wish to please you. Possibilities? You fall madly in love with a new lover and your life takes a 360. Possibilities? You could get married, move in together or decide to begin a family with a new admirer. Expect to be whined and dined this weekend, Libra. Coupled? There could be some frustrations on the love front as news you hear might make you think twice about an ongoing love. Try and be as objective as possible and try to see your partner point of view for ideal results. At the end of the week, you will be happy you did! The signs of Virgo and a Pisces will be involved. 

Scorpio - Aquarius is your 4th House of home, family, motherhood and issues past. With Uranus in the mix, expect some surprises and some relationship news that centers around a love relationship or possible creative endeavor. Warning Scorpio - if something or someone doesn't feel quite right, trust your gut and watch out for those people who promise you everything but deliver nothing. A new offer at your place of employment is bound to make you beyond happy. Single? aexisting love promises to grow more serious as you decide to make your love officially official. Coupled? It's time to take a trip, participate in more meaningful discussions and remember to keep it light for ideal results. The signs of Gemini, Leo and Libra keep you entertained.

Sagittarius - Aquarius is your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors/community affairs and short distance travels. You could gain insight into something relating to your everyday life or alternatively, something or someone from your past. You could also be feeling overly restless this week, Sagittarius. Focus on home life, higher education/learning and utilize that Sagittarius sense of humor to diffuse tense situations. This is your week to avoid drama, confrontation and remember that not everyone thinks like you do. A love for places you have visited in the past returns and you might decide that mixing love with travel is your best bet. Go for it! An Aries, Cancer and a Virgo will be involved.   

Capricorn - Aquarius is your 2nd House of personal possessions and income, Capricorn. This is your week for love and romance, Capricorn. A relationship continues to get warmer with each passing day. Love is looking up and with Venus moving into Leo, it might be time to take a new relationship to the next level. Coupled? You and your partner will enjoy the romance of this Full Moon as you make plans to travel, take the next step or bond closer via stimulating discussions. A partner is mesmerized by you and feels beyond thankful to have you in his or her life. Keep it that way as new beginnings in love can turn serious, fast! Watch out for a Gemini, Sagittarius and a Pisces to steal your heart!

Aquarius - The Full Moon forms in your 1st House of appearances. It might be time to ditch a bad habit, Aquarius. You could be feeling low on energy and wonder where your mojo went. Realize that is is normal to have doubts - especially whenever a Full Moon forms in your sign.  With your planetary ruler involved in this Full Moon, one thing is certain. In love, you're either in luck or feeling a dry spell. There is no in between this week as you think about your love life and what exactly you hope and wish for it to be, Aquarius. It's time for a new beginning where love, your career and your social life is involved. One thing is certain, you will figure out exactly where you hope to be and with who on Sunday, Aquarius. The signs of Gemini, Leo and a Scorpio will play powerful and nostalgic roles. 

Pisces - Aquarius is your 12th House of healing, privacy and secrets, Pisces. Watch out for your intuition on this date as something from your past comes up for serious review. It could be that something you thought about someone turns out to be the reverse of what you had long believed to be true, Pisces. You might owe someone close a serious apology due to what transpires this week. Realize that someone close could be trying to manipulate your ideas about a person or place. Pay attention to your sleep cycles, dreams and that which occurs behind closed doors Single?
several suitors are lining up to meet, greet and love on you, single Pisces. you're radiating charm with Venus in Cancer. Coupled? Change could be in the air for those of you who are restless as a fresh start in a new direction might just be what the love doctor ordered. A Taurus, Sagittarius and Capricorn could captivate you this week, Pisces.