Weeklies for 9/3 - 9/10/14 - A Full Moon in Pisces

Welcome to September. The Sun transits Virgo while the planet of Communications (Mercury) moved into the marriage minded sign of Libra early this week 9/2. Discussions abound where love, legal contracts/negotiations, the arts and our love lives are concerned. This applies to every sign but The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius benefit most from this energy. The Full Moon forms opposite Virgo in the romantic, mystical and dreamy sign of Pisces on 9/8. Watch out for urge to drown your sorrows via alcohol or go over the top in any way. This goes double for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces! Under the Virgo Sun opposite the Full Moon in Pisces, emotions run rampant for all signs, so watch out for excessive behaviors and know that moderation is the key to success of any kind! 

Where will this Full Moon affect YOU the most ?

Aries - Your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and what is hidden will be highlighted. The good news? Saturn is involved in this Full Moon and brings more structure, maturity and discipline where your health, wellness and daily work are concerned. With the Full Moon in your 12th House, watch out for secrets to emerge, keep a low profile and focus on something creative for ideal results. A Gemini is your perfect partner this week, Aries. Expect a few challenges on the 9th and 10th, Aries. 

Taurus - Your 11th House of groups, friendships and your hopes and wishes are highlighted. This Full  Moon brings good news where Taurus friendships are involved. Single Taurus could be getting more serious with a love interest while couples find a hope or wish materializes. Pay close attention to any events that transpire on 9/3. A dispute over finances can erupt this week. Pluto is involved on the Full Moon and brings about a rebirth, ending, beginning or focuses in on a deeply committed relationship. With Pluto involved, Taurus might have to give more in order to get more. An Aries and a Libra play top roles.

Gemini - Your 10th House of prestige, honors and career will be emphasized this week. Expect to be dealing with home, family members and your career as this Full Moon impacts both your 4th and 10th Houses, Gemini. Single Gemini should be loving his or her love life this week while couples grow even closer. The Full Moon could feel a bit chaotic as you could be feeling torn in some way when it comes to career and family matters, so keep the peace whenever possible. Life is beautiful on the 3rd and 5th! The 7th and 8th require some cooperation and possibly time away from opposing forces. The signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are involved.

Cancer - Your 9th House of overseas travel, higher education and publishing. The 9th House also deals with advertising, promotions and religion. You could find yourself in a sentimental mood or desire to feed and care for others during this emotionally intense week, Cancer. Getting involved in any sort of group activity promises to benefit you, big time. The good news? single or coupled, Cancers are making tremendous strides in their love lives and a serious commitment is in your cards in the not so distant future. You can have what you want on the 4th but might have to settle for something less than you ideally deserve on the 8th. Keep the faith but watch out for mistakes where money, your bank account and any type of settlements are involved. A male will be involved. Know who you can trust versus who might not have your best interests at heart, especially on the 9th. Pay closer attention to a Taurus, Libra and a Sagittarius this week, Cancer.

Leo - The Full Moon forms in your 8th House of sex, death and rebirth, Leo. Saturn is involved in this Full Moon, so if there is something or someone you have been trying to hide, this week all will be revealed and you could even surprise a current love who has your back when it comes to finances. This is a week for cooperation, understanding and playing fair where issues from the past are involved. Realize that what you uncover on the 3rd is a big deal and could haunt you for years to come if you're not entirely fair. With Mercury in Libra, it's all about negotiations, legal issues and your love life on this date. Take some time to settle any differences with a partner on the 10th but know that love and money will be intertwined though out this week, Leo. You can make financial gains from a current partner but might have to bend when it comes to partners from your past. Realize that secrets are about to emerge in a big way and this unexpected news will not sit well with your current love! In other words, remain on the up and up for ideal results. A Taurus, Virgo and a Sagittarius play key roles.

Virgo - The Full Moon falls in your 7th House of marriage, professional relationships and legal contracts. This week is looking up for Virgo, especially on the 7th. See what transpires before the Full Moon to get an idea of how the rest of the month will play out for you. Single, take time to get to know a partner as someone could be withholding deal breaking information from you. You must check references on any new love interest for ideal results. Couples will be feeling the love and working on restoring any previous misunderstandings (if any) throughout this week. Your best days this week are the 3rd and the 5th. Lie low on the 6th and the 8th as drama will surround you and everyone around you will be on edge. Another Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces play stand out roles.  

Libra - The Full Moon forms in your 6th House of health, repairs, maintenance and daily routines. This is a great week to ditch a bad habit, rid yourself of toxic relationships and deal with areas such as legal contracts, negotiations and the topic of marriage as Mercury will be touring your 1st House of appearances. Family matters could weigh you down on the 9th, so make concessions to those who might object to your plans, single or coupled. The Full Moon is a stand out date as you could become consumed with your appearance, weight and might desire to change up your wardrobe, hair or look in some way. The 9th is another date to think before you take action. This is not the greatest week for radical changes but is an excellent week to focus on your health and well being. Get a massage or taking a class on meditation on the 4th. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius  will be on stand by.

Scorpio - The Full Moon forms in your 5th House of pets, romance, children and taking risks, Scorpio. You could find that you take on the characteristics of Pisces on this date. Expect to be extra compassionate, receptive to agreements and more understanding than ever. This applies to your love life, your children/a child and also deals with the public. Expect to find that you can have your way on the 3rd and 5th but avoid drama on the 6th and 9th for ideal results. As smoothly as things are running right now, it would serve you well to take a clue from Libra and practice the art of diplomacy throughout this week. Lie low on the 9th as tempers will reach a fever pitch! The signs of Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius have unexpected news for you and could even be hiding something from you. Pay attention to you gut instincts and do not allow others to manipulate you, your emotions or your pocketbook this week, Scorpio!  

Sagittarius - The Full Moon forms in your 4th House of home, real estate, endings and brings about issues such as motherhood and things and people from the past, Sagittarius. Simultaneously, the emphasis falls on your 10th House of career. There could be a strong urge to choose between home and work life as events happen fast and furiously this week. A new job could compete with a relative that needs your time and assistance. Find the balance and know that you can navigate anything that comes your way. With the planet of communications in Libra, it should be easier than normal for you to communicate your deepest feelings with bosses and family members. Pay attention on the 4th and the 10th as events will favor you and your hopes. Lie low on the 8th and 9th as something or someone from your past will have some not so great news to share with you. The signs of Taurus, Leo and a Capricorn will have much to discuss with you. 

Capricorn - The Full Moon forms in your 3rd House of siblings, self-expression and communications, Capricorn. You're in the public spotlight this week with the Sun and Venus both in Virgo and a Full Moon in the compatible water sign of Pisces. With so much planetary energy on your side, utilize it wisely as it wouldn't become you to treat someone in an uncivilized manner, Capricorn. This is a week to focus on fairness and show those in power your skills, talents and capabilities. Your best days are the 3rd and 10th! The Full Moon could be stressful where your past is concerned as Saturn is involved in this Full Moon. Lie low on the 8th and refuse to listen to only one side of a story, single or coupled. Someone could be giving you a run for your money on this date unbeknownst to you. Pay close attention to the signs of Aries, Gemini and a Libra for ideal results. 

Aquarius - The Full Moon forms in your 2nd House of personal possessions, self-worth and those things and people you place a high value on, Aquarius. Pluto, Saturn and Mars are involved in this weeks Full Moon suggesting that news is received where you finances are involved, for better or for worse. Days to be aware of are the 3rd and 10th. You will shine in social situations this week with the planet of communications, Mercury, in the compatible air sign of Libra and Jupiter in your 7th House of marriage. This is a powerful week as you could find others around you in a mood to overindulge although you might find yourself feeling the same way. This applies to work, home and family life and where indulging in drinking or other behaviors are involved. The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius are in this picture. A Pisces could have some surprise news to share with you on the 8th and 9th. 

Pisces -
With Mercury (Communications) in Libra, Venus (Love) in Virgo and a Full Moon in your 1st House, your desire to socialize and look your best becomes even more important than normal, single or coupled. This is a great week for you to combine business with pleasure. Pay attention on the 3rd and 5th as offers could pour in regarding a new love or relating to an ongoing professional assignment. There is tension in the air this week as a Full Moon forms in your sign and dramas, emergencies and surprises are par for the course for all signs. Lie low for ideal results with the one you love on the 8th and pay attention to what others are telling you about a love interest on the 9th. A Cancer, Scorpio and another Pisces will be involved.