Virgo 2015 January Monthly Astrology Forecast

Where you will benefit in love, popularity and money this month, Virgo?

Venus enters your 6th House of work, diet and fitness regimens. These areas bring about a smoothness that you find refreshing. You could find that offers come your way regarding employment especially if not currently happy with your present job. You will also find issues surrounding your health and wellness bringing about news and support from others close to you. Mars enters Pisces, your 7th House of marriage, and this can really bring a relationship front and center, Virgo. Expect assistance and generosity from males, especially in your love life, Virgo. You could feel a connection with a partner deepens on a spiritual level. You enjoy the romance of this month as you find yourself taking the lead in your most intimate one on one relationships. Mars brings an aggressive quality to your personality, Virgo. Aim to please, not to demand and make unreasonable requests on a romantic partner. In other words, avoid possessive behavior during this transit. You might even surprise yourself when it comes a serious relationship, Virgo.