Weeklies for 10/8 - 10/15 - Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Aries: A Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries brings about a greater desire for freedom or independence from your current obligations on the 8th. You could feel more emotional than normal on this date, so try and express your feelings as opposed to suppressing them for ideal results. Take your time on Thursday and work on finishing rather than starting new projects. With the Moon in Taurus on Friday, you could find yourself feeling more concerned about money and material possessions. On Saturday, the Moon enters the more compatible sign of Gemini. Be careful of misunderstandings as some people might not understand where you're coming from, Aries. Tone down gossip, avoid drama and keep your thoughts to yourself. On Monday - Wednesday, the Moon in Cancer could find you more focused on children and relatives and this could create tensions with a current romantic partner. Don't let this happen to you, Aries! Try to find the balance when mixing love and family. This shouldn't be that hard for you, so don't let it become a bigger issue than it has to be. Accept what comes your way and know that emotions are running high for all signs this week.

Taurus: A Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday could find you in a frazzled somewhat emotional state. This is a week that all signs will be feeling restless/out of sorts. This is a time to avoid emotional displays however justified for ideal results. Something or someone from your past could be involved. Take the high road and keep to yourself this week. Good news, Taurus! The Moon enters your sign on Thursday, making you stand out and shine in the eyes of those closest to you, especially socially and professionally. Work it, Taurus! You will exert the most commanding presence in any room you enter. On Friday, This theme continues in your personal life. A partner finds you beyond attractive and lets you know it. The Moon moves into Gemini, and your social life picks up steam. Friends, lovers and associates want to be in your presence and your popularity gets you noticed. If you're interested in someone and they don't know this, let them be more aware of your presence this weekend for ideal results. The Moon enters Cancer on Monday and the mood changes as you begin to feel more protective of loved ones and others. Make sure you have the complete story before jumping to conclusions and avoid using your personal charms to manipulate others into allowing you to say or do hurtful things. Make sure your facts are real facts and not pure speculation! Double check, revisit and review both sides of an argument and once you have both sides, you will be even more qualified to mediate an existing dispute between two parties!

Gemini: A Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday finds you more focused on your friendships, Gemini! There could be an ending or a beginning in this area and you could even call it a milestone event. Think carefully before acting out where a friend is involved. Think before you behave in ways that are not becoming, single or coupled. Ask yourself: Is it true and make sure you know the answer or there could be consequences, especially if you gossip, mislead and or are not being honest regarding another as this could come back to haunt you. This is not a good week to mislead yourself or any friendships you do have. Take time instead - to really examine your true hopes and deepest wishes for ideal results.  
The Moon enters Taurus on Thursday through Friday and the focus turns to your romantic life. On Friday, with the Moon in your 12th House, you could feel the need to withdraw, gather your thoughts and keep to yourself. Do it, Gemini! Good news! On Saturday, the Moon enters your 1st House and remains there until Monday morning. With the Moon in your 1st House on Saturday, you might need to focus more on your career and or a creative project and let a current romance wait for best results. On Sunday, emotions tend to fluctuate by the hour. You could feel all over the map emotionally as you deal with a new beginning or new relationship. Focus on your appearance, relationship and personality, Gemini! On Monday, The Moon enters Cancer and finds you in tune with others closest to you. You will be more inclined to stay at home, stick close to relatives and reflect over the past weeks events.

Cancer: A Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday finds you dealing with your career. You might need to ask yourself some big questions about ongoing career matters, Cancer. You could feel moody or emotional but this too shall pass! Work on that which you enjoy but simultaneously think about making needed repairs, rethinking if this is the path you wish to remain on or you might even want to review your current profession altogether. With Pluto in Capricorn, your work and love life life have transformed drastically since 2008 and you will be either completely content or not so happy with the changes this has brought into your life. For such a sensitive sign, you have preformed brilliantly although some people might not want you to succeed and will do anything to prevent your progress, personal, social and professional. If you no longer wish to remain in your current profession, then this is a great time to start sending out resumes and let others know you are moving on and away from a job that has drained you in every which way. On Thursday and Friday, the Moon enters Taurus and you begin to feel less pressured and more content with recent choices you have made. Friendships are in the spotlight and you find strength in numbers and feel most content while in the company of a trusted friend who has always been there for you! Saturday and Sunday will be days to lie low, avoid gossip and keep to yourself. The Moon enters your 1st House on Monday, and life begins to change in every which way, for the better. The 15th will be a memorable day for an ongoing romance. 

Leo - the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries occurs on Wednesday, the 8th. This Eclipse falls in your 9th House of advertising, overseas travel, your spiritual views and exotic destinations. Single or coupled, Leo will be feeling restless  as the Full Moon is making all signs more emotional and prone to impulsive actions. You might feel the need to explore higher education as it relates to your profession or you could decide that you have had enough of one career and decide to explore a new career altogether. The Moon enters Taurus on Thursday and stays there until Saturday! Taurus is your 10th House of prestige and VIPs. Thursday could find you dreaming of a long trip to an isolated space while Friday finds you feeling better about recent career changes and your relationships with associates! The Moon enters in Gemini on Saturday, your 11th House of hopes and wishes. Single or coupled, Leo tends to place a high value on their love life and current friendships but something unexpected in this area is bound to surprise you this weekend! Pay attention on the 11th when you hear from someone who takes but gives nothing in return. It might be time to say farewell to someone who is not being 100% honest with you or themselves either. You will know who this individual is. The good news? Your best day is on Monday, the 13th, but avoid power plays on the 14th and 15th for best results. 

Virgo: The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries takes places on the 8th, Virgo. Aries is your 8th House of power, sex and deeply committed relationships. The 8th House also deals with taxes, insurance, metaphysical pursuits, endings and also deals with income you share with a partner. Emotions could run high on this date, especially as they pertain to your personal possessions. It's best for you to keep a low profile on this day and keep your opinions to yourself, especially those opinions you might wish to express in a public setting - like the Internet or while in a group or social setting. The Moon enters the more compatible earth sign of Taurus on Thursday and remains there until Saturday morning. With the Moon in Taurus, you could be feeling more restless than normal, hope for a fresh start in a new career direction and or you could even be dealing with foreign countries and exotic destinations. Try not to burn your social candle at both ends on Thursday and Friday for best results. On Saturday, the Moon enters Gemini, your 10th House of power, prestige and your career. You could be dealing with secrets and intrigue but it's best to avoid gossip as this is only going to back fire this week, Virgo! Your best days this week are the 12th and 14th. This is your week to keep your private life separate from your professional life. Realize that not everyone is working against you on the 15th. Just do your own thing and everything else will fall neatly into place, just the way you need it to.  

Libra: The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse occurs in Aries on Wednesday, the 8th. Aries is your 7th House of marriage, divorce, open enemies and relationships that require a legal signature. This Full Moon/ Eclipse will be a serious week for you regarding the subject of marriage and legal contracts. You might be taking a page out of Aries playbook and becoming more rebellious as your ruling planet, Venus, clashes with Uranus on the 11th. Uranus is involved in this Full Moon/Eclipse, so unexpected surprises will be part of your week, single or coupled. One thing is certain,  Libra! You learn exactly where you stand in an ongoing relationship this week. You could feel as though someone special has let you down or not fulfilled a special promise and this is where your rebellion could emerge. Realize that you, more so than any other sign are notorious for diplomacy, indecision and not wanting to create waves in your closest relationships. This week is all about your closest relationships, so the sooner you get comfortable with the ways things are moving or progressing, the happier you will ultimately be. This is also a week when family members could ask you to solve a dispute for them this week and if you're not up to the task, ask for an alternate time when you feel more in control of your emotions and can balance the pros and cons of a financial situation. Realize that you're way more attractive when you keep the peace, honor your loved ones and step up and make compromises. Leave the rebellion to Aries, who delights in taking the unconventional route in his or her life.

Scorpio The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse occurs in Aries, your 6th House of service to others, health, repairs and maintenance issues on the 8th. The planet of surprises, Uranus, is involved in this Full Moon - suggesting that emotions could run high regarding an aspect of your job or a nagging matter regarding your health that is bothering you or someone close to you. This would be a great time to ditch a bad habit or end a destructive pattern, Scorpio! Perhaps, smoking too much, overeating or not taking the best care of yourself has come to light and you hear about it via a doctor or other professional. You could also need to make repairs in your daily routines this week. The Moon enters Taurus, your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and open enemies on Thursday - Saturday morning. You could feel restless as someone you thought to be a friend turns out to be anything but. Realize the less you say, the better. You could even learn that this friend you thought was close turns out to be not so close as you figure out what they have said about you in a private and public setting. Move on and say farewell to this individual as they have not had your best interests at heart for longer than you might have realized. Sometimes, you have a hard time letting go of people from your past. Not to worry as new friends are entering the picture and these are worth their weight in gold, will be loyal to you and won't try to get others against you. Try not to let all of this negativity get to you on Thursday or Friday. On Saturday, the Moon enters Gemini, your 8th House of personal transformation, power and metaphysical pursuits. Saturday and Sunday will be your best days this weekend, so make the most of them by going after who and what you want. On Monday, the Moon enters the friendly compatible sign of Cancer, your 9th House of higher learning and overseas travel. You could be working on a publishing project or just happy to be at home, closer to your relatives. This is a week to rid yourself of toxic relationships, addictions and anything else you know is not on the up and up, single or coupled. 

Sagittarius: The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse falls on Wednesday, 10/8 in Aries, your 5th House of romance, children, taking risks and exploring hobbies. Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius and is notorious for surprises and things you never saw coming is involved in this Full Moon, suggesting that there will be some surprise news coming your way relating to these areas, Sagittarius. Also, pay close attention to your health and personal wellness as well on this date as you could get some unexpected news on both. Emotions will run high on this Full Moon Eclipse for all signs but you could be in store for some delightful surprises that are certain to make you rethink how you perform service for others. Are you service oriented? Do you take the time to assist those in need? These questions could enter the picture this week, so it might be time to ask yourself how you handle those people who are not able to fulfill their promises to you. The more forgiving you are, the better the news will be. On Thursday and Friday, the Moon enters Taurus, your 6th House of service. It's all about your treatment of others this week, so think back on the past few months and take a second look at how you might have handled this key area of your life. The good news? Thursday is a power day for you and you can expect to make gains and hear about more money in your bank account. Friday is all about your daily routines, service and how you deal with repairs and maintenance issues. Try and do your very best to follow a regular schedule, filled with kindness to others and work on your career on this day. Those Sagittarius seeking employment can start sending out resumes but should wait until after the 25th to begin any new job. The good news? The Moon enters your 7th House of marriage on Saturday and stays there until Monday morning. You will be the star attraction on Saturday as partners find you sexy and alluring. The 11th is a lucky day for you, Sagittarius, so use it wisely for ideal results. The 12th might find you dealing with issues you had believed to be resolved, personal, social and possible professional issues. Remain grounded and know that you can figure a way out of conflict if it occurs. On Monday morning, the Moon enters Cancer, your 8th House of sex, power and personal transformation. You could become more interested in metaphysical topics, notice a surge in your popularity and find that others are on your wavelength. Yes, Sagittarius, this week has enough variety for you and you love variety, so make the most of you good days and avoid the not so great ones.

Capricorn: A Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse falls in Aries, your 4th House of residence, relatives, issues past and also deals with the topic of motherhood. This Full Moon/ Eclipse has a ton of surprises for Capricorn in store where his or her home and family life are involved. With Uranus, planet of surprises and things/events you never saw coming, there could be a change or domestic adjustment occurring within your home life. A Relative could make a shocking announcement, you could learn about a pregnancy or you could find out if you're female, that you're expecting a child. Males could leaner that a female is expecting a child. Either way, changes are big enough to be that serious and could take Capricorn by sheer surprise. Emotions will be heightened on this day and throughout this entire week, Capricorn, so a slow and steady pace always favors you. The Moon enters Taurus, your 5th House of romance, children, taking risks and hobbies on Thursday and Friday. Try to wrap up key projects on Thursday and expect news regarding children to play a big role on Friday. The weekend brings up service, repairs and maintenance issues. This is a good week to schedule doctor appointments that you might have delayed but try and not schedule any big tests or surgeries until after the 25th. You could be surprised by the events of the past few days once Sunday rolls around. Beginnings and endings are definitely on your agenda this week, Capricorn! On Monday, the Moon enters Cancer, your 7th House of marriage and you could feel moody, tested and find that you have a harder time going with the flow of recent events that you had thought. This is a week to realize that without change, there would be no growth, single or coupled.   

Aquarius: The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse falls in Aries, your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors and how you deal with the way you communicate. Expect some shocking surprises that relate to events and people from your past to be involved, Aquarius. Emotions are running high this week and all signs will be feeling the energy of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. You could be dealing with home, family and issues centering on where you live this week as surprising developments promise to wake you up and prompt you to dig deeper where these areas are involved. The Moon enters Taurus, your 4th House of home, residence and relatives on Thursday. Thursday is a day for endings and not a good day to begin a new project. Friday centers on home life, privacy and spending time with people you can trust implicitly. On Saturday morning, the Moon enters Gemini, your 5th House of fun, romance, children and taking risks, Aquarius. You could find an ex partner creating interference where your present love life is involved or could that be you who is creating the conflict and not even aware of it. It might be time to examine your own behavior before leaping to conclusions that it;s everyone else's fault and not yours. Take some time on Sunday for introspection and dig deep where your own actions are involved, not anyones else's. This will help you come to a better understanding of a present relationship. On Monday, The Moon enters Cancer, your 6th House of service, health and repair and maintenance issues. This is a good week to rid yourself of a bad habit, such a smoking, drinking or not taking care of yourself where diet and nutrition are involved. Under the Cancer Moon, you could feel the urge to work on your health and remember to exercise as this is a great first step in relieving any stress where recent news has you on edge, single or coupled. If possible, take the time to mend fences with neighbors, family members and other close friends this week, Aquarius. The more understanding you are, the greater your rewards will be in the long run!

Pisces: The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse occurs in Aries on 10/8. Aries is your 2nd House of personal possessions, your values and shows how you earn money in Astrology. These topics will be areas that influence you on this date, Pisces. Emotions will run rampant and you could be dealing with your values on how you earn a dollar. You could be dealing with losing money or you could come to find that you have more money than you previously believed you had. Either way, its time for Pisces to stand up and demand fair treatment where your finances and possessions are involved. Realize that the Lunar Eclipse is a time when emotions are heightened and everyone will be feeling the force of emotions on this date and throughout this powerful week. On Thursday, the Moon enters Taurus, your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors and short distance travel. Love plays a big role in this picture and you could be dealing with a partner who is asking you to do more than is possible. Know this and avoid creating any drama by saying less, showing more actions and establishing boundaries, Pisces. Some people are out to take advantage of your giving nature and might not even realize that they are doing this, so remind them by establishing clear and concise rules, boundaries and whatever else it might take. Friday could bring about issues from the past that continue to make you more emotional than you thought possible. Siblings and relatives are involved and could extend an invitation your way regarding an upcoming event or holiday celebration. The Moon enters in Gemini on Saturday morning, Pisces. Gemini is your 4th House of home, family, residence and deals with issues from the past and also bring up the subject of motherhood. Spend time with family on Saturday and Sunday for ideal results. Romance might have to wait this weekend, so you can rest and recharge your energies without getting into a heated debate. On Monday, the Moon enters Cancer, your 5th House of love, romance, creativity, taking risks and pets. You could find that you're dealing with these areas more so than normal when the Moon transits the compatible sign of Cancer! This is your week to be firm about lending, loaning or spending money, period. The final choice will be up to you, Pisces! Just make sure that no one is taking advantage of you, financially and everything else will fall into place!