Aries Compatibility - Happy Birthday, Aries (3/21 - 4/19)

Aries Love scope and Love compatibility in 2013

You are a curious mixture of sensuality and optimism, and compromise can be a foreign concept to you. However, once in love and after making a serious commitment, you place a high value on your romantic partnerships and seek a partner who not only complements you in public but also ideally shares the same passions, loyalty and hobbies you bring to the table, Aries. Ruled by Mars, you can be aggressive, crave independence and want what you want when you want it. Who doesn't, Aries? There comes a time when it will be paramount that you remove this demanding part of your nature and in 2013, you benefit enormously by dropping your aggression/demands on partners and gain even more love by doing so. 2013 is a year when you learn valuable lessons about sex, love and deeply committed relationships with Saturn in your 8th House of power whether you are single or coupled.

You possess an independent nature in 2013 which makes you that much more attractive to the opposite/same sex. If you're single, you could meet someone where you least expect to, while couples will benefit via an ongoing or longstanding commitment. Aries (single and coupled) have sex appeal to spare in 2013.

Aries likes to take the lead in all relationships, females and males. Even though you might deny it, you can be jealous, obsessive and domineering when you suspect a love is absent emotionally or physically. There will be some eye opening lessons in love for Aries in 2013.  With Uranus in your 1st House, and Saturn in your 8th House, things can drastically change in Aries love life in 2013. Special Tip for Aries in 2013: Downplay any hint of stubbornness and remain open to partner's ideas, even if you tend to disagree with them at times. Don't be demanding and lastly, do not dwell on past issues. You could be adjusting to a new relationship or you might find an ongoing relationship grows even deeper and makes your wishes come to life. This is a spiritual time for you, Aries. The more calm and centered you are, the more fulfilled you ultimately will be.

Let's take a look and see what partner will appeal to you and bring you the security you so crave in love in 2013.


Aries - Another Aries could be a great match for you but it will be contingent on where you are in your life and where you hope to be in a few years time. Another Aries will tell you what you want to hear and brings your inner desires/fantasies to life. With another Aries, make sure that your Rising, Venus, Mars or Moon signs are in compatible signs or elements unless you want drama 24/7. Another Aries can turn you on like no other but can also be too competitive for you in the long run. This combination can work but agreements should be made early on and both of you should ideally want the same things if this relationship is to work out in 2013.

Taurus - Aries is charmed by the beautiful Venus ruled Taurus. Taurus finds Aries hard to resist, so much so that these two can make love last in 2013. There is no stopping these two in 2013 as Aries finds Taurus physically appealing and vice verse. The attraction can't be denied, but as far as long term love goes, with Saturn in Scorpio, these two will make a stronger commitment in love or finally decide to part ways once and for all. There is no in between for Aries and Taurus in 2013. It will be all or nothing. Saturn is in Aries 8th House while Taurus has Saturn visiting his or her 7th House of marriage. Talk about intensity and passion encounters in love.

Gemini - You find Gemini to be outgoing, intriguing and want to know this sexy stranger better. Aries finds Gemini humor clever, outgoing and light hearted. In 2013, Gemini will find that Aries is willing to make a commitment that can and will last in love. Aries sees Gemini as an outgoing, charming sign that can keep Aries interested and laughing out loud. Lighthearted and stimulating conversations could last all night long. Gemini's need for space balances out Aries independent nature in a compatible way that works for both. Gemini is a great choice for you in 2013, Aries.

Cancer - Aries takes one look at Cancer and sees a home, family and a future. This relationship is beyond powerful in 2013. Aries makes money with Cancer and together, their love of home life, loyalty and love styles make for a serious long term and lasting love. In 2013, Aries yearns for something they have never had but always wanted and in 2013, Aries gets that with Cancer. Although Cancer can be emotional and needy at times, Cancer keeps Aries home life stable and brings Aries a strong sense of contentment. This pairing can work and satisfy Aries more so than Aries ever suspected. Over time, marriage and children will be discussed.

Leo - This is one of your top picks in love in 2013, Aries. Leo is charismatic, very attractive and guess what, Aries? Leo adores everything about you from the moment they first lay eyes on you. Aries find Leo's ego a bit extreme, but Aries understands this and can relate. The only downside in 2013 for Leo and Aries? There is none! This relationship will strengthen in 2013 and the longer you have been together the closer you become. In 2013, there will be romance, pets and children involved in this association. Aries is fulfilled and Leo is the king or queen in the room with Aries by his or her side. Together, you both satisfy and complement each another in public and in private.

Virgo - Aries takes one look at Virgo and decides to make it official. Not so fast, Aries. There might be some research involved here. Virgo is intrigued with your sex appeal and determination. Virgo also finds you physically attractive and admires your optimistic and fighting spirit. As time goes on, Aries might come to the conclusion that Virgo is a bit too extreme and serious for them. What begins as a secret flirtation can lead to a serious commitment but Aries might find that Virgo has other plans and they don't include you, Aries. Unless you crave space, walk away from this relationship in 2013. You might find Virgo to be too critical and conclude Virgo is just too much for you.

Libra - Opposites Attract in this match for Aries and Libra in 2013. Libra is your 7th House of marriage, legally binding partnerships and divorce. In 2013, this relationship grows closer and true love will overcome any obstacles that may arise, and there can be many changes and adjustments. Physical attraction between the two of you is indescribable and undeniable this year. Libra is an excellent choice for Aries and Aries sees a keeper in Libra and vice verse.


Scorpio - Scorpio is Aries 8th House of sex, power and control. Aries takes one look at Scorpio and sees adventure, intrigue and excitement. Scorpio is made aware of Aries presence and feels as though Aries could be "the one". This combination could work out as long as you have a compatible Moon, Venus, Mars or Rising sign in the same element or sign. This combination is powerful, incendiary and legendary. In 2013, Aries must learn to be vulnerable and Scorpio needs to brush up on his or her social skills to make this relationship work. In 2013, these two have what it takes to go the distance if their connection is solid and sturdy.

Sagittarius - In 2013, Sagittarius will feel comfortable, stable and secure with Aries. Aries finds Sagittarius to be a great choice for them. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist with beauty and brains. This charming sign keeps Aries steady, happy and content. It doesn't get much better than this unless one of you decide to stray or create drama when there should be no drama in the first place. Aries adores the Sagittarius outlook and find that they have met someone who matches them. Sagittarius should always include Aries in all activities and if Sagittarius does, this could solidify this relationship on a permanent level. If not, Aries might walk away feeling the very thing that attracted them to Sagittarius is what ultimately breaks them apart.

Capricorn - Aries will find Capricorn to be someone they get to know slowly and once they do, Aries is ready to make it official. In 2013, Aries feels a strong and powerful connection to Capricorn. Capricorn is your 10th House of prestige, Aries. Together, you and Capricorn can create a loving and lasting relationship as long as Aries tones down sarcasm, possessiveness and any hint of past indiscretions. Both of you are cardinal signs meaning that the attraction is strong but unless it holds both of your interests, you both will bail and exit the relationship fast. In 2013, this relationship will make headlines and Aries will know that they have met a love that is unlike any other with Capricorn.

Aquarius - When Aries lays his or her eyes on Aquarius, it could be love at first sight! Aquarius instantly grabs Aries attention. Both of you are outgoing, love to seek adventure and tend to be independent by nature. The only problem with Aquarius is that Aries might feel isolated from Aquarius. Aquarius is an Air sign and lives in a world of ideas whereas Aries lives in a world of action, not ideas. This can work as long as Aries gives Aquarius the space they need and Aquarius learns to participate more in public and in private. Think long and hard about compromise when dealing with an Aquarius in 2013, Aries.

Pisces - Aries admires Pisces intuitive nature and sensual presence.  But this combination usually falls flat after time. Initially these two could feel as though they understand one another and will spend time sharing secrets and life stories from their past. Fire and Water can get along and sustain a relationship but this combination might prove to dampen Aries spirit and disappoint Pisces in the long run. In 2013, this relationship can work. With Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces, you two will have lots of things to talk about.