Gemini Yearly Astrology Forecast Horoscope for 2015

Gemini 2015 at a glance:

It's a year of partnerships, cooperation and serious effort. You will be required to work in tandem with other personalities that appeal to you and are complete opposites from you. The old adage "two is company" will be in full effect as you will find in 2015, Gemini! 1 really is the loneliest number. In 2015, the more joint effort you extend in your personal and professional affairs, the happier you will ultimately be, Gemini. This is not a year to go solo, whether it's a job you perform from home or when it comes to any serious relationships! The more committed you remain to another, whether a love partner or in a business relationship, in 2015, the more fulfilled you will be in every which way, Gemini. The signs of Cancer and a Capricorn play powerful roles in your year, Gemini.  

Where you get lucky....

Jupiter begins 2015 in your 3rd House of siblings, travel, daily activities, local connections, the Internet, and where your neighborhood and community are involved. Jupiter is all about expansion, prosperity and good fortune. Jupiter begins 2015 retrograde in your 3rd House and stations direct on 4/8. With Jupiter retrograde as 2015 begins, you might be dealing with some challenges in your community or residence. Your interactions with neighbors and community could be misunderstood and misconstrued and your family or a loved one might not understand what you're trying to accomplish, Gemini. During this retrograde, a female relative will give you some helpful insight, so listen, learn and try not to be critical.  Once Jupiter resumes direct, you begin to shine, expand and stand out when it comes to siblings, your community and your daily life, Gemini. Jupiter enters Virgo on 8/11. Virgo is your 4th House of home, motherhood, issues from the past, residence and relatives. Once Jupiter enters Virgo, your greatest fortune and prosperity come to you via your home and family life, Virgo!  

What you might need to learn, Gemini. Your 7th House of partnership and marriage

Saturn begins 2015 in your 7th House of marriage, Gemini. Saturn in your 7th House of marriage can be a time of serious commitment, marriage and contracts but depending on your maturity or lack of it, it also can be a time of divorce, legal matters and dealing with those who oppose you openly. Those relationships that have solid foundations, dedication and where commitment has been honored, will reap the greatest rewards of Saturn. Alternatively, those who have taken short cuts, the easy way out or have not applied themselves will reap what they have sown. If you have taken the easy way out, expect more lessons to be learned, emotional experiences and tests of maturity. Saturn will resume retrograde back into Scorpio from March 14 to August 1, so you will have several opportunities for a second chance to finish up any lingering issues or close out a chapter of your life, so that a new and improved one can begin again where your daily routines, work and health matters are involved. Matters pertaining to health and wellness and where you deal with your job, daily routines and repair/maintenance issues will be scrutinized with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, so pay attention during these times and see what transpires, Gemini. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, Gemini could feel as though issues are arising over serious partnerships in general throughout this transit. Gemini could also face difficulties relating to a contract or a marriage during this time, or on the flip side, find a long term partnership that is deeply fulfilling and feels karmic and/or destined. However, it will be imperative that you control your emotions when speaking with others regarding this particular aspect of your life. Others will refuse to tolerate any hint of immaturity and can appear harsh, overly critical and will think that you're overreacting or coming across as emotional when speaking on or about these concerns, so remain on your best behavior and put in the time, effort and build a solid foundation or you could experience delays at every corner you turn, Gemini. Those Gemini who are ready, willing and able for a serious commitment and have put in the time, energy and extended kindness - will reap the greatest rewards in 2015. In fact, with Saturn in Sagittarius, Gemini could meet a soul mate, get married and if you're in a serious relationship, can expect a change in status, such as moving in together, marriage or adding an addition to your family life even a new pet.   

Where you will find slow but powerful changes & a personal and total transformation in your life....

Pluto remains in Capricorn in 2015 - your 8th House of intimacy, shared resources and personal transformation. Pluto has also made you more seductive to the opposite/same sex during this time and will continue to for a long time to come. Relationships will continue to surprise you and so will your choice of a romantic partner. In 2015, distance could be a serious factor in an ongoing relationship or potential one. You will be more attracted to those who you normally might overlook. It might seem as though those who live a great distance from you or are different in some way will appear more attractive than your local neighborhood types do. You could be seriously attracted to a partner with unusual style but this relationship could turn out to be a long lasting one. With Pluto in your 8th House, you will take note of how your income has changed, how shared income has factored into your life and how your sex life and deeply committed relationships have made their way into your life (transformed) since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn. This area of your life will continue to transform in slow but powerful ways you never dreamed possible throughout 2015, Gemini, for better and for worse. With Pluto, depending on how and where this planet is in your chart, you never know how it will end but anything relating to your 8th House will be torn down in order to be rebuilt. 

Lucky key dates for Love and Romance in 2015:

Your best times for love are anytime Venus tours a compatible Air sign - for you that would be when Venus transits Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The following dates are listed below

Venus in Gemini - 4/11- 5/7

Venus in Libra - 11/8 - 12/5
Venus in Aquarius - 1/3 - 1/27

Your most persuasive and powerful whenever Mars, planet of sexuality and allure travels through your 1st House of appearance, your 5th House of passion and brings about more sex appeal your way. You will be perceived as attractive, powerful and possess an air of sensuality during these dates listed below. This is also a great time to begin new ventures, personal and professional. 

Mars in your 1st House - 5/11 - 6/23

Mars in your 5th House - 11/12 - 12/31
Mars in  9th House - 1/1/14 - 1/12/15

************Venus will retrograde (not a good time for love) in Leo. This takes place 7/25 - 9/6 and impacts your 3rd House, so pay attention to relationships with siblings, neighbors, short distance travel, writing, the Internet and you might notice during this time, a strong desire to rethink or repair a relationship during these retrograde dates.