Taurus Yearly Horoscope Astrology Forecast for 2015

Taurus 2015 at a glance:

It's a year where you take charge of your own destiny and clear the path for great success, Taurus. You're in the spotlight this year, so take advantage of all of the personal and professional offers that come your way. You could become well known in your chosen field of expertise and relationships will have more structure or you might decide to leave on relationship for another, personally and professionally. It's a year when past efforts pay off handsomely. The signs of another Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius play prominent roles in your life in 2015, Taurus!

Where you get lucky....
Jupiter begins 2015 in your 4th House of home life, relatives, residence and issues past. During this time, your home life expands, big time. This is a time when your home, relatives, the topic of motherhood and issues past bring expansion, prosperity and great fortune to you, Taurus! You could have a child, buy a new home or work on redecorating or changing your existing home/residence in some way. You could also see a relationship move to the next level and meet someone special via a family member or other relative. Jupiter begins 2015 retrograde in Leo and will remain retrograde until 4/8. As 2015 begins with Jupiter retrograde, your energy could turn inwards as you could face some temporary delays relating to home affairs but not to worry, Taurus. Once 4/8 rolls around, these areas begin to stand out and expand in ways you never believed possible. Jupiter enters Virgo on 8/11. Virgo is your 5th House of children, passion and hobbies. You could find great fortune via taking your creativity. Jupiter in your 5th House for the second half of the year will be a great time of hope and luck as you are then favored in all areas of the 5th House which rules entertainment, passion and romance. Children will also play a key role in this transit. Expect excitement, pleasure and good fortune when it comes to these important areas of your life in 2015, Taurus. 

What you might need to learn, Taurus. 

Saturn begins 2015 in your 8th House of sex, committed relationships and intimacy. The 8th House is often a feared/dreaded House as it has many unusual properties to it. It is the House of commitment, endings and power. If you have been practicing the cardinal rule and putting in effort of working hard where these areas are involved, Saturn promises to bring you rewards. However, if you have not put any effort into these areas and been disloyal or unkind to others, you could experience some emotional experiences relating to endings, intimacy and money, Taurus. Saturn will retrograde back into your 7th House of marriage in 3/14 - 8/1, giving you a chance to resolve issues that originated during Saturn in Scorpio relating to marriage, contract/contracts, business relationships, legal matters or when dealing with open enemies, Taurus. 

Saturn in Sagittarius can also bring issues relating to income, shared resources, intimacy and possessions. It could also reveal some worrisome moments when dealing with taxes, credit and home related expenses, such as a mortgage, Taurus. Remember, that Saturn is not to be feared. As long as you have remained vigilant and built solid structures, dealt with money and commitment in a mature fashion - then this planet will benefit you and you could get some karmic points for past efforts. It's really about maturity, focus and discipline when it comes to your 7th and 8th Houses as you reap the rewards or alternatively, what you have sown in 2015.     

Where there will be slow but powerful change & a personal and total transformation in your life....

Pluto has been in Capricorn - your 9th House of higher learning, spirituality, overseas travel, publishing, advertising, legalities, promotions  and philosophy. During this time, your world views can change. You will begin to notice the effects of this powerful planet that brings about slow but powerful change where these areas are involved. You could be in a romance with someone from a foreign land or you could be traveling overseas, Taurus. You are experiencing a total transformation in your life where your world views are involved. This transit will continue to change you in ways you never imagined possible.  
Lucky Love and Romance dates for 2015:
Your best times for love are anytime Venus tours an earth sign - for you that would be when Venus transits Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. 

Venus in Taurus - 4/20 - 5/20 - 
Venus in Virgo - 10/8 - 11/8 
Venus in Capricorn - Venus began 2015 in Capricorn! 

Lucky You, Taurus! The planet of passion, persuasiveness and allure (Mars) is a planet that when placed in your sign or a compatible House, can exert a magnetism that is unforgettable, Taurus. This year, Mars tours three key Houses in your chart. When Mars transits your 1st House is the best time for you in personal and professional matters, so expect to be perceived as powerful, persuasive and seductive when it comes to a love relationship (5th House), business matters (10th House) and when dealing with your personal appearance (1st House) Pay close attention to the dates listed below for these powerful times for you:
Mars in your 1st House 3/31- 5/12
Mars in your 5th House 9/25 - 11/13
Mars in your 10th House 1/1 - 1/12

In 2015, Venus will retrograde (not a good time for love) in Leo. This takes place 7/25 - 9/6 and impacts your 4th House, so pay attention during these times to your home life. You could rethink an existing situation relating to a home or relationship matter. Timing is everything as you will find in 2015, Taurus! Happy 2015!