Weeklies for 1/1-1/7 A sneak peek into 2015

See how the stars can influence your life, success and luck in 2015

Aries in 2015 - A sneak peek into 2015

For creative Aries, this is a windfall year as your creativity flows! Put some fun into your life and help others do the same. You can profit from your ideas in 2015! Your best ideas come to you while on the job in 2015 as you learn to navigate more creative ways to get more work done in less time. The only danger here is having too much fun - you could be more interested in pleasure than actual profit. Love relationships, good times and leisure pursuits can and will impose on work time. You could find it difficult to stick to any type of routine in 2015. Since this placement also deal with children, it is entirely possible that you will become a parent in 2015 or at the very least, spending more time with children than you ever have!

Taurus in 2015 -  A sneak peak into 2015

Your success potential is tied to your home life in 2015, Taurus. This is often a time of moving or relocating as you try and arrange your lifestyle for a new and improved cycle. This is a year to establish your personal space, strengthen family ties and make sure you have a solid base of operations. In 2015, Taurus can find the balance between private and public life. Aim for greater family harmony and you will find inner strength you didn't know you had. Real Estate ventures will promise to bring you benefits in 2015, Taurus.

Gemini in 2015 - A sneak peak into 2015

2014 suits your natural tendencies and how! You could be bursting with new ideas, so make a list of them as they come into your mind. Record them for future use, reference or just to have on file, Gemini. This is an excellent time for writing, If possible, sign up for a class that interests you - it will pay off in 2015. Your social life is active, fulfilling and memorable this year and you will be even more popular than ever. This is your year to make new contacts in your neighborhood. Hand out business cards and get to know local businesses. You could very well land a lucrative deal/contract that involves your siblings or friends. In the Summer, your home life becomes your biggest focus and a serious top priority! This would be an excellent year to move, relocate or sell your home for a profit, Gemini.

Cancer in 2015 - A Sneak peek into 2015

Be a saver, not a spender this year. Now is the time to utilize those contacts made last year to consolidate your financial security. You could find that your cash flow increases as more money will be made available to you for those big purchases you desire but might need to curb! Watch out for a tendency to spend now, think later, though, Cancer! It will serve you better to use this time of opportunity to protect yourself with a savings account for a more secure future! And 2015 couldn't be a better year to develop good money saving habits! 

Leo in 2015 - A Sneak peek into 2015

For the majority of 2015, you are primed for success, Leo. In fact, your sex appeal, magnetic personality and optimism will make you look like more of a winner than you tend to project. Some Leo's are insecure and feel that unless they have the very best of everything, then they have nothing. Well, in 2015, that's about to change and how! Use 2015 to your advantage by circulating as much as possible. This is a year when your interactions with Vips, authority figures and famous people can get you noticed and make you rich and powerful. It's all about self-promotion, advertising and selling your services, so that people know who you are and what you do. This is not a year for being untrue to your deepest beliefs. It's about shining and being true to who you are and what you really hope to do for a living. 2015 - It's about who you know - not what you know where money is involved, Leo.

Virgo in 2015 - A Sneak peak into 2015

Utilize the first half of the year to review what you have learned in the past few years about money, success and luck. Formulate a new plan of success in the first six months and then implement it in mid July of 2015. This is not a year to rush as a slow and steady approach always favors you in the long run, Virgo. You will be wrapping up personal, social and professional matters from the past 12 years and bringing them to a final close in 2015. This is also a year to get centered spirituality, so you will be ready to seize amazing offers when new opportunities arise in July and you can pounce on them. October brings a time when you are primed for success as you begin a new life chapter that couldn't make you any happier than you are already!

Libra in 2015 - A Sneak peek into your success in 2015

It's all about group connections for Libra in 2015. Others will be seeking your company for inspiration, laughter and offers. You can now win the support of the movers and shakers in your chosen field and are ready to lead the pack, put those previous ideas finally into motion. This is a year of increased personal popularity and for finding a new audience for your talents and capabilities. By the time Summer rolls around, you might desire some solitude from all the action of the previous months - but keep on going, Libra. You can take any negative and turn it into a positive in 2015 and beyond. 

Scorpio in 2015 - A Sneak peak into 2015

It's time to promote yourself, Scorpio! 2015 is your year to become highly visible and build up your public and professional image. This year favors public activities rather than home life. It's a great time to deal with VIPs and heads of corporations. They will listen to you, your ideas and assist you in promoting your professional plans and agenda! You will be feeling super confident about your life and it shows in 2015. Follow up with all the new and interesting social contacts you meet at work and by the time Summer rolls around, you will be a leader in your chosen profession. Your personal life can also radically change in 2015, for the better. Talk about a total transformation, Scorpio!

Sagittarius in 2015 - Your luck factor in 2015 - A Sneak peak into 2015

This is an ideal year to go after higher education, develop a new philosophy on life and formulate new directions for your future, Sagittarius. Aim high, look at the bigger picture, not just the details! This is your year for excelling at publishing ventures, getting a college degree or going after a graduate degree. This is also a great time to travel abroad, if possible! Expand your mind, horizons and don't be afraid to turn in a new and different corner. Take a risk as it promises to pay off, big time. You could feel like changing your life around and trying something completely out of your comfort zone. Do it, Sagittarius! The ideas you get early in the year and the fascinating people you meet will be instrumental to your success and promise to greatly enhance your future! 

Capricorn in 2015 - Your success factor in 2015 - A Sneak peak!

You will have options to use credit and deal with banks and loans and even the IRS, Capricorn. Be extra careful with credit cards this year as there will be a strong inclination to spend, spend and over extend! You will find others more than willing and eager to lend you money at a high interest rate! If you're the risk taking type, you will have to keep an eye on spending or pay the price. You could also be asked to manage the money of others or ask someone close to manage yours while you deal with covering your tracks. During the Summer months, try not to gamble or engage in any risk taking ventures! That's an order!

Aquarius in 2015 - A Sneak peek into 2015

Commitments will favor you this year, Aquarius. Many of you will marry this year and start a family of your very own. However, this is not a great year for solo ventures. You're best off working in tandem and letting your partner share the spotlight! You might even have to submerge your own agenda for a while in order to take full advantage of this year. So think two as opposed to one! Yes, Aquarius, 2015 is all about togetherness! You can use others to your personal advantage but do not attempt to take over or the consequences could be costly. On the flip side, you could learn much from open enemies and adversaries and use this information in the near future. In the Summer months, your focus turns to shared resources! 

Pisces in 2015 - A Sneak peak into 2015 and your success!

This is a year when you can easily get bogged down in details, in learning the operation of your/a company from the ground up, or in taking care of the mundane aspects that make a business run efficiently. But keep in mind, it is only through creating a smooth working environment that real fortunes can be made in the long run, Pisces. Just look at todays news to see how many promising companies get swept away by poor management. This is also an ideal year to take excellent care of yourself, mind, body and spirit. End a toxic addiction or relationship for better than expected results! In the Summer months of 2015, you will want a partner by your side to move ahead faster, so make sure you have the perfect partner to help you rise the ladder of success.