Pisces June Forecast for 2014

Mercury (communications, travel and self-expression) begins the month moving forward in Cancer, your 5th House of love, creativity, children, hobbies and taking risks for pleasure, Pisces. Mercury will be direct for the first six days of June. On 6/7, Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and can create/bring about misunderstandings in these very areas (5th House). Cancer is a sign that deals with home life, emotions and also speaks about nurturing and how you tend to nurture other people, Pisces. This Mercury retrograde impacts your love life and your relationship with creative assignments and children, yours or that of another child in your life. Best advice: Spend the first six days of June getting your relationships in pristine order. Review, revise and revisit these areas twice if you need to. Keep the lines of communications (Mercury) wide open and cement these key areas before 6/7. On 6/7 - 6/17, Mercury will retrograde in your 5th House of love. During this time, follow through with important communications as translations can get lost and people and partners might misunderstand you or take something you say way too personally. Whenever Mercury retrogrades, every sign is impacted and it is always advisable to back up your computer, check your car and make sure all electronics and appliances are in working order as these areas are subject to hassles and frustrations. On 6/17, Mercury will slip back into Gemini (Your 4th House of home, relatives and residential matters) until 7/1. Between 6/17 and 7/1, you could begin to experience slowdowns and delays where your home life and relatives are involved. Realize that this is temporary and a good attitude goes a very long way despite some turbulence you might encounter along the way. The month places a heavy emphasis on your home, career and your love life. Once Mercury resumes direct motion, smooth sailing ensues, so if you experience any drama or arguments with others during the month of June, know that these disputes are temporary and will subside in early July, Pisces. Jupiter (Luck/expansion) will also occupy Cancer this month mitigating some of the confusion that comes with Mercury retrograde in both your 4th and 5th Houses.

A Full Moon forms in Sagittarius on 6/13. Sagittarius is your 10th House of prestige, honors, career and fate, Pisces. Uranus (Events/things you never saw coming) forms a smooth angle to this Full Moon suggesting that events will have an element of surprise and news you hear promises to be positive.There could be a tug of war however between your head and your heart on this date. Personal and professional activities seem to compete for your attention. News you receive will be unexpected but it will be serious, more so than you imagine!

Neptune, your ruling planet, will also retrograde this month in your 1st House, Pisces. Neptune turns retrograde on 6/9 and remains retrograde in your 1st House until 11/15. This transit  can manifest in several ways, Pisces. You could be feeling lost, off or confused/dazed or you might internally be conflicted about something or someone close to you.The effects of this movement are sure to be subtle but will effect you strongly since Neptune rules your sign naturally, Pisces. Realize that Neptune (your planetary ruler) can bring about some fogginess to your thinking/thought process and this retrograde could also prompt you to assess your spiritual beliefs and change the way you view the world (your worldviews and spiritual beliefs) we live in. Neptune represents what is hidden in our lives, Pisces! Neptune turns retrograde on 6/9 and remains retrograde in your 1st House until 11/15. During this time, make sure you see your personal and professional relationships as they are, not how you wish or would like them to be. Neptune is also known as the planet of illusions and magic, so make sure you can decipher fact versus fiction in personal, family, social and professional endeavors and relationships. Something could feel off in a relationship throughout this transit.  
Mars (Physical energy, motivation and sexuality) resumes direct motion throughout June in Libra, your 8th House of finances, other peoples money and triggers heightened activity surrounding taxes, mortgages insurance and inheritance issues. The 8th House also deals with issues like sex, power and control. Mars will continue its stay in your 8th House until late next month, when it enters your 9th House of Scorpio on 7/25. With Mars in Libra, issues relating to estates, deeply committed relationships and even metaphysical topics can capture your attention. The biggest impact will be your finances during this transit, so expect a flurry of activity when dealing with banks, loans and matters involving life and death situations, Pisces. The only possible drawback to this transit is that you could be somewhat short tempered, so tone down your responses when it comes to the areas of finances, especially the aforementioned areas (8th House) this month for ideal results.

Venus (Love and Money) opens June in Taurus (where Venus has been since 5/28), Taurus is a sign Venus likes to occupy. Taurus is your 3rd House of communications, socializing, siblings and neighborhood and community matters. With the planet of love, money and applause touring your 3rd House, love will be found at home, near home or within a close proximity to it, single or coupled. You could decide to move in with a special someone or a relationship can begin through a chance encounter or a set up via a friend or a family member during this time/transit. With Venus in your 3rd House, you will also express yourself more eloquently and have a way with words that commands attention from the public and in private. Expect your biggest audience, applause and admiration to come via your speaking skills, via love you get and receive from siblings or by taking short distance trips. Just be cautious during Mercury retrograde dates - if you do travel - especially when it comes to all things electronic and any form of transportation. Better to be safe than sorry, Pisces. Venus will occupy your 3rd House until 6/23, when it enters in Gemini, your 4th House. Once Venus enters in Gemini, your greatest love and benefits come via family and home areas and you will be finally safe to travel and move forward in these key areas of your life.  

A New Moon occurs on 6/27 in Cancer. You could receive an unexpected but sweet message or a special communication from a love interest. This day promises to bring you a smile, Pisces. With the lunation (Sun and Moon both in Cancer) in Cancer, emotions will be intense, up and down and your family life can be involved. It might best to spend your time with someone special as opposed to large groups on this day. You note people surrounding you will be filled with drama, emotional displays and you could desire a little togetherness behind closed doors. This is a ideal day for privacy and enjoying affection, love and praise coming your way, single or coupled.

Challenging dates: 6/7, 6/9, 6/12, 6/13, 6/19 & 6/22. Be cautious, avoid talking on your cell and do not speed when driving on these key dates, Pisces!

Best dates for Love and money: 6/3, 6/4, 6/5, 6/10, 6/18, 6/20, 6/21, 6/28 & 6/29.

Signs involved: Aries, Gemini and a Capricorn. A Virgo will be heavy on your mind and vice verse. An attraction to Virgo will be compelling, fulfilling and makes you feel loved and appreciated.The signs of Gemini, Aries and Capricorn will be attracted to you and desire a special place in your heart and or your life this month. If single, try not let anyone new potential partners cross boundaries you're not comfortable with, Pisces. An Aries shares private information with you while a Gemini captivates you with his or her charm and wit. A Gemini can also teach you how to bring about a better sense of balance into your life (personal, social and professional). A Capricorn stirs up fond memories or you and a Capricorn could be taking an ongoing relationship to the next level this month. A Capricorn will be a friend for life, so count on a relationship filled with laughter, travel and stimulation while in the company of a Capricorn this month.