Aquarius Yearly Horoscope Astrology Forecast for 2015

Aquarius 2014 at a glance:

It's a lucky year for Aquarius. Jupiter will be in Leo, Saturn will be in Sagittarius and Uranus tours Aries. All three of these key planets/players in Astrology will be touring in the compatible Fire signs - which blend well and complement your Air element. 2015 will be radically different from 2014 in that in 2015, a new door opens up that can and will change your future in ways you only dreamed about, Aquarius. Relationships and love are serous, solid and secure. You can change the landscape of your entire life this year with the assistance of Jupiter backing you in your 7th House of marriage. Jupiter is about good fortune and the 7th House is about marriage and contracts, so if these issues come up, don't be entirely surprised, single or coupled! A Taurus, Leo and another Aquarius play roles in your life in 2015.   

Where you get Lucky.....

Jupiter begins 2015 in Leo, your 7th House of marriage, partnerships, legal contracts and legal matters, Aquarius. Yes, you can win over talented, genuine and attractive people in 2015 when your way with words will seduce others, single and coupled. This is a year of marriage, taking the next step in a serious relationship and where love is in the air. A passionate relationship is involved and long term plans are established and put on paper, Aquarius. As 2015 begins, try not to stress out when you experience minor delays and misunderstandings in these areas. Jupiter will be retrograde in your 7th House until 4/8. Once April rolls around, these areas move ahead, fast, so try and exercise patience if a romance isn't moving as fast as you would like early in the year. Also remember that when Jupiter retrogrades, your energy turns inwards. You may experience some insecurity, deal with some bumps and bruises in an ongoing personal matter or where a key relationship is involved. Temporary turbulence could impact a relationship during this retrograde. Jupiter brings good fortune but also can impact your belief system, so focus more on friendships during these down periods and know that love is bound to find you this year, if it hasn't already, Aquarius. And know that the way you view marriage is universally changing or could change where you deal with all properties of the 7th House as Jupiter can impact your belief system and world views.  

Lessons you may need to learn - the hard way, Aquarius. Your 11th House of Ideals, hopes, friends and your dreams.

In 2015, Saturn begins it's 2.5 year stay in your 11th House of friendships, your hopes and wishes and group involvements, Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of discipline, hard work and karma. Saturn will begin 2015 moving direct in your 11th House of friendships, so these areas will be questioned, examined and possibly rethought altogether. The 11th House also is the House of hopes, wishes and lovers from the past, so it's entirely possible that you will be dealing with irony, tests and a few challenges where these areas are involved. It all depends on the actions, structures and foundations you have been building in these areas. Saturn will turn retrograde in Scorpio on March 14th and remains in Scorpio until August 1st. During this retrograde, you will get a second chance to correct any mistakes made while Saturn was in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio impacted your 10th House of prestige, career, dealings with those in authority, powerful people and VIPs. You might want to extricate yourself when it comes to certain friendships and relationships while you could desire to pour your existing energy towards one special person in 2015, Aquarius. Alternatively, during this year, a love relationship grows closer by the hour, so you might be dealing with a relationship that feels karmic, fulfilling and destined. Plus if you have treated lovers past with kindness and built foundations in relationships past, then this transit will be a breeze for you, Aquarius!

Where you will experience slow but powerful change & a personal and total transformation in your life, Aquarius....

Pluto has been in Capricorn - Your 12th House of privacy, seclusion, events taking place behind closed doors and could also involve a possible secret romance. The 12th House also rules jails, hospitals, the courts, government offices, the subconscious and seclusion, Aquarius. Pluto is the planet of transformation and slow but powerful change. In 2015, this planet will continue to astound you in that the properties of the 12th House continue to enter your life in strange but powerful ways, Aquarius. Pluto entered in Capricorn in 2008. Since then, what have you learned or seen with regards to these very areas, Aquarius? Have you taken an interest in yoga, meditation or involved yourself a secret creative project or a romance on the down low?   

Lucky dates for Love and Romance in 2015

Your powerful alluring and persuasive whenever Mars tours your sign. This is also a great time for new beginnings, passionate encounters and launching new projects, Aquarius. Mars, when placed in your 1st House - exerts a powerful magnetism that is sensual, powerful and finds you standing out in public and private, Aquarius. Whenever Mars transits your 5th House, it's a good time to begin or cement important relationship and intimate relationships, Aquarius. When it travels through your 7th House, marriage and professional relationships are the central focus. Pay attention to the dates listed below to see how this years transits will play out for you. In 2015, Venus will retrograde, so try and not make any serious moves during this time, Aquarius!

Mars in Aquarius: your 1st House - 12/4 - 1/3/15

Mars in Gemini: your 5th House - 5/11 - 6/23
Mars in Leo: your 7th House -  8/8 - 9/25

Best times for love:

Venus in Gemini - 4/11- 5/7

Venus in Libra - 11/8 - 12/5
Venus in Aquarius - 1/3 - 1/27
Venus in Leo - 6/5 - 7/18

********Venus will retrograde (not a good time for Love) in Leo. This takes place 7/25 - 9/6 and impacts your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional partnerships, so pay special attention during these times to your love and professional life.