Cancer February Love and Romance Forecast for 2015

The Sun and Mercury tour your 8th House of shared income, savings, intimacy, deeply committed relationships, insurance, financial security, taxes, insurance, investments and can shed light on metaphysical matters, Cancer. Mercury will remain retrograde in Aquarius until 2/11, so don't be surprised if you experience any slow downs, communication snafus or misunderstandings relating to these areas until the 11th, Cancer. Once Mercury resumes direct, these areas will benefit you, big time! The Sun will enter in the most compatible sign of Pisces on 2/18, your 9th House of world views and spirituality. 

A Full Moon occurs in Leo on 2/3 and the New Moon occurs in Aquarius on 2/18. More about these New and Full Moons will be covered in our Weekly Forecasts, Cancer.

As February opens, Mars (Planet of Sexuality & Motivation) and Venus (Planet of Love and Money) begin the month traveling together in the compatible sign of Pisces. Pisces is your 9th House of spirituality, overseas travel and people in exotic destinations, Cancer. Single Cancer could meet someone from a foreign country, at a distance or be dealing with a love interest who is exotic and not their normal type. Pisces is also compatible water sign that brings out your already famous nurturing intuitive side, Cancer, so extend kindness to others during this time and it will return to you tenfold! You will be in generous mood during this transit of Mars and Venus in your 9th House. Mars and Venus in the 9th House can also bring a strong desire to travel to an exotic destination, highlight a need for higher education or you could be examining your world views and spirituality more closely during this time. 

On 2/20, Venus and Mars enter Aries, together, bringing the emphasis to your 10th House of career, prestige, fate, honors and superiors. Expect some rewards for hard work but realize that Venus in Aries is not the most generous placement. Mars rules Aries and this placement could make you impatient, but you need to realize that love is looking up, good things come to those who wait and someone powerful is at your side willing to help you with any pressing career matters. Realize that maybe you have overstayed you're welcome at one job or it could be that you're giving away your hard work for little to no pay. Refuse to keep moving in a direction you know is not good for you, but at the same time, be assertive, exercise kindness and be bold and daring, like Aries. You could make a lot of money during this time provided you play your cards right, Cancer. Happy February, Cancer!

Best days for Love and Money: 2/2, 2/5, 2/7, 2/19, 2/24 & 2/25

Challenging days: 2/1, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22 & 2/23