Capricorn Yearly Horoscope Astrology Forecast for 2015

Capricorn 2015 at a glance:

An Aries and a Libra play serious roles throughout 2015, Capricorn. It's a year of recognition and a year when you stop carrying the responsibility of others and decide to make drastic changes in your life. It's a year to break away from what is comfortable and step into uncharted territory, Capricorn. By the time Jupiter enters Virgo in August, you will be patting yourself of the back for listening to your intuition, instincts and celebrating fresh beginnings. You can go far with your plans in and for 2015, Capricorn.    

Where you get Lucky....

Jupiter begins 2015 in Leo, your 8th House of intimacy, control, power, sex, metaphysics, shared possessions, finances, taxes, insurance and mortgages. Leo is your 8th House and as 2015 begins, Jupiter will be retrograde in your 8th House until 4/8.As the year begins it might seem as though these areas are not progressing as fast as you had hoped or alternatively you could face obstacles, misunderstandings or difficulties where you deal in any of these areas. Progress might seem slow and when you speak about these areas as well and others close to you could appear to be insensitive or misunderstand your intentions, so try and keep these topics on the back burner and by early April, these areas begin to show marked signs of growth and promise good fortune, expansion and prosperity. Jupiter in your 8th House can be a time when your sexuality is seriously heightened, Capricorn. 

Lessons you might need to learn, Capricorn. Your 12th House of privacy. How do you handle privacy, seclusion and secrets, Capricorn? 

In 2015, Saturn (Your planetary ruler which represents maturity, discipline and lessons learned the hard way. Saturn will be in Sagittarius, your 12th House of secrecy, privacy, the truth, psychic gifts, healing powers, secrets, special abilities, creative pursuits that are performed solo, issues from the deep past and the 12th House also rules hospitals, institutions and government offices. It's a strange place for your planetary ruler to transit this House, but Capricorn is much like Scorpio in that Capricorn is prone to moments of solitude and can understand Scorpio more than most other signs can. During this time, secrets get leaked, it's wise to remain low key and avoid gossip as it could come back to haunt something or someone that means the world to you. This could be a person or a job but whatever transpires  - exercise discretion and know that there are unseen people who are watching and waiting for you next move, Capricorn. Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio on March 14th and by August 1st - leaves Scorpio for good and this retrograde gives you one last chance to review a friendship, group involvement and or a long held wish or hope you had could appear during this time. It's all about the work you have or have not put into building solid structures and working hard. Only you know the truth as you see it, so deep down you might know something that could change your life or income, but not desire or wish to disclose this. Do it, Capricorn! Confide in a trusted confidante and get his or her feedback. Once Jupiter moves direct, keep close tabs on your discussions with others where hospitals, courts, secrets, and or cooperate offices are involved. 

Where you will experience slow but powerful changes & a personal and total transformation in your life, Capricorn....

Pluto has been in Capricorn - Your 1st House of appearance, transformation and brings about slow but powerful change to just about every facet of your life. The areas that will be most impacted by this planet will be ones that need to occur although they could appear to be anything but upsetting or painful, but realize they are meant to occur for a good reason and that is due to the fact that whatever vanishes and or appears from and into your life during this long transit can and will change the very fabric of your existence. You could get pregnant, gain weight, change the way you look via plastic surgery or your appearance will transform in a variety of ways. You could also lose weight and look unrecognizable to others close to you and acquaintances. Pluto is all about tearing down in order to rebuild a more suitable and beneficial lifestyle. When Pluto is placed in your 1st House, your physical appearance will undergo serious transformation and can astound others. You will also be dealing with a love relationship that has a long history during this time. 

Lucky dates for Love and Romance in 2015

Your powerful alluring and persuasive when Mars tours your sign. Mars is the planet of sexuality, passion and when placed in a compatible earth element and the right House, fireworks and the possibility of a new romance will likely occur. You will also notice that December is a standout month for romance this year as well, so singles will have numerous opportunities to meet someone special but in 2015, the normally elusive Capricorn demands commitment and wouldn't have it any other way. Mars will tour your 9th House of Virgo and your 5th House of passion, fun and flirtation, so during this time, others will view you as a force to be reckoned with, Capricorn.  

Mars in your 9th House 3/31- 5/12

Mars in your 5th House 9/25 - 11/13
Mars in Capricorn - 1/1-1/3/2015

Best times for love:

Venus in Taurus - 3/17 - 4/11 - your 5th House 

Venus in Virgo - 10/8 - 11/8  - your 9th House
Venus in Capricorn - Venus began 2015 in Capricorn and does not transit in 2015! 

********Venus will retrograde (not a good time for love) in Leo. This takes place 7/25 - 9/6 and impacts your 8th House of finance and commitment, so pay special attention and keep a watchful eye during these times with regard to your love and financial life. There will be delays and you could rethink something or someone you never considered previously. Spontaneity, delays or second thoughts will prevail.