Leo Yearly Astrology Forecast Horoscope for 2015

Leo - Your 2015 at a glance:

It's a year of great expansion, creativity, romance and good fortune, Leo. You stand out in any crowd and your presence and popularity will be duly noted. This is a period/year when you can expect great prosperity, fulfillment of your hopes and wishes and receive the accolades of those you admire, personally and professionally. The signs of another Leo and an Aquarius will be involved. 

Where you get lucky..

Jupiter (The planet of luck and prosperity) begins 2015 in your 1st House of appearances, personality and persuasiveness, Leo. Jupiter will be retrograde until 4/8. During this time, you could encounter some minor delays, snafus and miscommunication with a close partner, so keep the lines of communication open between you and someone special, Leo. Not to worry though! Venus will tour your sign for over three months in 2015, so you will find personal and professional relationships expanding in ways that are certain to please you. 

A side note about Jupiter, Leo!

With Jupiter in your 1st House, you might need to avoid any hint of overconfidence and watch your weight as the 1st House rules your physical appearance and Jupiter can expand your waistline if you don't exercise moderation in your eating and exercise regimens.  It's a year to make sure you remain aware of your physical presence, be aware, Leo. 

On 4/8, Jupiter resumes direct in your sign, Leo. From April through August, your personal, social and professional life will expand and excite as your hopes, wishes and expectations are met, Leo. It's going to be a standout milestone year for you, Leo. Long held hopes and wishes are bound to bring about serious fulfillment. Jupiter can also influence your belief systems, so it's entirely possible that your beliefs about a certain matter, relationship or even money will change dynamically and drastically during this time. Talk about a 360, Leo!  

What you might need to learn, Leo. Lessons about your 5th House of creativity, love, creative projects, passion and children

Saturn begins the year in Sagittarius, your 5th House of passion, children, romance, creativity and taking risks, Leo. During this period, you might encounter issues relating to creative pursuits, a romance or when dealing with children or a child. These areas will demand that you have displayed maturity and built a solid and lasting foundations, Leo. There could be interference or tension with children in your life. A personal relationship also needs discretion during this transit. You need to let your pride slip aside so that a close relationship can bond closer - not further apart. With such good aspects in your chart, you will conquer issues head on and find the answers you seek when it comes to love. If you have been mature and extended effort, you will be rewarded with Saturn in your 5th House. Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio, your 4th House of home, family and relatives on 3/14 - 8/1, giving you a second chance to correct any errors you might have overlooked in 2014 especially where you were dealing with a tug of war between personal versus professional commitments. If there are any unresolved issues from last year, this will be a good time to right the wrongs of mistakes made or errors in judgement. Once Saturn
 resumes direct early in August, life is looking up for you! In fact, August will be a standout month for you, Leo. Expect many exciting offers, personally, socially and professionally. Saturn in Sagittarius is also a favored time for Leo to go into business for themselves. You will also take a greater interest in travel throughout this transit and people from overseas can be instrumental to your success in 2015, especially if your job involves creative or artistic work.   

Where there will be a powerful change & a personal and total transformation for you....

Pluto has been in Capricorn - your 6th House of health, duty to employees, your daily routines and your work sector since 2008. By now you should have an idea of how much this powerful planet has slowly but surely transformed your daily routines, your work, your health and dealing with repair and maintenance issues and with employees. You're eager, willing and able to work hard this year and you will meet new faces and even bring on a key partner who will open new doors professionally for you this year. Health matters can also be brought to your attention under Pluto in Capricorn. This is a good time to ditch a bad habit, exercise and take the best possible care of yourself, Leo.    

Lucky Love and Romance dates for 2015:
Your best times for love, applause and admiration are any time Venus tours a Fire sign or is in the Fire element - for you that would be when Venus transits Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  

Venus in Aries - 2/20 - 3/17
Venus in Leo - 6/5 - 7/18
Venus in Sagittarius - 12/30 - 2016
The planet of passion, persuasiveness and allure when placed in your 1st House - exerts a powerful magnetism that is lasting, seductive and simply unforgettable, Leo. Whenever Mars transits your 1st House is the best time for you to focus on your personal and professional matters, Leo. Expect to be perceived as powerful, persuasive and admired when it comes to a relationship, a child or children and when you work on hobbies and anything creative. Your personal sex appeal stands out during these dates/times. See below for these powerful times for you:

Mars in your 1st House: 8/8 - 9/25
Mars in your 7th House: 1/1 - 1/12 

A love relationship feels destined in 2015. You could make a serious commitment in an existing relationship or when Venus retrogrades in your sign in early August (see below), an ex love could make an appearance and change everything. Regardless of what transpires, your greatest fulfillment this year comes where your hopes and dreams are involved. 

**************Venus will retrograde (Not a good time for love but a great time for people from your past and loves from your past) in Leo. This takes place 7/25 - 9/6.