Libra February Astrology Horoscope Forecast

The Sun and Mercury transit your 5th House of love, sex, children, creativity and put a strong emphasis on your ability to take risks and gamble on a person or a place throughout this month, Libra. But before you jump into any new commitments, realize that Mercury (Communications) is retrograde (Slow downs, delays or cancellations) in the same sign and that you could experience a few delays, misunderstandings and possible endings during this time. You could be having disputes regarding your children, the health and wellness of a child could consume your time or romance could be on the back burner as the month begins - courtesy of Mercury retrograde in your 5th House. However, that all changes on the 18th, Libra, when you find that these very areas light up and look beyond promising. Children and romance will be well starred and go hand in hand on the 18th and 19th, so try not to let any slow down make you worry excessively, Libra!

The Full Moon forms in Leo on 2/3 and the New Moon forms in Aquarius on 2/18. More about New and Full Moons will be covered in our Weekly Forecasts, Libra!

Venus (your planetary ruler which holds domain over Love and Money) begins the month in Pisces, your 6th House of repairs, maintenance, your daily routines and associates. Mars (planet of war, sexuality and physical motivation) will also be in the same sign as Venus - Pisces, Libra. With Mars and Venus both in Pisces, you can expect tons of activity taking place when it comes to these very areas. However, with Mercury retrograde and Mars - the ruler of your 7th House, in the sign of  Pisces,  health concerns could come front and center, yours or that of one close to you. Additionally with Mars in the 6th, you could meet someone at your place of employment who you find beyond attractive. Tone down your flirtatious side under this placement as associates will be short tempered and so will your boss. You might even have to review, rewrite or recheck an important document as mistakes could be made that are costly but can be rectified, Libra. It's all about health, daily routines, your job and making repairs under the influence of Mars/Venus in your 6th House, Libra! 

On 2/20 - Venus and Mars exit Pisces and enter the impatient sign of Aries, your 7th House of partnerships,  bringing about a greater closeness and/or commitment in an ongoing romance. If coupled, you and a partner become closer and could take an existing relationship to the next level by moving in together, getting engaged or getting married, Libra. Single Libra can expect to meet several potential love interests throughout Venus in Aries. A marriage, business or legal issue may involve a domestic adjustment. A strong desire to take charge of your love life overtakes single and coupled Libra this month, especially with Venus and Mars in your 7th House of marriage as the month ends. Happy February, Libra! 

Your Best Days for Love and Money: 2/11, 2/18, 2/19 & 2/25

Challenging days: 2/1, 2/6, 2/20 & 2/23