Libra Yearly Astrology Forecast Horoscope for 2015

Libra in 2015

A tense square (challenge) between Pluto in Capricorn (Touring you 4th House of home and family life) and Uranus in Aries (Touring your 7th House of marriage) has been impacting most signs since 2014, especially the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and this will continue in 2015. Your obvious love for your family and a marriage is your biggest, most important/serious priority however there can be interference with a personal matter that prevents you from seeing your family or a marriage partner as much as you might desire this year, Libra. Obligations and restrictions on these areas will be felt throughout 2015. The signs of Aries, Taurus, another Libra and a Scorpio play key roles in your year, Libra. It's a year of creature comforts, domesticity, justice or issues involving lawyers, a serious domestic adjustment with a strong emphasis of your home and family life, Libra. You might need to learn when to let go when it comes to key areas of your life in 2015. Not to fear, Libra! It is only when you learn to do (surrender your fears and go with whatever happens in any given situation) that your greatest strength emerges and in 2015, your strength will stand out and so will your marital status and family life, in a big way.  

Where you get Lucky..

Jupiter begins 2015 retrograde in Leo. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good fortune, prosperity and luck, Libra. While Jupiter is retrograde, you could find that your emotions are heightened or you look inwards and you might face misunderstandings and have conflict with a close partner, Libra. On 4/8, Jupiter resumes direct in your 11th House of friendships, groups and brings luck and prosperity into your life where your friendships, hopes, wishes are involved, Libra. A Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign during the same week Jupiter resumes direct motion in Leo. This will be an important month and key week for you, Libra, so take note and try not to do anything drastic where your appearance, money or where love is involved. You might regret impulsive actions taken! 

Once Jupiter resumes direct in Leo on 4/8, delays, misunderstandings and previous delays or miscommunications start to really work out in your favor, Libra. Your luck can change this year via group involvements, friendships and where hope, your wishes and your desires are involved. Those of you in a relationship become closer while single Libra could meet a new love or an ex love could appear and fireworks could ensue. Single Libra could also meet a potential love interest in September or October that promises to bring a new take on love, one that makes you more fulfilled and entertains you like no one you have ever met. Single or coupled, this is year where you can realize how to achieve your dreams, Libra,

Lessons you might need to learn more about. Your 3rd House of communications (self-expression) and learning

In 2015, Saturn occupies your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors, your community, short distance travels, the Internet, every day life and self-expression, Libra. Where you have built foundations with durable structures, Saturn transits to check in and see how you have matured in these area, to see if you have built a solid foundations and if so, then the planet of karma will reward you with some delightful experiences. Those of you who have not been kind to others, or have refused to grow up and mature will face the challenges and emotional experiences that can come with a rough Saturn transit. A potential downside to Saturn in your 3rd House is that legal matters, mountains of paperwork and lots of writing could become involved in your life and financial matters could find you paying a serious price for issues past at times throughout 2015, so if deep down you know you have lessons to learn, make sure you honor the laws of the universe as Saturn rewards those who do, Libra.  

Where you will see slow but powerful change & a personal and total transformation....

Pluto has been in Capricorn - your 4th House of home, residence, relatives and issues from the past, Libra, since 2008. Pluto is all about transformation in your home and family life. Look back to a year ago and take a look around now. You will see how this slow but powerful energy manifests in your domestic life and will continue to tear down in order to rebuild a more solid home base. How has your home life changed Libra? Where are you now versus where you were since 2008? 2014? Look back and see how your family, relatives, residence and issues connecting to motherhood have changed, transformed and will continue to do so at a slow but powerful pace!.    

Lucky dates for Love and Romance in 2015

Your best times for Love are anytime Venus tours a compatible Air sign - for you that would be when Venus transits Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and your 7th House of partnerships, Aries. The following dates are listed below

Venus in Aries - 2/20 - 3/17
Venus in Gemini - 4/11- 5/7

Venus in Libra - 11/8 - 12/5
Venus in Aquarius - 1/3 - 1/27

You're a your most persuasive and powerful whenever Mars, planet of sexuality and allure travels through your 1st House of appearance, your 5th House of passion and brings about more sex appeal your way and your 7th House of marriage. You will be perceived as attractive, powerful and possess an air of sensuality during these dates listed below. This is also a great time to begin new ventures, personal and professional. 

Mars in Aquarius - 1/1/15 - 1/12/2015
Mars in Libra - 11/12 - 2016

Mars in Aries - 2/20 - 3/31

***********Venus will retrograde in Leo (Not a good time for love or friendships but can be a good time for people from your past and when dealing with friends and loves from your past) This takes place in your 11th House of friendships between 7/25 - 9/6.