Pisces February Love and Romance Forecast for 2015

The Sun and Mercury transit your 12th House of seclusion, privacy, illusions, secrets, hospitals, government offices and deals with "out of the way" places and privacy, Pisces. A relationship could be occurring in secret this month or you could discover some of your secrets getting leaked. The 12th House also deals with prisons, hospitals and institutions, Pisces, so it's entirely possible you could be focused on one or more of these areas or experience a few delays until Mercury resumes direct on 2/11. 

The Full Moon forms in Leo on 2/3 and The New Moon occurs in your sign (1st House) on 2/18. More about New and Full Moon information will be covered in Weekly forecasts.

As February begins (Mars and Venus will tour your sign bringing about some memorable times and milestone events in your life, Pisces) - In fact, this should be one of the best times for your sign in romance and career all year - according to Astrology, Pisces. Singles could meet the someone special   while couples feel more connected than ever. Pay close attention on 2/1, Pisces! Someone attractive is bound to catch your eyes. Your sexuality is greatly heightened and  sexual and romantic chemistry will be off the charts, single or coupled. An ongoing relationship makes it to the next level during this time and all Pisces are bound to find better structures for their relationship that works for both parties involved. You could meet exciting people, greet ghosts from your past and romantic adventure will beckon but Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, so take it easier in the love department and let lovers pursue you, Pisces. This is a month to shine as your birthday rolls around on 2/18 and starts a fresh cycle with a stellium of planets in your sign. A New Moon, Neptune and the Sun will tour your 1st House, bringing you greater clarity and more appreciation for all of the good fortune you have received since Mars entered your sign, then Venus. 2015 is action packed so far for you and this is a month to show gratitude to those who assisted you or made offers you simply couldn't refuse.  

Once the 20th rolls around, Venus and Mars will enter Aries, your 2nd House of personal possessions, items of value and your finances. Try not to escape the daily grind as life won't run as smoothly during this time as it did when Venus and Mars were touring your 1st House. Just keep calm and avoid what could be described as escapist tendencies for ideal results. Happy February, Pisces! 

Best days for Love and Money: 2/1, 2/7, 2/8, 2/18 & 2/26

Challenging days: 2/6, 2/20, 2/21 & 2/23.