Pisces Love

See how the stars influence your life

Painting By Kelly Lynn Kimball

Pisces is the 12th House of the zodiac and is therefore a combination of all signs leading up to it. This is a sensitive, intuitive and tender and sweet partner to merge with in love. Pisces takes his or her love life very seriously and needs a partner who can work behind the scenes as well or if not better than Pisces does. Pisces is a dream lover who will take their romance to magical places and create a perfect ambiance for the right lover. Pisces love life is looking clearer as most Pisces will make huge changes and they are apt to be serious ones that have been well thought out and for the best interest of Pisces. With Neptune (your ruling planet) moving direct in your sign and 1st House (a VERY BIG deal) you will instinctively know who is right for you and how much they love you, for better or for worse, Pisces. As much as you might want to believe you can trust others, you need those closest to you to be very clear about their true definitions of trust, love and what commitment means to them (your partner). Trust is the foundation of any relationship so make sure you find someone who you can trust implicitly. You're gentle, loving and generous. Who wouldn't want to love someone who has this much to offer? The public finds you fascinating but try to think before you react as this could be your downfall, personally and professionally. You enter this time with big changes in mind for your love life. You could begin this time by adjusting to a recent marriage, divorce or some other romantic adjustment. It's time to follow your heart and take a risk in love. The more you ignore your intuition, the more frustrated you can become. Follow and TRUST your gut instincts, especially in your personal life. You will know without knowing the best course of action to take, Pisces.

By nature, you might tend to attract some who might unconsciously take advantage of your loving and selfless nature. You attract stray animals, people who are weak, injured, sick, addicted or down in his or her life. Wounded personalities see you as their personal savior. Don't allow others to prey on your empathetic nature. You tend to be sensitive/pick up on the moods of those around you, and this year, you will learn to tone down your selfless nature, come from a logical place and aim for an equal balance of give and take. Special for Pisces: Avoid overly emotional types in love this year. If a partner feels as though you aren't contributing to your maximum abilities and lets you know it, you might read them the riot act. It's time to get down to serious business in your personal life this year. In January of 2015, you will know for certain where you stand and where you choose to remain. Coupled or single, 2015 is major year for all Pisces in love.