Sagittarius February Love and Romance Forecast

The Sun and Mercury both transit your 3rd House of communication, travel trips/visits, siblings, daily activities, neighborhood/community affairs  community affairs, short distance travel. Mercury will join the Sun in your 3rd House but Mercury is also retrograde in this same House, so hold off on any important projects until Mercury resumes direct on the 11th, Sagittarius. The second half of February will be on your wavelength, so exercise patience because good times are headed your way, single and coupled, Sagittarius.

A Full Moon forms on 2/3 in Leo while a New Moon occurs in Aquarius on 2/18 and more about these New and Full Moons will be covered in our Weekly Forecasts. 

Venus (Planet of Love and Money) and Mars (Planet of Sexuality and Physical energy) are both in the watery, emotional sign of Pisces as February opens, Sagittarius. Pisces is your 4th House of residence, relatives, the past and also deals with motherhood, Sagittarius. Love begins at home during this transit for all Sagittarius, single or coupled. Coupled Sagittarius will find their love life brings great fulfillment - even more so when they spend quality time together in the privacy of their own home. This is also a great time to rethink issues connected to your home, single or coupled. Single Sagittarius could meet the love of his or her life through a relative, a family member or in their neighborhood. Short distance travel can bring love but also a few obstacles - but this is nothing you cannot handle, Sagittarius. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, so be careful about making a serious commitment to anything during this time.You might change your mind at a later date. 

The good news? Mars and Venus enter Aries, your 5th House of love, passion, children, creativity and taking risks on 2/20, Sagittarius. This should be one of the BEST times for you in love all year! You are certain to enjoy this transit as it brings about the fulfillment of your wishes, personal and otherwise. You need a mentor and this transit very well just might bring one into your life, Sagittarius. You will enjoy the compatible energy of the fiery Aries energy as it blends well with yours. In matters relating/pertaining to love, your head and heart will be invested heavily and you will be willing to do whatever it takes to get close to your sweetheart during this time, Sagittarius. And if you're single, chances are extremely high that you will have more than one potential offer in the romance department, Sagittarius. In fact, a love relationship is looking solid, secure and you could fall head over heels in love with an earth sign this month. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Pay close attention to events occurring on the 22nd!

Your Best Days for Love and Money: 2/2, 2/3, 2/24 & 2/26

Challenging Days: 2/1, 2/6, 2/11 & 2/23