Scorpio February Astrology Horoscope Forecast

The Sun and Mercury transit your 4th House of your residence, relatives, issues past, the topic/subject of motherhood and finds you wrapping up some relationships, Scorpio. The 4th House can sometimes deal with endings and with Mercury retrograde, you could be dealing with some relationships that have outlived their usefulness or someone might have made you see the light in an ongoing friendship and you decide/d "enough is enough" in a relationship. A female relative will be on your side and assist you in important matters pertaining to social, romantic and professional issues. There could also be a serious desire for a domestic adjustment of some type, Scorpio. Only you know what this means! 

The Full Moon forms in Leo on 2/3 and the New Moon forms in Aquarius on 2/18. More about these New and Full Moons will be covered in our Weekly Forecasts. 

As February opens, you're the lucky one with both Mars (Sexuality, passion and physical energy) and Venus (Love, money and all things harmonious) will both be in the same sign, strengthening the power of each planet, so expect some major developments on the love front. The 5th House also deals with creativity, children, gambling, taking risks and passion. With Venus in Pisces, expect love and creative projects to gain special momentum and you notice the admiration and gain compliments from others under this influence of Pisces. Since Pisces is a compatible water sign, you could note that this transit brings out your already intuitive nature and magnify it and you will be prone to compassion for others, sob stories and those who might take advantage of your giving nature, so be extra cautious, if single, Scorpio. If your intuition is telling you something, do a back ground check as Pisces is notorious for being susceptible to sob stories, Scorpio! Love/passion, music and a special love will be areas that bring you many smiles and deep fulfillment.

This month, Scorpio is either already coupled or single Scorpios will have met a potential love interest. There could even be more than one love interest to choose from for Scorpio however Mercury is retrograde until the 11th, so you could encounter misunderstandings with family members or a love interest. There will be serious attraction and a desire to be closer to any ongoing love interest and guess what, Scorpio? The feeling is beyond mutual! Enjoy this compatible transit while it lasts as Mars and Venus will enter Aries on 2/20. Aries is your 6th House of daily routines, maintenance, repairs and your job for the duration of February and these planets will let you know if you're on the right path or if you need to go in another one. You notice that you get sudden and unexpected affection through your work place. During Venus/Mars in Aries - an office romance could blossom, a new offer at a new job comes through, you could land a dream job or otherwise be promoted at your current place of employment. You might even notice that your co-workers will show you more notable appreciation. Say "No" to any office romance this month as Neptune can make you more susceptible to the charms of one you don't know quite well, if single. Avoid any office romance and for ideal results, make sure no one perceives you as impatient or aggressive as Mars is the planet of War and there will be aggression regarding a job issue taking place at months end. Pay close attention on 2/23!

Special to Scorpio: With Saturn finally out of your sign, you can get some rest and relaxation during this time and you deserve it, Scorpio. 

Your Best days for Love and Money: 2/1, 2/7, 2/18 & 2/25

Not so great days: 2/5, 2/6 & 2/21