Scorpio Love in 2014

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Scorpio Love Scope - Love compatibility 


Aries - Scorpio meets Aries and wants to make it official. Scorpio sees the potential for a long term love with Aries. Scorpio can also climb the ladder of success with Aries. This could work as long as you both are willing and Aries is ready, willing and able to show Scorpio his or her devotion. Scorpio is willing to settle down and get the job finished with Aries. There is hope for this relationship in 2014, a ton of it. Special for Scorpio: Give Aries the occasional space they need and you and Aries can go places together.

Taurus - Scorpio is mesmerized at first glance with Taurus. Scorpio could pursue Taurus until Taurus gives in. Taurus will either be feeling Scorpio or not feeling Scorpio at all. There is no middle ground here, not in 2014 or ever. The only issue, Scorpio?  How does Taurus feel about you? Here is an idea: Ask! What's not to love about this gorgeous, down to earth and outgoing sign of Taurus? There is potential for Taurus and Scorpio in 2014, especially if already coupled. Otherwise, one of you might run into the arms of a new love. It all depends on what you both want, but regardless of what occurs - Scorpio and Taurus will learn valuable lessons from one another.

Gemini - Scorpio meets Gemini and loves the openness and willingness to put everything about Geminis life out there, publicly. This is a foreign concept for Scorpio. Scorpio finds Gemini's intellect admirable and these two could connect this year. Scorpio explores mysteries when in the company of Gemini and these two can make it if love truly exists between them. Don't complain when Gemini parties, works or avoids nights away without you though, Scorpio. You might want to stay friends and focus on someone who is more focused on intimate relations as opposed to social stimulation 24/7, Scorpio.

Cancer - Here is a good choice for Scorpio. Scorpio meets Cancer and is slowly drawn in by the charm, character and charisma of Cancer. These two can read each others minds and build a strong and lasting love affair that will go down in history for both. Both of you will think about a possible future together at some point, whether the relationships works out or doesn't. Odds are excellent for a long term love with Cancer in 2014, Scorpio. Think about it. Cancer loves Scorpio loyalty and Scorpio returns the favor. This is a great match for both of you. Occasional space or time apart keeps this relationship evenly balanced.

Leo - Leo is taken with the charm, personality and sex appeal of Scorpio. These two fixed signs are powerful together, but after time, if Scorpio is not watching Leo 24/7, Leo will seek the company of other suitors, like it or not, Scorpio. The last thing Scorpio wants to do is baby sit and Scorpio could find love with Leo a little too dramatic for his or her tastes. Coming from Scorpio, that says a lot. These two can experience a powerful lasting romance, but where it goes beyond, is up to both. Oddly, this relationship can work with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. If a compromise is needed and it's worth it to both, these two will step up and make it official in 2014.

Virgo - Scorpio meets Virgo and falls slowly but surely head over heels in love/lust with Virgo. Virgo takes his or her time and usually can sense they exert influence over Scorpio and can manipulate Scorpio over to the Virgo point of view. Not so fast, Virgo! Scorpio isn't into to mind games and side relationships, so skip this relationship in 2014, Scorpio. Virgo is taken and unless Virgo is with YOU, forget about it, Scorpio! Virgo will balance out Scorpios emotions and together they can form a future that is built to last. However, Virgo will need to come from a place of brutal honesty and Scorpio will need to exercise patience and tolerance. The final decision is up to Virgo in 2014.

Libra - This is a surprise paring that can last. Libra and Scorpio are actually quite similar in that they both love the good life, are in love with the ideas of love and both cherish their home lives. Libra feels free romantically and Scorpio will reveal his or her true self to a Libra in 2014. There is an unspoken bond with Libra and Scorpio. These two will expand and grow even more in love than ever. This relationship works this year and will produce children.

Scorpio - This combination is a double dose of Pluto. Two Scorpios can make money together and change the way we view the world. When two Scorpios meet, they instantly recognize something in this other person. As time goes on, they either know its love and they commit or one or the other gets the impression that they might be NOT so interested after all. Remember Scorpio - True love defies all odds. If they decide to commit, they can build an empire together, but REALIZE this can take away from their romance. In 2014, it continues to be all or nothing at all between Scorpio and another Scorpio.

Sagittarius - When Scorpio meets Sagittarius, Scorpio turns out to be more attracted than Sagittarius was/is, initially. This is not a great combination unless you have a compatible Moon, Rising, Venus or Mars in a compatible element or sign. The timing is usually off somehow or in some way. One of you could be involved with another when you meet, so be sure and ask questions if you sense something is missing because it probably is, Scorpio. Sagittarius could withhold important information from you. And Scorpio has no tolerance for dishonesty in love. Think twice before making a commitment to a Sagittarius, especially in 2014, Scorpio!

Capricorn - This is a great match for you, Scorpio. You two meet and sense one anothers determination, share compatible interests and attract each other physically, mentally and sexually. Problems can arise if Scorpio nags Capricorn. Capricorn needs Scorpio in his or her life, so throughout Pluto's transit of Capricorn; these signs will get one another and could become close, fast. Long conversations, mutual physical attraction and laughter are part of this relationship, Scorpio. You could fall madly in love with a Capricorn or a Capricorn could fall in love with you. Capricorn could be the love of your life, Scorpio. Capricorn is a perfect choice for Scorpio and vice verse! It doesn't get much better than this, Scorpio!

Aquarius - Scorpio meets Aquarius and thinks about a home, family and future with Aquarius. Aquarius is your 4th House of issues past, Scorpio. Aquarius is not sure what to initially make of Scorpios passionate nature in 2014. Scorpios job or a past issue could resurface. Move bravely forward unless this is someone you are currently married to, Aquarius. Family issues could get in the way after time so could major disagreements and heartbreak, Scorpio.

Pisces - Pisces is a perfect match for Scorpio. Scorpio meets Pisces and feels chemistry and a strong connection that is undeniable. Scorpios feelings are so intense, it could scare Pisces away. Scorpio is 100% unaware of this and thinks Pisces actually appreciates Scorpios intensity. After time and through conversations, Pisces warms up to Scorpio and the relationship could end up with marriage and children. In 2014, Scorpio feels as though Pisces understands Scorpio in a way others simply cannot.

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