Scorpio Yearly Forecast Astrology Horoscope for 2015

Scorpio 2015 at a glance:

It's a year of research, travel, exploring unknown territory and making tremendous strides into your personal and professional life, Scorpio. It's also a year of loosening up now that Saturn has almost officially exited your sign, Scorpio. You begin 2015 more optimistic, fulfilled and proud of what you achieved when Saturn was in your sign last year or with Jupiter in Cancer, maybe that sexy stranger from a distance captured your heart, you gained a huge boost in prestige or a business plan went better than expected. Or if you were lazy or indulgent, you could still be feeling the power of Saturn (more about Saturn and what it means is listed below under Saturn in Sagittarius). You also begin 2015 with an open mind, a fresh perspective and more importantly, an open heart. The signs of Virgo and a Pisces play key roles as 2015 begins and throughout the year. You will be dealing with these individuals in personal, social and professional endeavors, offers and advancements.    

Where you get lucky..

Jupiter begins 2015 in Leo, your 10th House of career, fate, honors, prestige, public recognition and superiors, Scorpio. You're greatest fortune comes via your career, with positive professional developments, improved relationships with superiors, where your status is involved and when you deal with legal matters, Scorpio. A contract could play a serious role in your life this year, Scorpio. As 2015 begins, Jupiter will be retrograde in Leo and remains in retrograde until 4/8. While Jupiter is retrograde in Leo, you could find yourself facing misunderstandings with employees and co-workers might not understand you, your motives, methods of operation and intentions during this retro period. This could also be a time when you look inwards and see the bigger picture as it relates to your career. Something you see or hear could be a wake up call. Just what you needed, Scorpio! Once Jupiter resumes direct, your hopes for progress will come during this time. Exercise patience! Remember that nothing worth having ever happened over night, Scorpio. You will begin to see enormous expansion in all areas of the 10th House during Jupiter in Leo but when Jupiter is retrograde, you can expect a few delays or setbacks! Jupiter exits Leo, your 10th House and enters Virgo, your 11th House on 8/11. Once Jupiter enters Virgo, your life expands where friends, your hopes, wishes, group involvements and networking are involved. Expect to reap great fortune where the 10th and 11th Houses (Leo and Virgo) are involved and these areas are favored with good fortune and prosperity. With Jupiter in Virgo, an ex love could reappear or an existing relationship makes it to a new and even more improved level. It's going to be a year when everything you thought you knew about your job and love was not exactly right on target. 2015 will be a stand out milestone year for Scorpio.   

Lessons you may need to learn more about. Your 2nd House of personal values, possessions and finances.

In 2015, Saturn tours your 2nd House of personal possessions, income and your personal values, Scorpio. But it's not over yet, Scorpio! Saturn has entered Sagittarius but will retrograde back in your sign on March 14th, in your 1st House, until August 1st. During this transit you have one last chance to spruce up your personal and professional presentations. You can also get a second chance to correct a mistaken impression from those who have been previously skeptical of you, your motives and your intentions under this last influence of Saturn in your 1st House, Scorpio. 

With Saturn in your 2nd House, money you receive from another, such as an employer or other extension could undergo dramatic changes. One income stream could evaporate while a new one emerges. The good news is that with the career expansion you have going in your favor throughout 2015, this transition shouldn't impact you as much, however, if you're not currently happy with one job, then 2015 would be a good time to start a new path. Areas that would benefit you are sex, publishing, the media, overseas travel, advertising, promotions, public relations, the legal system and anything pertaining to or having to do with spirituality/mysticism, supernatural or metaphysical areas of study. 

Where you will notice slow but powerful changes & a personal and total transformation in your life, Scorpio....

Pluto will be in Capricorn - your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors, community, the Internet, short distance travel, writing and transportation in 2015. With Pluto in your 3rd House, power struggles and slow but powerful changes have been occurring in this area of your life and continue to throughout 2015. This long transit has brought about introspection, change and transformation where your siblings, communication and learning are involved and by early next year, you will really begin to see how much you have needlessly worried when you really didn't have to. Pluto is your planetary ruler and as such - doesn't bother you as much as it does other signs. You and Capricorn can relate to one another as both Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, are both planets that are dark energy and deal with death, karma and endings. So continue to expect slow but powerful changes/a transformation when it comes to your siblings/family, personal self-expression, travel, your neighborhood, community affairs, reading/writing/teaching and the Internet and where matters of transportation are involved,Scorpio.  

Lucky dates for Love and Romance in 2015

Your powerful alluring and persuasive when Mars tours your sign. Mars is your planetary co-ruler, and represents passion, sexuality, aggression (if ones energy is not channeled wisely) and can bring about some aggression. In 2015, Single Scorpios are feeling in their element when Mars tours Pisces, Scorpios 5th House of passion, love and romance. Mars will be in your 5th House from 1/12 - 2/19. Another great time for you, Scorpio, is whenever Mars tours your 7th House of marriage. In 2015, Mars tours Taurus from 3/31 - 5/12. Taurus is your 7th House of marriage and many Scorpios will take charge of his or her love life in 2015 and could wind up surprising everyone. Marriage is in the cards for many Scorpios and love is in the air in November when you could take a serious step in an ongoing romance, single or coupled. 

Your best times for relationships, Scorpio!

Venus in Taurus 4/20 - 5/20

Venus in Cancer - 5/7 - 6/6
Venus in Scorpio - 12/5 - 12/30
Venus in Pisces - 1/27 - 2/20  

********Venus will retrograde (not a good time for love but a good time to rethink your job and career) in Leo. This takes place 7/25 - 9/6 and impacts your 10th House, so pay special attention during these times to your professional life and your hopes, wishes and friendships. You could rethink an existing situation relating to a business, social or a career matter.