Taurus February Love and Romance Forecast for 2015

The Sun and Mercury transit your 10th House of authority, prestige, career matters, superiors, authority figures, fate, honors and public recognition until 2/18, Taurus. But, Mercury (planet of communications, intellect and travel) will be retrograde in your 10th House until 2/11. You can expect some confusion, misunderstandings or delays in these areas as February begins, so don't be entirely surprised to find this occurring, Taurus. A serious contract could be stalled, face delays or lost altogether during this transit. Now, for the good news!

A Full Moon forms in Leo on 2/3 and a New Moon forms in Pisces on 2/20. More about this to come in our Weekly Forecasts.

The planet of love, money and all things harmonious, Venus, and Mars (Planet of sexuality, physical motivation and war) begin the month in Pisces, your solar 11th House, Taurus. You receive acclaim, notoriety and a few surprises regarding your hopes and wishes. Your friendships, group involvements and a serious love interest appreciate your charm, physical attractiveness and able to express yourself in a tactful way however with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, there could be some tense moments when events occur that create delays and a few misunderstandings. Once Mercury resumes direct on 2/11, your popularity begins to really soar and your presence is requested with both Venus and Mars in your 11th House. If single, An ex love could enter the picture, Taurus. Couples grow even more close and fonder of one another with Venus and Mars touring in Pisces. 

Once the 20th rolls around, Venus enters your solar 12th House of seclusion, privacy and issues from the deep past, Taurus. With Venus in the 12th, areas such as mediation, isolation and private time can benefit you, Taurus. If you work in a creative field, this goes double! Venus and Mars enter your 12th House on 2/20, so for the remainder of February, you would do best by keeping a low profile or working on a project in seclusion. A love relationship could have a few challenges on the 19th and 21st, so be patient with someone who is not on the same page as you are, Taurus. 

The 12th House also deals with hospitals, institutions, government agencies and what you give to others unconditionally, so know this and act accordingly. Someone you know could be confined in some way or it could be you, Taurus! Also, you might think you know something about someone only to find out you did not in fact, have all of the details during this time. Your greatest joy this month comes to you in the form of striking a balance between spending time with others and making sure you spend some time alone or with someone special behind closed doors to really maximize the effects of Venus and Mars in Aries this month, single and coupled. And be gentle, fair and reasonable with others when negotiating any past disputes after the 20th for ideal results. Happy February, Taurus!  

Your Best days for Love and Money: 2/2, 2/8, 2/19 & 2/25

Challenging days: 2/1, 2/5, 2/6, 2/22 & 2/23